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Chaos in Camelot

Part 2

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago 21 min read
The battle for the Dragon Star is on !

Zhane! Are you ok!? Screamed Kyle. No! I failed! Screamed Haldor. The smoke subsided and Zhane stood tall in green and silver knight’s armor cloaked with sparks of lightning. This power, it’s incredible! And the sword is worthy of a knight. I think I’ll call it the Draco Saber. You don't know what the Dragon Star is capable of. Take it off now. I’ll know soon enough. Now as far as I’m concerned, you and the scar face here are just potholes in the road. Zhane fired a lightning blast to the ceiling and trapped Kyle and Haldor.

I’m really starting to get sick of that guy. You shouldn’t be worried about him because a real threat stands before you. This isn’t the time right now Haldor! You might want to change that tone of yours if you want your friends to be safe. What have you done with Tina and Margaret? Well they should be real cozy in their cells. Release them now or else. Or else what! Kyle paused. If you want to see your friends again, help me get out of this cave. Kyle reluctantly helped the general and thought to himself. I hope the girls are ok, and Zhane you better enjoy the Dragon Star while you have it. Because I’m coming for it.

Meanwhile, Tina and Margaret struggle to find a way to escape from the Night Raider prison. There must be a way out here? Margaret can’t you use your wand to help us escape? No, the Night Raiders took it, and even if I had it I’ll just screw up again. I’m the reason why we're here. I’ll never be like grandpa Merlin. Margaret, you have powers that put other magic users to shame. All you have to do is believe in your abilities, and don’t try to be the next Merlin the Magician, when you can be the one and only Margaret the Magician.

The young wizard's face filled with glee and nodded in agreement. You’re right Tina I can’t sit here feeling sorry for myself. Let’s get out of here. Margaret stepped forward in front of the cell bars and focused her energy on the keys being held by the sleeping guard. The keys floated towards her. Aa achoo! The keys jingled. The guard woke up. Oh no, not good. Said Margaret. Oh! You sneezed?! Hey, it’s dusty here. You two aren’t going anywhere. The guard dashed to the cell door. Margaret grabbed the keys and quickly unlocked the door. Oh no you don’t. Tina opened the door and the guard ran into it and knocked himself out. Ooh that’s gonna leave a mark. Said Tina.

No time to lose, let’s find our stuff and get out of here. Right Tina. Who knows what these Night Raiders are going to do to Camelot. We can’t wait to find out. The girls ran to the main room of the dungeon and grabbed their items. Tina’s Lunar Lance and Heaven’s Charm, and Margaret’s magic wand. Awesome! Now let’s go. Hold it! You’re going back to your cells!

The Night Raider guards blocked their path. Margaret groaned. You guys are so annoying. Well, can’t say this is gonna be easy. Said Tina. There is only one way out of this dungeon, and that’s to go through us. Said the Grunt. I guess we don’t have any choice then. Are you ready Margaret? Ready. Apprehend these girls now!

While the two heroines faced the Night Raiders. The cunning Zhane proudly galloped on his horse Meteor. This is too perfect! I can’t wait to show King Edmund and Sir Julian the Dragon Star, they will have to promote me to knighthood. I just wish the bridge in Camelot Caverns wasn’t destroyed, so the trip to the castle would be short. Then a blinding light flashed in front of Zhane and astonished Meteor, which made him drop the young knight to the ground and run away. Who’s there?! Show yourself! Lance Broder appeared before him

Calm down my friend, I mean you no harm. Let me guess, you’re a Night Raider? My dear boy, I am much more than that. I am Lance Broder, Leader of the Night Raiders. I thought that guy Haldor was the leader? Haldor is my right-hand man. But he failed to get me the treasure, so now I’m going to have to take it myself. You’re not getting the Dragon Star. Not while I have it. Zhane fired a lightning blast at Broder but he dodged it by vanishing into thin air. What?! How did he-. Surprised! Broder appeared behind Zhane and knocked him out cold.

Now we can take care of business. Broder extracted the gauntlet from Zhane and had his crew tie him up and they took him to Avalon, the island where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged. Concurrently, Kyle and Haldor struggled through the rubble of the caverns. Just so you know, as soon as we escape this cave our temporary truce is over. Yeah, I’m well aware of that. Kyle removed some of the rocks and found the Transport Orb. “The Transport Orb I must have dropped when the cave fell in. I can teleport out of here and leave Haldor. But how am I going to do that without him noticing”? Kyle walked away from Haldor’s sight and focused his mind on the orb. But the general detected his disappearance and chased after Kyle. Just as Kyle began to warp, Haldor launched himself in the veil.

The two were teleported outside the cave into the city. Darn it. I was really hoping to leave you stuck in that cave. Too bad Kyle, don’t you hate it when a plan doesn’t work out. Now come with me so I can take you to Master Broder. Again, with this Broder guy. Do you really think he would want to see you after failing him? He will be in a better mood if I capture you. Then Haldor’s communicator went off. What! What do you mean they’re gone? And Master Broder is going where? Is there a problem? Nothing that concerns you, but I'll say this victory is in our grasp. We’ll meet again soon enough. Haldor threw a smoke bomb and vanished. Cough Cough. Everyone in this town loves to make a grand exit.

I have to warn King Edmund. Kyle ran to the castle entrance and attempted the guards. Listen to me, Camelot is in danger. The Night Raiders are here to take over. Bahahaha. Boy the Night Raiders have long been extinct. Look! You’re supposed to be knights right? And you’re supposed to be all about justice defending the innocent. Well the innocent people you swore to protect are at risk now are you willing to sacrifice that? The knights paused for a moment and looked at each other. He’s telling the truth! They turned around and saw Tina and Margaret with a captured Night Raider.

Tina! Margaret! Boy am I glad to see you two. Likewise. Said Tina. We had to fight a dozen Night Raiders to escape their dungeon, but we managed. We also took upon ourselves to take one of them to King Edmund. Said Margaret. They are real! Said one of the knights. Indeed, they are, and Camelot really is endangered. Kyle looked at the grunt. Do you mind telling us what your boss is up to? Not really. The grunt said very smugly. Tina stomped on his foot. OW! Try again. Fine! Master Broder is heading to Avalon to gain something. What is it? I don’t know. Are you sure? Something about a sword I guess. I swear I don’t know!

Sir Julian appeared. He must mean Excalibur. If Broder gets his hands on that it will lead to Camelot’s destruction. A sword can lead to that? Asked Kyle. Kyle, Excalibur isn’t just a sword, it's magical and it belonged to King Arthur himself. Said Margaret. It’s protected by a seal but if Broder breaks it and gains Excalibur, he will be almost unstoppable. Well let’s set sail for Avalon. There’s no time to lose. Right! Tina handed the grunt to the knights. Sir Julian sees to it that this raider is put in a nice cell and warns King Edmund. With pleasure Ms. Tina.

The three went to the Golden 997 and quickly sailed to Avalon. Meanwhile, Broder and his men bought a tied up Zhane to Avalon’s coast. You Night Raiders think you’re so tough, running around in your dark hoods. How about you untie me, and I’ll show you what a tough guy is like you mask wearing freak of nature! So defiant, you’ll make a perfect servant. Said Broder. If you think I’m gonna serve you, think again. Oh, I don’t expect you to serve at your own will. What’s that supposed to mean? This. Broder waved the Mind Scepter in front of Zhane. Hey! Get that out of my face! You will obey my every command without a question. The scepter spewed waves that hypnotized Zhane. How may I serve you Master Broder? Great. Take me Excalibur. As you wish.

Haldor appeared before Broder. Well, so nice of you to join us Haldor. Master, why do you have this knave to help you? Because the seal to Excalibur can only be accessed by those of Camelot origins. So, you decided to use a squire to achieve this goal? Precisely, prideful and naïve, the perfect combination for the perfect servant. Zhane led the Night Raiders to Avalon Sanctuary. While Kyle and his crew arrived on the island and sprinted towards the hideaway. We must hurry and stop them! Yelled Kyle. I hope we’re not late! Replied Tina. We can't steal Excalibur! Yelled Margaret.

The Night Raiders made it to Avalon Sanctuary and there saw the mighty sword secured in a clear protective box. Are you telling me you couldn’t just break the box to get the sword? Haldor, you have so much to learn. The box was magically enchanted by Merlin himself. Nothing can break it. But only the king, royal magician, and the Camelot knights can break the seal.

So Zhane if you would be so kind. Zhane walked up to the box and entered the code to unlock it. A crack formed, and the box shattered into pieces. Zhane grabbed the sword and offered it to Broder. Ah Excalibur, it’s even more magnificent than I imagined. But there is one more thing to add to my collection. Broder placed his Dragon Star hand on the dragon statue in the middle of the sanctuary and channeled the gauntlet’s power to the statue.

Night Raiders! Behold the mighty Avalon Dragon! Glowing cracks surrounded the statue until the whole thing burst. Master Broder! A powerful dragon with the same color scheme of crimson and silver as the Dragon Star, descended from the sky. Haldor and the Night Raiders stood in shock. The Avalon Dragon!? Sir, are you sure you can control it? This beast was before King Arthur himself. Of course, Haldor. As long as I have the gauntlet and the Mind Scepter for added incentive. This creature will have no choice but to obey me. Kyle, Tina and Margaret arrived at the sanctuary and stood in shock as well. Margaret what is that thing? Asked Kyle. If I didn’t know any better. I’d say that is the Avalon Dragon. But one hasn’t been seen in 10,000 years.

Impressed? My final piece of the puzzle to rule Camelot is complete! I have the gauntlet, the sword, and the dragon. The rise of the Night Raiders is here! Now if you would excuse us. Fire! The Avalon Dragon fired a huge lightning blast at the heroes that covered the area in smoke. The smoke subsided and only Zhane stood in front of the heroes with his Draco Saber in hand.

We can’t let Broder takeover Camelot. Said Tina. Yeah, but we the dark knight eyeing us down. Said Tina. Freeing him is our priority right now. Replied Margaret. This guy may have trapped me in a cave, but two wrongs don’t make a right. So, let’s free Zhane. Said Kyle. Silly fools there is no way I’ll let you interfere with Master Broder’s conquest. Zhane, I’m only going to tell you once… stand down. The only way for you to get pass me is to fight. I guess we don’t have any choice then.

Kyle drew his sword. He and Zhane stared each other down for a few seconds and lunged at each other. It was the Astro Blade vs the Draco Saber in an epic sword fight. Zhane! You are a knight! You’re supposed to fight for all things good, and beat the bad guys, not be the bad guy. Save it no one is stopping Master Broder from ruling Camelot. I won’t allow you to interfere! Neither one of them are going to give in, said Tina. We have to help Kyle, said Margaret. How? I have an idea. Kyle was pushed back into the girls. Kyle! We have a plan. Margaret whispered in his ear. Do you think it will work? Only one way to find out, said Tina. Is that the best you got? Zhane boasted. Hardly! Kyle charged and the two locked swords.

Zhane, listen to me you don’t want to follow Broder. Why not?! I’ll show you why not. Kyle brought Zhane to his knees. Now! Freeze spell! Kyle side stepped and Margaret fired an ice blast that froze Zhane in his tracks. I can’t move! Screamed Zhane. He reached for his sword but Kyle grabbed it. Oh no, we can’t let you have that. Tina let’s shock him back to his senses. Got it. Tina aimed Heaven's Charm at the squire. Sorry this is for your own good. Lightning! A small but powerful spark shocked Zhane’s entire body. Aaahhh! Zhane fainted to the ground. Water. Said Tina. The water splashed on the squire to wake him up. Wha...What’s going on? Where am I? You’re in Avalon, and we saved you from Broder’s mind control, said Margaret. Mind Control? What are you talking about? And where’s the Dragon Star? Relax all we need to do is stop Broder from ruling Camelot, said Tina. Sorry but I work alone. You’re the reason why Broder has the gauntlet in the first place! Yelled Kyle.

Yes, and that’s something I need to rectify by myself. What is it with you? It’s no wonder you’re not a knight, you don’t try to act like one. You watch your mouth! Let’s set something straight. You and I are not friends, and we have nothing in common. No, you’re wrong. Kyle picked up the Draco Saber and held it next to his Astro Blade. Look at this! We do have something in common. We are warriors, Zhane. And friends or not you, me, Tina and Margaret are the only hope Camelot has right now. So, if you really want to be a knight, help us save the city! Zhane grudgingly paused and thought for a moment. He nodded his head yes. You’re right.

This whole time I’ve been trying to prove I am knight worthy, but I haven’t followed the knight’s code of honor. Zhane gracefully took his sword from Kyle, placed it in the ground and took a knee. I apologize for deceiving you. Please allow me to make up for my misdeeds and help you save Camelot. Kyle stood with a slightly skeptical look. He’s sincere this time, said Tina. Arise Zhane, we have a city to save. Thank you, I will not let you down. The four dashed to the Golden 997 and quickly sailed to Camelot to face Lance Broder.

They arrived in Camelot only to find it crawling with Night Raiders and the buildings wrecked. Well, you gotta admit this guy works fast, said Tina. I helped create this mess and now it’s time to rectify it, said Zhane. Zhane! Is that you? The four turned around to see Sir Julian limping. Sir Julian! What happened? The Night Raiders, they invaded the city and their leader captured King Edmund and the rest of the knights. I barely escaped. I have an idea. Tina and Margaret heal Sir Julian and free King Edmund and the knights. Zhane and I will go to the castle to confront Broder and get the Dragon Star. But all five of us should go together, said Margaret. No, it’ll be us against a whole army, we’re gonna need all the help we can get. The wizard nodded and healed Julian with her magic. Thank you, Margaret. Well what are we waiting for? Let's go and save Camelot! Exclaimed Tina.

Kyle and Zhane used their stealth to sneak past the guards and infiltrate the castle. Awesome we’re in, said Kyle. Agreed now let’s get to the throne room. Replied Zhane. Lead the way. The two trekked through the halls of the castle only to run into a gang of Night Raiders. Intruders! Get them! I knew it couldn’t be this easy. No matter, we’ll just have to fight our way through. The two engaged the raiders while one of them sounded the alarm. Oh no, not good. Said Kyle. Meanwhile, Haldor entered the throne room with Broder thinking out loud. It’s impossible, no one has ever been able to defeat the power of my Mind Scepter. Apparently, these children are more than meets the eye! Sir. Hmm. It seems the knaves have entered the castle. Then why are you standing here you fool?! See to it that they’re captured. Yes sir.

Kyle and Zhane defeat the raiders. Phew. I’m glad that’s over, said Kyle. Haldor appeared. Not quite, you still have to get past me. Oh, come on! Screamed Zhane. He walked up to Haldor. Listen gruesome unless you want to end up like those guys let us through right now. Haldor slapped him to the wall. Zhane! Screamed Kyle. Ok I’m gamed, let’s play. Kyle charged at the general. Kyle! I’ll hold him off just go after Broder! Zhane dashed to the throne room to see Lance Broder sitting on the said chair. You kids are more resilient than I thought. I assume you’re here to get the gauntlet?

Not just the gauntlet. Excalibur and the throne of Camelot as well! Silly boy, this was a century in the making. I have taken my rightful place as king and the Night Raiders control Camelot. And it’s all thanks to you Zhane. You’re right, all of this is my fault because of my own personal gain. But this is something I must fix by defeating you! Hahaha. Defeat this. Broder raised the Dragon Star to make a whistling sound. The Avalon Dragon crashed through the ceiling. My pet is impressive isn’t it? With the combined power of the Mind Scepter and the Gauntlet it's under my complete control. Now fire! The dragon shot a lightning blast at Zhane.

He dodged it and charged at the dragon with his sword. Meanwhile Kyle and Haldor continued their fierce duel. You’re not going to win Haldor! Tell me something? What? Why are you working with the squire? He fooled you into leading him to the treasure, trapped you in a cave, and tried to destroy you. Okay, one that last part was because your master hypnotized him, and two it’s called forgiveness. Everyone deserves a second chance. You are unbearably naïve. You and your merry band of misfits have no chance against the might of Night Raiders, so why continue to fight a hopeless battle? Because no one else will! Kyle swiped his sword relentlessly until he unarmed Haldor. It’s time to end this. Kyle threw water from a nearby flower pot onto Haldor’s face and knocked him out cold. I have to help Zhane. He hurried to the throne room to see Zhane dodging lightning blasts from the Avalon Dragon.

It’s about time you show up Kyle. Hey, dealing with Haldor took longer than I expected but I’m here now, so let’s takedown this giant lizard. The two clashed with the dragon barely able to damage it with their swords, with Broder enjoying every minute of it. This is better than wrestling, said Broder. Kyle paused and saw a tear run down the dragon’s face. He’s crying. Zhane I don’t think the dragon is dangerous. Well I think the lightning says otherwise. Remember, Broder’s controlling it, so we have to get the Dragon Star and destroy his scepter. Maybe we can help. Margaret and Tina showed up. We helped Sir Julian rally the knights, now we’re taking back Camelot. Awesome here’s the plan. The four whispered and broke up.

Tina used the element of Earth and Margaret used her magic to freeze to restrain the Avalon Dragon While Kyle and Zhane fought to pry the Dragon Star from Broder. Give it up already! Yelled Broder. Never! Yelled Kyle and Zhane. The struggle resulted in the gauntlet flying to the floor.

You brats! I’ve had enough of you! Broder attacked Kyle and Zhane with Excalibur and overwhelmed the young pirate and knight. Zhane, I’ll hold him off just get the gauntlet., said Kyle. Gotcha. No! Screamed Broder. Zhane grabbed the Dragon Star and put it in his hand. Finally, Dragon Star Activate! But nothing happened. What’s going on?

Silly boy. I charmed it to where I’m the only one who can use the gauntlet. Broder gloated. The Avalon Dragon broke free from Tina and Margaret’s grip. Great, Avalon Dragon put a shock to their system! The dragon fired a powerful lighting blast at the girls. No! Screamed Kyle. Zhane ran in front of them and seemingly took the blast. The smoke cleared to show a forced field that protected the three. What! But How? The Dragon Star chose Zhane, Broder. You know longer control the gauntlet or the dragon, said Kyle. Zhane was once again clad in crimson and silver armor. Avalon Dragon come forth, he commanded. The beast leaned forward and licked Zhane. Hey better than being fried, said Tina. Kyle gained the upper hand on his sword fight with Broder, to where he knocked Excalibur out his hand.

Broder reached for the sword. Oh no you don’t! Yelled Margaret. She used her wand to float Excalibur to her. You may have everything, treasure and the dragon, but I still have the Mind Scepter. Broder charged his scepter to fire a beam, but Zhane unsheathed his Draco Saber to slice the scepter in two. I think you had enough fun with that, said Zhane.

My scepter! You’ll pay for this. Suddenly King Edmund and the Knights of the Roundtable showed up to arrest Lance Broder. Broder, we have a nice cell for you, said King Edmund. I’m not going anywhere! The Avalon Dragon shot a spark of lightning at Broder. I failed, Camelot was mine. Sorry Broder but you were a terrible king, said Tina. It's over so give up, said Kyle. For now, Broder threw a smoke bomb to the ground and disappeared. Darn it he got away, said Zhane. Don’t worry he’ll be back, said Margaret.

Later the four heroes meet King Edmund in the castle's great hall with the knights of the roundtable standing firmly in respect. Kyle, Tina, Zhane, and Margaret. Camelot is forever in debt to you. Your heart and bravery are praised with the highest regards. That’s why I present to you the Medal of Champions. Margaret I am glad you are the royal magician and your grandfather Merlin would be proud. Zhane, even though you joined for selfish reasons, you rectified your unjust actions and proved yourself worthy of being a true knight of Camelot. Really!? Asked Zhane. Really. I hereby dub you Sir Zhane.

Thank you, your majesty, I'm honored. And you Kyle and Tina. I apologize for my rude attitude when we first met. I ask that you find it in your heart to forgive this king. No problem, said Kyle. Hey, you were protecting your kingdom, any ruler would do that, said Tina. For returning Excalibur and saving the city. You two are now honorary knights of Camelot, and your names will be cemented in the city’s history. Wow, me as a knight? This is a dream come true, said Kyle. King Edmund, Zhane addressed. What is it Zhane? With your permission I would like to join Kyle and Tina on their adventures. They taught me the value of teamwork and what being a friend means, and I wish to learn more from them. If that is what you wish, then you have my blessing. Alright! The duo has become a trio, screamed Tina. Margaret, do you want to join us? Kyle asked. Thanks, but I want to improve my magic to where I surpass Grandpa Merlin, so I’m gonna stay. I understand, but let’s keep in touch alright. Deal.

Now let us cherish this moment and show our gratitude! King Edmund exclaimed. The four stood tall with their heads held high as the people of Camelot were forever grateful to the Heroes of Camelot. As the adventure continues.

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