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Apples are Tree Poops

Immersive Tree Art

By Shelby Hagood Published 3 months ago 4 min read

"Time to play apples to apples!" Blaine announced as he plopped the game onto the table.

"Why that game?" Reno asked.

"Just trust me on this," Blaine pleaded.

"Oooh, I love this game!" Barry rubbed his hands together and sat down.

"Let me judge first!" Blaine started grabbing for the cards and dealing them out.

"Alright, what is the word you want us to go with on the card?" I asked.

"Blaine turned to me. Well Dale, you better have an amazing card for sneaky!" he slapped the green card down and Derek gave him a red card first.

"Already got a good one I see," Blaine looked to the rest of us for cards that we all turned in. He flipped over each one and read out, "Secrets, Las Vegas, my first kiss, number two, and sewer tunnels. Wow, what a great story that has been laid out here in front of me! I am going to go with Las Vegas,"

"Oh, come on! obviously secrets is the absolute most sneaky!" Derek rolled his eyes.

"But Las Vegas is so fun! Actually we should sneak out there together soon!" Blaine looked down at the cards as they started glowing and a bunch of apples burst out at us. We all woke up and looked around. We were in the middle of a forest. A forest that didn't exactly look like it was apart of the outside world though.

"Where are we?" I asked the others. None of my group spoke though. Only a tree responded to me.

"You are in Area 15, Dale" the tree responded.

"What? The immersive art place?" Barry walked up to the trees and knocked on them probably to figure out what they were made of. Mechanics of some kind maybe. "Feels like wood, but not at the same time. How did the artist create this?" He scanned the room and saw Reno crunching on one of the apples. "They used real apples though? Interesting choice."

"Time for our song!" the tree replied and they all started singing,

"Apples are tree poops, yes they are.

Humans eat them near and far

Juicy fruity, yum yum yum

Eat what we have dropped, come come come!"

"Great sense of humor the artist has!" Derek laughed and picked up an apple for himself. He started crunching on it and frolicking through all the trees.

"That's cute and all, but we need to figure out how we are going to stay here. What hotel and such," I kept walking through another door. The guys all followed me and we were then standing in a room with goo on the floor. It exploded out of the floor and hit us all.

"Diarrhea!" the trees in the other room yelled. The guys all laughed as we walked on to the next room that was a bunch of giant tunnels with the applesauce running through them. We started walking to make our way through the tunnels. It was like a wet sticky maze.

"Hey it's like we are walking through the tree's sewers," Blaine commented and laughed.

When we finally found our way out of the tunnels, there was people at the end that were in cute little apple uniforms holding apple pies. They all started running up and shoving pies at us while giving us kisses. We ate our fill of apple pies and was handed a card with a secret apple pie recipe on it. After we were full, we grabbed the recipe and headed to the next door. A light came once again and we were blasted back to the game table once again. We knew it wasn't all a dream because we were still covered in apple goo.

"Did everything we put down here just happen to us?" I asked.

"Let's see... we were in Las Vegas. There was the apples which was the number two apparently. Then the applesauce sewers. Last the kisses and the secret recipe we were handed," Reno went through each part.

"Oh, is there a card for beach, I would really love a surfboard that talks!" Blaine started grabbing for the cards.

"Wait a minute, let's plan our trip to Las Vegas first," Derek stopped him. We made a plan for visiting the Area 15. When we got there the people told us there was no enchanted art forest there, but they loved the idea and would commission an artist to make one.

"Wow, so we just went though some made up nonsense," I commented as we walked through a giant sculpture area.

"Makes me wonder how we ended up with a magic apples to apples game. Where did you get that anyways?" Barry asked Blaine.

"Alright, I will admit that I found a spell to cast on that game," Blaine laughed uncomfortably, "I wanted us to be able to go on adventures. I love that it worked!" We all looked at each other and just smiled.

"Let the adventures begin!" I replied while the others nodded.


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Shelby Hagood

Warner Bros and Disney 💕

Cat lover 🐱

Love fancy chocolate 🍫

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