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pinch of red pepper

That naughty girl is someone who met this girl at an unfamiliar time.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

pinch of red pepper

God knows how long it takes for fat to fall off.

When did he say 5 minutes, the devil will let the lady out of class today.

That naughty girl is someone who met this girl at an unfamiliar time.

- How are you, Shikan Ali?

Look what time is it now? ??

- I know it's 20 minutes late. He's talking nonsense today, so if you have a little chat, I can hang out.

- I see from Bedirole that you are ugly.

Can't go out earlier??

Don't say I can't sleep.

Janis Anupam today means the bottom is coming in my dreams.

- Make dreams come true for the rest of our lives. Let's go this time.

- What's the matter, why is the slender mood gone?

- You see, Nissa is in a bad mood. I saw Remo take a boy's hand and drive forward on the wheelbarrow.

- Hahaha, you are the same, Remo.

If you can catch one, why can't he?

Listen, my friend, don't worry, I'm leaving another pair today.

- Yes, I am very praying to get it today.

Look at that beach and see how cute Mayata is.

Man, I'm gone and fulfilled my destiny.

- What are you talking about, boy?

Today I'm going to fight for the Demon Boy alone again.

I will get revenge on you.

Going home from getting out of class, I suddenly saw that lovely Maya in Chikan Ali, meaning our little girl Timba was sitting on the floor holding hands.

It might be a mace, but it's being beaten.

There are also girls. It didn't take long for Shikan to be late and promised Ali.

All the boys who watch Goooooooo love a thousand.

Therefore, Arafat did not hand over his command to his sister.

why are you leaving? This bad cat eats auntie cuties. However, he also has the characteristic that she sings very well. The college has a nickname.

I don't understand why he would be friends with a normal girl like me.

The day I went to college, Aslam hit me on the head and sat next to me.

Hey, why did you hit me on the head?

- You read with me, so why are you talking?

- Um (raises eyebrows) What a rude boy, the first thing people say is you or you just to be polite.

From that day on, the bad film gradually became a good friend.

I don't understand how much time has passed.

I just hang out with a lot of girls. I've never seen a slut like you.

- I've never seen Maca as naive as you. Eat smashed aunties.

- What should I do with you? If the aunts didn't say anything, why do you feel so tired??

- This bastard, my name is Nyasha Kata is a lovely name, you are not...

- I can't say such a big name.

- A magic bone.

I haven't been given a good name since then.

I don't call him Hassan, am I missing something??

Do you hear less in these thick ears?

Who are you thinking about??

(his phone call is shocking)

Brontosaurus dating?

Damn, don't tell Maya you want to go shopping with me, damn Buiza.

- Hahaha ha ha ha ha

- Look, he didn't smile like that, he just glanced.

- What did you say ? ?? That bitch, are you kidding me? Today is your day or my day.

- Hey, am I crazy? Have fun with girls like you. Aside from the collar, this is a girl or lady killer. A red pepper.

- Fuchka Khamu is hungry.

- If you fight like this, you'll starve to death.

Mom blew two plates. Add more Khweidah chillies at a time.

- Listen, I don't want to eat long meat. This is the only way to get rid of acne scars. Nisha showed up while I was eating.

- This is Arafat, didn't you say that Vushka is not good, eat this goal, your stomach will feel uncomfortable when you eat it? ? (Nisha)

Hey baby, a good girl like you will have a bad stomach from this and this strong chilli is not doing her any good.

- I looked at him and the puff left in his mouth. (I)

- I'm not kidding, I'm just kidding (he said softly).

She took the plate from him and ate it.

- what happened?

- That's why I understand red peppers, I'm standing.

go to the door

This girl is getting more and more arrogant every day. I sat with Remo that day. Suddenly, as if something was coming out of him, he grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him out of the actual makeup remover.

That's what I call red peppers! There are very few Jhgata. Making bay leaves in my life.

But it's a little different from everyone else when I was just in college. Looking at this girl, I thought she might be innocent.

Asa dresses differently than everyone else.

I was wearing a black burqa and a black scarf, so I was wrong.

All my thoughts changed when I hung out with him.

But there was a strange power inside him.

This is not the case with other girls.

You can easily make someone your own.

- Fortune teller, what do you think? Let's sit there. (Nisha)

- Baby, you know, two days later, there are jobs at the university, so you have to do a lot of work.

The girl annoyed Gula.

Now, if he's fat, he'll blush with laughter.

Then I deliberately slapped her and turned her red.

The earthquake robbed me of restful sleep. Very depressed mood. Long live Ithaca, you have news.

No time to call this bastard? ??

- Come to college as soon as you see the time.

I went to college but couldn't find the blue cloth anywhere.

The cousin called it that, and the sister-in-law meant that her very sick child had died, and now she needed blood.

I know how many times I called, but Keita gave up. Maybe he was talking to a girl. feel very angry.

I told Milton not to look.

Or he ran away and he had to go to the hospital.

I came to the bottom of the boat and saw that Tomba with Boise.

- Man, wait a minute. (clairvoyance)

- Brother Monkey, you will never talk to me in this life.

Luicchami has limitations, you will never call me.

I don't understand how many times I've called you. Good to all these girls.

- Tell me what happened, I don't have a phone.

Tombal is nearby, please don't cry.

- Where are you going in this rain?

- Don't be careful.

This is why you left



The phone kept ringing, and the fat phone didn't answer. He has not been to college for three days. I understand that a seemingly empty university does not exist without it. The naughty girl still didn't answer the phone. I'm here, you have news.

why are you so angry??

I went to Milton, Debo and Nafisa.

When the doorbell rang, my aunt opened the door.

- Are you precious? You are welcome to enter.

- No, my aunt Nyasha didn't go to college, so I went to see it. (valuable)

- Don't have a fever, have a handicap, go and see.

Wow, the room is neat.

Decorate the walls with paper butterflies.

As soon as Nafisa called and fell asleep, she was surprised and said when you were real. I never thought we would come.

This is the first time I've seen a fish without a burqa.

My death tells me that Scanali is looking in the mirror?

Three strands of black hair, her hair is open, her eyes are sleepy, her eyes are amazing, and the black sesame on her lips doubles the sheen of her face.

Generally speaking, there is a different type of Maya that works.

- Why are you here? (desperate)

- why do not you answer the call? That's why Ray had to run.

- Why don't you talk to Tomba, Nisha, Remo anymore? Where is your aunt Jorah? Seeing this, your head is wrong!!

- I fought with them. You know everything. So why are you doing this? ? Listen, I cover my ears, but you don't look away. You know how much trouble she's been in these three days.

- Shut up, you devil boy.

- You know, I think I'm really in love.

- Repeatedly??

You don't correct what comes from here in your life.

- Yes, my friend, you really can't live a moment without you.

- I need your help, Ray Nyack.

- OK.

Nafisa said: - I have to come tomorrow, I will come without the burqa.

- OK

I know why they left, it's hard.

Listening to Arafat, he seems to be in love.

Hey, Shikan Ali calling?

Just called!!

- tell me

- Are you sad?

- number.

- but you look like that today.

- Do you think Tomba is an asshole??

- why are you an angry man?

- I'll talk to you later.

Why am I feeling this way today, let's be gay and be like him.

What happened to your university? ? I couldn't find anyone anywhere, and as soon as I entered the lobby, everyone said "Happy Birthday Nyasha". I couldn't hold a drop of saltwater happily. Suddenly, my shoulders are looked around by an icy touch. The same Arafat sat on his lap.

How is this going?

- Do you want this opportunity to be your ghost? Give her a chance to be your puppy's dad? ? Can I be your walking companion? I want to be a red pepper bride, Debbie, tell me? ? Let me hold that hand tightly? ? Everyone agrees and agrees, it's hopeless.

- Don't be silent, Nash. I can leave everything to you.

- Devil Boy, if you see Luchu Giri doing it. So I hold your hand tightly and say what day you are today or someday.

Perhaps Tomba Remo Nisha and many others are burning with violence. The gallows burn, but this time I'll burn the bottom trip. Then you will understand how bitter red peppers can be.

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