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Cousins Collide Chapter 2

Maya makes her move

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Maya's been at my house for three days now. Honestly, it's been surprisingly smooth other than the fact she took the last bit of orange juice and hogged the Xbox all day yesterday.

My friend Jun Li is coming to play this new mode in Fortnite, she's hardcore gamer and one of the best. Not as good as me of course but still awesome.

Cody come get some breakfast, yelled Mom.

Okay coming! I gotta eat some French toast guys, Master Mojo signing off for now.

Did you finish another blog son, Dad asked.

Yep, I have 1247 subscribers now. I may not be on the level of Pewedepie with 60 million but it's still better than most of the people on YouTube.

Maya turned to look at me.

Whoa I wish I could get that amount I only have 200 subscribers.

Don't worry Maya I'm sure your basketball videos will breakout soon, said Jacob.

Sounds like all of you are trying to become YouTube stars, said Mom.

Definitely, Jun Li and I are going to livestream on Fortnite today when she gets here.

Jun Li? Who's that your girlfriend, Maya asks in a mocking tone.

My parents and Jacob giggle at this.

No way, she's just a friend. A completely platonic friend.

I put emphasis on platonic because I'm not into

that stuff yet.

Okay, just asking.

After breakfast I went to the den started setting up the streaming equipment. It's a bit tricky to connect the livestream device to the laptop and linking it to the Xbox. I love technology and I'm not one to brag but I have the most skills in that area than my family combined.

Once I finished everything, I heard the doorbell.

Hey Cody! Jun Li's here, Jake yelled.

I ran downstairs to meet Jun Li and we gave each other a fist bump.

Are you ready to stream Fortnite, she asked.

Oh, you know it. I already have everything setup.

You're awesome dude. So, we're going to play duos first, squads and the team rumble, right?


Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

Jun Li and I raced to the den and turned on the Xbox. That's when Maya walked in to see what we were doing.

Hi, I'm Cody's cousin Maya.

I'm Jun Li, please to meet you.

Jun Li is always super polite to people even if they weren't adults.

I thought you were with Mom at the grocery store.

Auntee Kate and I just came back. What are you two up to?

We're about to livestream Fortnite, I told her.

Ooh, can I join you?

Before I could say anything, Jun Li spoke first. I think she was excited an older kid wanted hangout with 10 year olds.

Sure! We only have two controllers, but we can take turns!

Sounds great! Jun Li, right?

That's right.

Hey before we get started have you ever had you nails painted. I brought some nail polish at the store.

Jun Li smiled really hard.

Can we paint them now? You do my nails and I'll do yours.

I'm down with that. I always mess up my right hand and foot when I paint them myself.

I looked around at both of them in disbelief.

Hey! I thought we were going to play Fortnite?

We have all day, Cody. Plus, a girl's nails have to look their best.

I knew was fighting a losing battle. Whenever girls want to do something like painting nails, everything else came second.

I sighed.

Okay, we can play later.

Maya jumped for joy and took their socks off.

Let's paint our toenails first that way we don't mess up the polish on our fingers, Maya said with excitement.

Great idea.

Jun Li pointed her foot in Maya's face.

I'm ready for my pedicure, she laughed.

Then get your stinky toes out of my nose.

Oh, my feet stink huh? Well take a good whiff.

Ew stop, Maya says as she playfully pushed Jun Li's foot away.

I walked away from the giggling girls, because no self-respecting boy would ever have anything to do with painting nails.

I can't believe Maya is doing this again. Just like summer camp, I said to myself.

I walked outside to see Jacob shooting basketball.

Hey bro, are you up for a little one on one?

I thought you were going to play Fortnite with Jun Li?

She and Maya decided to paint each other's nails. So that's out.

Ugh, girl stuff. Okay first one to 10.

You're on.

Jake and I started our game but the idea of Maya stealing my friends again still ran through my mind.

SatireYoung AdultShort StorySeriesScriptHumorFan FictionfamilyAdventure

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Kylecovey Smith

Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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