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Clever girl

How dangerous is the girl's criminal father.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 20 min read
Clever girl riding a boy's bike

Dangerous girl

: Write a story about me? (girl's ID card)

:number. (One)

: Why.

: What caused it all?

: Yes, you should stay. If you don't say why but,

: but what?

: I'm going to tell everyone that we've been in a relationship, but now you're dating 5-6 other girls. Don't give me more time. Then all thoughts will disappear in a whisper, haha.

: But I did not.

: Only you and I know ,,,, Not everyone knows.

: Everyone believed what I said.

: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, why don't you believe that there is evidence.

: to prove something.

: Hihihi, open an ID with your name, then paste the required information in my ID, and then you will know how many meters and how many meters.

: How dangerous is the girl's criminal father.

: I haven't started anything yet, Yes, give me your choice now,

: how to choose.

: Otherwise, I'll take the leather pants tomorrow.

: Why are you blackmailing me like that?

: I'll do it 100 times. Why do you think so much,

: Excuse me, I will stop you now, bye.

: Do not forget this error. Then I will tell everyone that you cheated on me, you want to have a physical relationship. He broke up with me and stopped me because I didn't agree.


: ripe tomatoes

: I am not a tomato,

: who told you that.

: Who said this.

: I'm talking about that red emo Tulare,

: girl's face

: Now say do you write or not.

: Tell him your story.

: I can not write that much.

: Then how do I know your story.

: Give me your phone number.

: impossible ,,,,,

: what or what,

: Give him 01521 *****

: What a wild number.

: Shh, you know that's our pride, the only Bangladeshi sim.

: Well here comes the retarded ,,,,,

: Bigger than that, he's got an A+, he's got gifts, and that's where Teletalk comes in.

: Uh...... I got an A+ so everyone listens. He writes big letters, and now he says in the letter, "I don't think anyone has an A+.

: 😒 (I'm getting stupid too) You can tell me this, I'm in a lot of trouble.

: How much is the road, except for the road? Give the country number. My phone has 116 minutes and expires after midnight.

: 0173 ***** that

: Call, if you write the wrong colour number, I will call you at noon.

: You are not only dangerous, but you are also suspicious as well.

: Oh, whatever I say.

: 😖 mule

: What did you say?

: Not that you are a very nice girl.

I will tell you who is good and who is evil.

: [Sarah before and after death]

: Ok, I'll call you after 10 PM if you don't get the call, but,

: No, no, I will. Bye

: Good-bye ,,,,,

oops. Sarah, I think this girl would fall in love with the father of any girl who would leave at noon. However, this girl is a little emotional, as if anger is not a small cry. Anyway, look at the stories he was called after 10 and what stories he tells in his life,

10:12 p.m. I'm getting ready to do my homework. It must be submitted by Monday. It's a little hot. Having studied middle Bengali for 12 years, I couldn't get along with English anyway.

The entire assignment must be written in English. I'm trying to save the enthusiasm of the economics department and try to write. Suddenly, the table shook, and the phone vibrated with the sound of moving from one house to another. Unknown Connected. The face darkens. I received a call. A girl's voice salutes...

: Hello

: Peace be upon you.

: Do you recognize him?

: Yes

: Who am I talking about.

: Dangerous girl.

: What did you say?

: No, I mean the polite girl. Who am I numbering this evening?

: How do you understand?

: I am not receiving calls from unknown numbers on my phone.

: Are you a subscriber?

: Why do you want to participate?

: This means that the incoming call is not from an unknown number. You mean, like, salt and their ilk, right?

: I don't give anyone my phone number, it's a fact.

: Ehhhhh, Mischka Chetan.

: What did you do?

: absurd to say so. I know a lot of boys like you who try to trick me into talking less. They dress innocently to impress girls. But I'm not surprised.

: mandala.

: The men who tried to punish all these innocents got away with it whenever they got the chance. This kind of boy gets his hands on the girl on the local bus. They cannot be trusted.

: Why do you understand that?

: I do not understand much, I do not understand much. Soon, writer Azaria.

: Look, you are insulting me. Yes, my writing bothers you.

: Oh, Dad, do you have more guts?

: just let me know. But don't talk about my writing. Shall I tell you to read or not to read? If you don't like it, don't read it.

: That's why you show so much emotion. I would say it 100 times. Stop if you can.

: Sorry, I'm no longer talking to you. As much as Lily. Good-bye

: I tell you do not cut off the phone.

: What do I do if the phone breaks?

: I will go to Rajshahi to defeat you.

: Well, let's do that. I want to see how bullied you are.

: Well, I saw you quarrel, so I cheated on your girlfriend.

: I argue? ??

: Is that true? He's been fighting with his legs since the beginning.

: I haven't started yet, how about you? ? ??

: You have to start... You idiot.

: mandala ,,,,, ok sorry when I started. happy now

: I said sorry?

: a stranger

: I saw something strange, um, strange. I will kill and break Hago. Saying sorry doesn't mean trying to look cool and dignified.

: What happened to the girl? Dad went back and forth, all wrong.

: I didn't tell you to come back. Hear what I am pleading.

: Well, help me.

: What did you say?

: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, tell me what to say.

: Listen, I'll tell you the story of my life. You will write beautifully. If not, I will go to the colonel, take him out of the department, beat him, break his arms and legs.

: I try with him.

: Do not try to. Beautifully written with attention.

: I said now that I can not write. So why do you want me to write beautifully now?

: Oi oi Is it in your nature to say quarrels?

: I made as much ejaculation as possible the first day. Please tell what is the story of the big puppy...

: Hihihi I give 100 times. Listen, I said since I was very young, or

: well said.

: You know Hassan Baya'a. We have two sisters, I'm younger. My father wants me to be a boy. But I was born a girl. But my father treated me like a child. Anyway, it's called Tom Boy. But my mom didn't like it at all.

I've been tending trees since fourth grade. I was swimming. I used to ride a 5A class bike. I used to ride a bike to school. I've been riding a bike since the ninth grade.

I used to smoke since my first year at Inter.

: Do you smoke?

: what a surprise. The girl said that she could not smoke.

: No you can not. You are Tom Boy.

: Be Silent ! ! If I move my finger again during the conversation, I will break my arm and leg and be taken to the hospital.

: I will not tell him anymore.

: I used to sing in a band. Everything looks like a boy. I even like girls more than boys. But a storm came and changed my way of life.

: What kind of spring is this?

: the love.

: Have you changed yourself because you fell in love with a girl?

: Be Silent. Will I like a boy or a girl?

: You say you eat crushed girls. So I think.......

: No matter what I do, I'm a girl after all.

: Wow, do they know that much?

: Not so fast. It took me 12 years to understand this.

: And therefore. Then you have to listen from the start. Tell me from the start.

: When I wore the second class. I had a friend at the time. His name is Sagar. We were renting the house next door. It was the first crash of my life.

: mandala. I couldn't even get my pants on properly when they were dragged away. And did it crash..... Oh my God.

: Actually, I'm a little more mature. At the time, everyone was asking what Munni's mother would be like when she grows up. Do you understand me?

: What or what?

: I want to marry Sagar. Everyone was laughing. I am so angry about this. Sometimes I would tell Sagar's mother and aunt, but I would marry Sagar and take her to our house. Antonio laughed like the others.

: Then?

: But as soon as they got up in class three, Sagar went to Khagrachhari. Her father had been transferred. It was very difficult that day. Because Sagar was one of my playmates.

: Then.

: For a long time after that I was busy with my boyhood. I was one of the highlight girls in my neighbourhood. Not that I was less beautiful. Many people used to say that I used to go around wearing all time boys' dresses but I didn't care for her.

Most of the boys in the area had finished proposing to me when I was getting up in class 7. I slapped 5 boys in the street in Eri.

: What did you say? What were those boys doing?

: 3 boys for making bad comments and 2 for proposing.

: You are a terrible girl. If only those guys could do something for you.

: No one around me has such great courage. Because my dad was fairly influential in our area.

: Ohh well.

: Let me tell you a funny story from Class Seven. I saw that boy in front of our house. Later, the boy's mother was bringing justice to his father.

: Why, what happened ........

: One morning the school was closed. My mother let me fetch lentils from the shop next door.

: Then.

: I didn't want to go. So I went out of the house looking for someone. Suddenly I saw Kawshar. Their house is a little far from our house. He used to study with us. A little stupid type. So I told him to bring some pulses from the shop. He went to fetch pulses without any money.

: Then

: When he brought the pulses, I was giving money, but he was not taking it. I asked the reason. And he just said that he loves me ,,,,, the mood was so bad ,,,,, that I gave that man.

: Hahaha ,,,,, talented girl. What happened then?

: Kuchar went home crying. He had a fever in the afternoon. Later, his mother was bringing justice to his father.

: What did your father say?

: My father is keeping me in another room and talking to them. If not, I would have eaten my hands again.

: Later I heard Kausar's mother saying why your daughter is such a thug. See what he's doing to kill my son.

: Hahaha.

Another interesting thing happened in the middle of class 7.

: Which kind.

: May or June. When my sister and I were sitting on the roof in the afternoon, a boy would slap me in the face.

: How deadly.

: Sometimes there is a letter with Dhillon.

: What was written in the letter.

: what are you doing? But no name is written. One day, I saw the boy standing by the wall with a stone.

: Then.

: I scratched the stone and threw it directly at the boy's head. But the slack is on the boy's shoulders. And boy O'Mag, tell me, those stray dogs run and look back like they're chasing Mai.

: Hahaha.

: I never saw that boy near our house again. Even if he was seen outside, the boy would cover his face and run away.

: You are a character beyond my imagination. Your story is very interesting.

: Shut up, am I telling you to have fun?

: Hahaha.

: I'll punch all the teeth out and smile again.

: I won't laugh at him anymore. Then he said what happened.

: Almost all of Pala's boys proposed to me. Except for one boy. The boy is very smart and a good student. When I was in seventh grade, the boy was in tenth grade. Boys are polite. Didn't mix with anyone. He spoke very little and kept thinking.

: like me


: What did you say?

: That kind of silence. So I am selfish again, why does this boy think so much. So my niece and I started making fun of the boy every day.

: A serious female father.

: My niece used to say, Auntie, look, your knee is about to fall off. I'd say blow a kiss - today's dress is looks heavy...etc.

: Then what happened...

: At first, the boy won't pay attention.

: Then

: A few days later, I saw the boy smiling at me.

: Then

: The boy proposed to me after the SSC exam.

: I was in a good mood that day. Because I was able to break the boy's emotions.

: Then you agree. Your love begins. Gives a lot of romantic memories. to break up.

: Shut up, how do you know so much. He ate Cheka himself, so everyone thought so.

: hmm 6

: I rejected that boy.

: what a mess

: Because I don't like boys. I used to eat crush girls.

: How much is this girl?

: My mentality is like the whole boy. Although she still has the body structure of a girl.

: hmm 6

: Anyway, I travelled through a lot of ranches and passed the SSC. Then I was admitted to Rajshahi Women's College. Under pressure from my family, I started to take control of my childhood. I had to leave the t-shirt and put on the burqa. Although she was able to dress herself up as a decent girl in a burqa, her heart was the same.

: A dog's tail is not straight even if it is coated with thousands of ghee.

: What a lot of courage. I will shoot you.

: You should talk, Bejar friend

: That's what I'm going to tell you. I would dip it in water.

: I can swim.

: I ruined your swimming.

: I'm sorry, and what happened.

: Singing is my hobby since childhood. I got this opportunity because of the coaching role. I joined a band. I'm the only girl in the whole band.

: Then

: Everyone in the band smokes during practice. I saw them and started smoking. At one point, I got addicted to a whole cigarette. I used to smoke 8-10 cigarettes a day.

: Madara.

: I never thought my life would turn out like this. But nothing like that happened to me. The victory came down my life like a storm and everything ruined my life.

: Which kind.

: My first meeting with Vijay was the bus from Rajshahi to Jamalpur.

: So the love begins?

: damn it.

: Then

: On the first day, Vijay called my father a brother.

: I mean

: Vijay told my father to move my seat a little. When I saw my father, I didn't think his youngest daughter was in college too. Age don't know.

: What happened after that...

: I told him from the beginning. My aunt's home is in Jamalpur.

: Well

: Two years after college, one day my father and I were going to Jamalpur to go to my aunt's house.

: Then

: A boy sitting in the seat next to ours on the bus, looking very smart. I listen to music with headphones.

: Then

: So I like this boy's hairstyle. So I watched carefully. But suddenly, the boy looked at me and started eating.

: Then

: For the first time in my life, I confessed to an embarrassing situation, and I felt ashamed. Although I have nothing to be ashamed of. Because girls are ashamed,

: That means you are not a girl.

: No, I'm a boy.

: what

: No girl, I'm confused about what I am. I'm the size of a girl. But humanism is like boys.

: OMG what happened.

: I have no idea.

: No matter what happens then say it.

: From that day on, one common accident after another started to happen in my life.

: Which kind?

: Things look amazing.

: I do not understand.

: The boy went to the community we visited in Jamalpur. We were there for three days and I met the boy for three days.

: It may be.

: Hey don't listen. Three days later, in the car on our way home, we saw the boy again. I know why these little things make me think so much. I'm starting to wonder.

: It made you weak to that boy?

: Oh no. Padma Abasi is our home in Rajshahi. The boy's home is on that block. But before that bus trip, I had never seen the boy.

: Then

: So from the second day I got home, I started seeing boys at least once a day. Either go to college or teach. One day, I went to a trade fair and didn't go anywhere for college tutoring.

: Then

: I swear I won't see you today. But strangely, when I entered the market, I met the boy. The boy is coming out of the market. I was so shocked that day, I couldn't explain it. And just like that, my curiosity about the boy increased. A few days later, one night, I saw that the boy had sent me a friend request on Facebook. On that day, his name was known. The boy's name is Vijay.

: Well, I got it, and then it became love, didn't it?

: Damn, you don't tap the handle with text like that. If you do, I will break your hands and feet and make powder.

: Hehe, and tell me what happened.

: Then we started talking again. I'm already curious about him. So it didn't take long for him to persuade me. Our relationship started.

: Then

: At first, it seemed like it was me. It's like I've become a girl. I'm in a relationship with a boy and this thing started weird for me.

: Then

: Vijay slowly started to change everything.

: Which kind.

: At first, he quit smoking.

: Then

: Then slowly, the ghost of the girl started pressing on my head. I slowly started helping my mom cook, and after a few days, I learned a lot from girls, including cooking. With his arrival, the sleeping life within him began to wake up. You know, I don't think it's surprising. I never thought I would do housework. But then I started dreaming about the world.

: Wow Vijay Bhaiya did a great job.

: bad ash. A few months into our relationship, I learned that Vijay was involved in student politics. Again, no one is the general manager, who can be called the cadre of the neighbourhood committee. He fought many battles. He always carries a weapon with him.

: Then.

: I didn't believe it at first. So one day I dare to ask him,

: So what did Vijay Bhaiya say...

: I was surprised to see the honesty of victory. He shared everything and didn't hide anything from me. Maybe he could hide it from me if he wanted to. But he didn't.

: Then

: He also told me that if I didn't tell you the truth today, if you knew someone else, you probably wouldn't believe me anymore.

: So you didn't say anything.

: What can I say? Even if he said or how much he obeyed.

: what do you mean?

: Means nothing. He is like me.

: It means breaking up.

: Why do you want to break up. You don't think about anything except breaking up.

: Hahaha

: Where are you? I'll break my teeth with a punch. Why do you think everyone is breaking up with their breakups these days? Not everyone thinks like themselves.

: Allah ,,,,, Such a big slander.

: I forbid him to fight. But he said he would slowly give up. Do you know what the most surprising thing is?

: what?

: Vijay is a class younger than me.

: Madara.

: So he wanted to work on the defensive end. Many of their family members serve in the Navy. Oro wanted to do that.

: Then

: I passed the HSC. By then, everyone, including her parents, knew about our relationship. But no one in my family knew about our relationship.

: Then.

: Salta 2016 was the best year of my life.

: Which kind?

: In the same year, Vijay got a job in the Navy, which meant his dream came true. My HSC grades are also good. I also have the opportunity to participate in college sports.

: Mmmmmm.

: Meanwhile, my troubles started in 2016. Because my communication with Vijay almost stopped.

: You mean to break up?

: Damn, Vijay went to training. And no cell phone use during training. Even if you call once a week, it won't take more than 4-5 minutes. I miss my life and almost cry.

: Will you cry?

: So crying is written in your name?

: It is not

: I am busy with various activities, classes, campus all day. But when I'm alone in the room at night, I can't control myself anymore. I miss him so much, I can't say I never loved him.

: So what is the situation now?

: Victory training will continue for another 6 months. I don't know what the 6 months will be like. But I'm sure I'll miss him eventually.

: It's okay, be patient, everything will be fine. It takes 6 months to see.

: Never wait for people to wait, so easy to say.

: What are your plans?

: finish education. Until then, Vijay's marriage will also be allowed. Then get married as a family. After I get married I will look for a job and Vijato will be busy with his work. So even temporarily, I will get a job.

: Wow good plan. Invited during the wedding.

: I give it to him. And pray for me that Allah will give me the chance to endure these 6 months.

: Who is praying for me? I can't oil my wheels anymore.

: What did you say?

: No, I mean, I want to pray to the pir father, not to me, maybe Allah can increase your patience.

: Hehe ,,,,, If the time is not over, I will let you go straight today. Anyway, stay healthy, I sometimes bother you. But if you're upset or upset, I'll find you on campus and blow my nose.

: Well, whatever your name is?

: I... (tsk tsk tsk)

I think the phone was cut off. That means the girl's time is over. I called back the number and a lady said kindly, you don't have enough money in your account........

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