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Desperate survivors make final plea for entry into sealed city through last window to the outside world

Desperate survivors make final plea for entry into sealed city through last window to the outside world"

By Paul SmithPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Desperate survivors make final plea for entry into sealed city through last window to the outside world"

The last window to the outside world was a small, grimy window high up on the wall of the city's central control room."

It was a bleak, gray day when I first laid eyes on the last window to the outside world. I had been working as a maintenance worker in the city's central control room for as long as I could remember, and I had always known that there was a window somewhere in the room. But I had never seen it before.

As I stood on my tiptoes and peered through the grime and dirt, I could barely make out the world beyond the window. It was a desolate landscape, with nothing but ruins and rubble as far as the eye could see. The sky was a sickly yellow color, and a thick, choking smog filled the air.

I shuddered as I realized that this was the only way out of the city. The doors and gates had all been sealed shut years ago, and the only way to leave was through this window. But who would want to leave? The outside world was a wasteland, and there was no telling what dangers lurked beyond the city walls.

I turned away from the window, feeling a sense of despair wash over me. I had always dreamed of leaving this place, of finding a way to escape the oppressive regime that controlled every aspect of our lives. But now, as I looked at the last window to the outside world, I knew that my dream was nothing but a pipe dream. I was trapped, just like everyone else in the city.

And so, I returned to my work, resigned to the fact that I would never see the outside world again. The last window to the outside world remained a distant, tantalizing reminder of what might have been, and I could only wonder what lay beyond its grimy glass.As the years passed, the window became a source of fascination for me. I found myself spending more and more time gazing out at the ruined landscape, wondering what had happened to the world beyond the city walls. Had it always been like this, or had some catastrophic event occurred to turn it into the wasteland it was now?

I began to ask around, trying to find out more about the outside world. But no one seemed to know anything. The authorities had always kept a tight lid on information about the world beyond the city, and anyone who dared to ask questions was quickly silenced.

Despite this, I was determined to find out the truth. I began to sneak out at night, sneaking past the guards and making my way up to the control room. I would spend hours at the window, staring out into the darkness and trying to make sense of what I was seeing.

One night, as I was peering out into the void, I saw something moving in the distance. It was a faint light, flickering in the darkness. I watched in amazement as it grew closer and closer, until I could make out the shape of a vehicle approaching.

It was a battered old truck, covered in rust and dirt. It pulled up to the city gates and stopped, and I could see a group of people huddled inside. They looked ragged and starving, and I could tell from the desperation in their eyes that they had been through a lot.

I watched as they tried to plead with the guards, begging to be let into the city. But the guards just laughed and pushed them away, leaving them to die in the wasteland.

I turned away from the window, my heart heavy with sorrow. I knew that I had to do something to help these people, even if it meant risking everything. And so, I made a decision that would change the course of my life forever.

I gathered up everything I could carry and slipped out of the city through the last window to the outside world. I left behind everything I had ever known, and set out into the unknown, determined to find a way to save these people and bring hope to the wasteland.

By Paul Smith

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