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Drink Tarot

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By Shelby Hagood Published 2 months ago 4 min read

Sterling was a gifted tarot card reader. He was known for his ability to predict futures at one of the highest accuracy rates. He ran his fingers though his blond hair and his grey eyes scanned over the cards. In front of him was a man who wanted to know if he was on the right path for the sake of his career.

He told the man to think of the career while he chose a card. The card that appeared from the deck was The Tower. Sterling saw distraction and dispair in the man’s wake. He told the man and he asked back what exactly was the distraction and dispair.

“Are you allergic to cats?” Sterling asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Good,” Sterling brought in his black cat and had him and the man touch the cat at the same time while he read further into the card. “You will find someone you wish you could spend more time with, so you are in dispair because of them and distracted by wanting to be with them all day,” Sterling sees.

“Really? Like a friend or a lover?” They ask. Sterling then pulls out his jar of dragon scales to use the magical energy for the reading. The dragon scale helps him see that the person is a lover.

“Thanks, I will try to find a career that doesn’t take up as much of my time,” he leaves pleased. After the customer is gone, Sterling’s witch friend Stella comes and hands him some take out for lunch time. He and Stella both own their fortune telling hut together.

“I need more power, we have to find a way to harvest energy from a star,” Sterling tells her while they sit down to eat.

“That is so dangerous to do though, most witches have died trying. I don’t want to lose you,” she warned him.

“I really want to go into my full potential for power. Maybe if there is some technology to help with this…” he trailed off.

“If anything it might be a potion,” Stella countered.

“That’s the thing, what if we are thinking the wrong way. Not a potion, but technology, or both?” He started confident, but the end of his sentence sounded like a question.

“Possibly, but i would definitely like the chances for you to survive to be high please,” she begged him with her eyes. They finished their dinner and got back to their respective booth areas. Sterling pulled out a shell that he found when he went to the Salem Willows park. He searched for special shells on the beach there all day until he came across this glittering dark red one. He then pulled out a gem of the same red that came from the New Orleans City park. Third, a marble stone the same color from the fairy park in Cassadaga, Florida. They all had magic flowing off of them, but he still could not figure out how to get them to work.

He tried many spells and reading on them until he was frustrated and popped open a bottle of Pino Grigio. He poured a glass and sipped down until it was empty and then went to pour again, but spilled some over the three items. “Crap,” he jumped to grab a paper towel, but the items started glowing. “Wine is what activates the wine colored magical items!” He jumped and then ran to still try more spells and tarot cards on the items. He finally decided to put his entire stack of tarot cards over the items and they transformed. Sterling looked over the deck and they had changed to drink cards.

There was now:

The King of Drinks- meaning Strength and nature or being too assertive or aggressive.

The Queen of Drinks- meaning being showy or having flare or needing to let others shine.

Prince of Cups- meaning mischievous and mysterious or becoming too cautious and not straightforward enough.

Princess of Cups- meaning divinity and sharing or distracting and never withholding.

Knight of Cups- meaning comforting and elegant or frisky and too curious.

The Happy Hour- meaning excitement is in store and after a low is coming.

The Wine- meaning riches especially from the earth or bitterness and heaviness.

The Water- meaning stable and content or too much in the same rythm.

The Coffee- meaning a wake up call signaling a need for change.

The Tea- Meaning refresh and relaxation or stuffy and need to loosen up.

The Margarita- meaning driven passion or salty with too much anger.

The Matcha- meaning peaceful nature or loneliness.

The Beer- meaning filling or too much.

The Lemonade- meaning clean slate and sweetness or sour and uncomfortable.

The Rum- meaning freedom or a need for rules.

The Iced Coffee- meaning a cool boost or a need to stop dragging.

The Daiquiri- meaning vacation and change or a need to catch up.

The Tequila- meaning directness or a need to develop diplomacy.

The Old Fashioned- meaning reminiscent and classic moments or a need to move forward.

The Martini- meaning strong involvement or need to not listen to peer pressure.

The Mojito- meaning a fresh beginning coming or a need for readjustment.

The Champagne- meaning bubbly and well or need to become more hesitant.

He waited to the next day to give a new reading to someone. They were weary about him reading from the new deck, but it was the most accurate he could see of their future. Everything about the customer laid before his very eyes. He pulled the card The Tequila and saw where they were being too harsh and direct to people at work. He told them they needed to find a way to be kinder. They were surprised at how accurate the reading of them was, they left a bigger than normal tip.

When the session ended and he bid the person farewell, his crystal ball lit up with a bright light. He went to touch the light as it infused within him. His hair and eyes turned a bright silver and he then knew that he had found the power of a star that had came to him in the crystal ball. He was now tapped into his full potential of power. He jumped with elation and ran to show Stella his new deck.



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