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Dragon's in Flathead Valley

The Beginning or the End

By Chantae HardingPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Dragon's in Flathead Valley
Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash

Chapter 1

There weren’t always dragons in the valley. But there are now. They and their riders came out of the clear blue sky. I will never forget the day they simply appeared. I was coming out of Safeway with my earbuds in. You know we as humans are so obsessed with technology. My audiobook was coming in nice and clear so the world could pass by with its droning buzz. They were just there. A rainbow retinue nearly blotting out the sun.

I heard the speculation people calling and pointing at the massive creatures coming out of the sky. I knew they had to be dragons. I grew up on the fantasy tales after all—giant fire-breathing lizards. Something like with was something I had always hoped to see but never believed would happen. They were made-up fairy tale creatures after all.

They were so magnificent as they looped through the sky lazily. I was entranced up until the moment that the people around me began to panic. There was screaming and running as people began to realize that these creatures were real and other people could see them.

The early days were, uncertain. The dragons and their riders landed near the waters of flathead lake well two of them did anyway. The rest made for the craggy mountain tops of the Rockies that look down on our valley. I heard not only through the news but the local grapevine that all the local crazies came out with plenty of threats and guns.

Myself, I was at home. It was Sunday and that meant chores even if there were dragons in the sky. Vacuum, laundry, and yard work. Even in the yard we could see the dragons from time to time looping lazily. My roommate and I had a small place near the lake. Nothing amazing but it was enough for us. No pets just friends living the life trying to make ends meet in a shitty economy. Everything was getting more and more expensive while wages were plummeting further and further.

As time went on we realized that our new friends were not only real but they were here to stay. The dragon riders and their mounts seemed friendly enough, but I remember the first time I saw Ko on tv. His eyes seemed cold to me even then.

This was before the beginning of the end would even come. That was when our wonderful, amazing government decided that they didn’t know if the dragons and riders were threats, and they didn’t really care. Long story short instead of talking or trying to live with them they just bombed them and along with them, us. We owe everything we have left to draconic flame.

Watching the dragons detonate the bombs in mid-air and then take down the planes dropping them was intense. They tried to kill all of us with the blessing of not only the rest of the nation but the world. Even with our winged protection we lost a lot of people. But then a few patriotic Americans turned on the dragons, along with their riders. We all learned to fear their leader Ko. From their point of view, they only did what they had to, but they blocked every entrance and exit into our valley home. They simply took over.

It has been nearly five years since they arrived, and I know that I should be terrified of them. They have changed our whole world. It might seem a little backward, but we all work for what we get. Those who don’t work seem to disappear. All our food is provided from our local area, and they have taken us to more of a trade and barter system. The only ones who have any real authority are the riders.

That brings me to today, I guess. I am a candidate for the eggs of Ashlyn’s draconic partner Santi. I may be chosen by a hatchling to become a rider. It’s the dragonets who choose. But all I can hope is that one of them will choose me and I can ascend to a higher rank and maybe just maybe I can escape this hell on earth that they have created for my people.

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Chantae Harding

Time to be honest and cut the crap. I love to write! I always have. I lost that for a while. I am here to grow, learn, and experience my own writing process. If you don't like my writing that's ok. I'm still learning.

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  • Chantae Harding (Author)about a year ago


  • L.C. Schäferabout a year ago

    A great take on the prompt, well done 😁

Chantae HardingWritten by Chantae Harding

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