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Enter Sandman

Micro Magic

By Chantae HardingPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Enter Sandman
Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

A window curtain flutters on a night breeze. The window is open to let the cool spring air permeate the room. The night is bright so when the man passes on the outside of the window you can see his shadow, like dead night against the flower pattern. The little girl asleep in her bed will never know about the nighttime prowler.

A nightmare has taken over her dreams. A dark one that resembles all the worst nightmares of children. Her little form begins to toss about in the bed like a ship bobbing about on rough water. The man slips through the window. He doesn’t do anything of note but one moment his silhouette is etched against the curtain and the next he is inside the room. It’s almost as though the worldly laws do not apply to him.

The man strides across the room his purpose unclear. With long tall limbs his suit barely covers the ends of him. He leans over the bed, pulling a drawstring bag made of leather from his pocket. “No nightmare,” he whispers as he reaches into the bag sprinkling it on the little girl’s forehead. Then awkwardly he leaned down to lay a chaste kiss upon her forehead. It looked rather like an old, crooked house leaning down to kiss her.

Then with that, he is gone nothing more again than the black silhouette against the paisley flower curtains. This is one of many homes he will visit tonight for he is the bringer of dreams and the slayer of nightmares.


About the Creator

Chantae Harding

Time to be honest and cut the crap. I love to write! I always have. I lost that for a while. I am here to grow, learn, and experience my own writing process. If you don't like my writing that's ok. I'm still learning.

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