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Cloudfall III

How It Ended

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

This is the conclusion of my series "Cloudfall"

In The House

It was now a waiting game. Would the plans get to the right people and would I manage to survive the gangs that heard in the street? I just keep growing stuff in the garden and hoped that something good would happen.

The first sign was an electric light that came on, it looked like the power had been restored. I fired up my computer and plugged my mobile in, to see if I could contact the outside world.

The computer started up Google seemed to be running but a lot of sites were showing 404 but the BBC site was up with news that the Cloudfall would be dispersed by the Norwegian and French airforces. Army vehicles would appear in the streets to support local police forces and disperse or arrest the looting gangs.

I started to feel a little safer but was hoping to see a blue sky soon. My phone was charging but there was no signal available, and I now wish I had kept my landline, but things were maybe starting to improve.

The nights were much quieter, just the odd army jeep cruising down the street. A few days later there was news that the seeding had started and I got my first sight of the sky, the cloud was being dispersed. Also, I started getting a phone signal but as yet no one was answering when I made a call.

The fog was clearing and I kept checking the BBC site, which was the only one that was up, but that was just the same, there weren’t any updates, which I thought was very odd if things were meant to be getting back to normal.

I started thinking I might be able to go out but was wary until I heard that there was an announcement that everything was OK.

The fog was cleared but there didn’t seem to be any patrols about, in fact, there didn’t seem to be anyone about. It was like I was in a ghost town.

I was waiting for an announcement but none seemed to be forthcoming. We should be getting back to normal, but the silence was getting to be worse than the gangs.

I checked my phone but the signal had now gone, though it was fully charged. I tried ringing 999 but it just rang, no police, no ambulance no fire brigade.

I checked the computer, but before I could search, the power gave out. I checked the lights, they were out too. Hopefully, this would be a temporary setback, I would just wait a bit longer before going out.

The following day there was still no power, my phone was only on half power but there was no one there to answer my calls.

I was starting to feel sick and went out the back to throw up, and it hurt like my insides were being ripped out. I went back in and went to my bed.

Euro UK Control

We did the seeding but we cannot let anyone on the island continue. They are infected with a madness, well most of them are and there will have to be collateral removals. We included an extra chemical in the seeding to terminate all life on the island. It will be ten years before it will be safe for anyone to live there again, but the chemical will kill and disintegrate all life there.

We believe by the end of the month everyone there will be dead.

Any questions please email us at [email protected]

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  • Heather Hubler2 months ago

    Oh snap!! That was a brilliant conclusion. I did not see that coming, great work :)

  • Scott Wade2 months ago

    Definitely, the end. You sir, killed your protagonist. Brutal. Great! Believable. Awesome undertaking Mike. And I thought only my mind scared me. 🤣🥰

  • Oooo, this was fantastic+

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