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Chaos In Camelot

Part 1

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago 20 min read
The great Arthurian city becomes a warzone for a gauntlet and a powerful dragon.

While sailing the beautiful blue ocean Kyle and Tina are enjoying some much-needed relaxation on the Golden 997. Wow! The Heaven’s Charm is one beautiful treasure. Said Tina. Hey, it’s a golden necklace with a star shaped sapphire in the center. But remember it’s a very powerful relic so we have to use it with caution. Relied Kyle. Relax Kyle, your Astro Blade is just as strong and you haven’t discovered all of its powers yet. One thing is for sure, we have a lot to learn about the treasure we find, things like the Astro Blade and the Heaven’s Charm are filled with mysteries. As long as we work together there is no mystery or pirate that can stop us. Tina assured Kyle.

Then suddenly there was a glow coming from the Captain’s Cabin. It’s the map. I wonder where it will take us today. Said Kyle. I’m up for anything. Said Tina. Kyle read the map’s new code. “Ready or not, obtaining the Dragon Star is a longshot, as you will set course to the legendary Camelot”. Hey, isn't Camelot the home of King Arthur? Asked Tina. Precisely, but I always thought Camelot and King Arthur were just a legend. Hey after seeing Atlantis and Shangri-La anything is possible. Tina Replied. And this is an entire kingdom we’re going to so whatever the treasure is, it’s going to be amazing. Well let’s set a course for Camelot.

The duo plotted their course and sailed the lustrous Golden 997 to fabled Camelot with danger and adventure in the wake of their journey. While sailing through the crystal blue ocean Kyle looked over the map to make sure he and Tina were on the right path. According to the map we are in uncharted waters with some sort of animal swimming around but I can’t tell what it is. Well let’s keep a look out there is no telling what could pop up in this ocean. Said Tina. A few minutes later the rough waves began to pound the 997. Hey Tina, why are the waves so strong? I don’t know the captain. The ocean is calm and its bright sunny day, so a storm is out of the question. Then two began to hear loud moans and the waves were rapidly hitting the ship. Ok is it me or is that getting louder and louder? Said Kyle. Yeah and it feels something is holding the ship but it’s not the anchor. The map began to glow again and Kyle read the new code. “To make it to Camelot prove your heart and bravery as you win against the mighty Leviathan”.

Wait a Leviathan? So we have to battle a sea monster?! Don’t worry Tina if we can brave through hurricanes and defeat ruthless pirates then we can handle a sea monster. Your optimism never fails to amaze me Kyle. So where is this thing? Suddenly a huge gray and purple Leviathan emerged from the ocean with great force. Whoa! That thing is huge! Screamed Tina. Any ideas on how to get past it? Well we can’t outrun it, so there is only one thing to do. Fight! Kyle fired the ship’s cannons at the sea monster but the attacks only stunned the beast. Our cannons are no good because leviathan has tough skin. Said Tina. Then Kyle noticed something flowing behind the creature. It looks like it’s being restrained by something. Maybe I can. I know what you’re thinking Kyle, it's too dangerous! Do you have any other ideas, so we won’t get taken down? Tina paused for a moment. Fine but be careful. Kyle dashed across the ship and dove into the ocean! Kyle swam deep underwater and saw chains strapped to the Leviathan. “So that’s why it attacked us because it's being held here against its will”. Kyle unsheathed his Astro Blade and sliced the chains in half, releasing the sea monster.

The Leviathan calmed down and brought Kyle up to the surface. Woo, that was a close one. The newly calm sea monster snuggled Kyle in gratitude and swam off into the sea, free from its chains. Kyle, how did you know breaking chains would stop that leviathan? Because no one should be held captive, not even a monster. Wise words my friend, wise words. They sailed on as they made their way to Camelot and the treasure that lies within it.

Hey! I think we’re here! Tina looked through her telescope and saw a city filled with medieval houses, towers, and huge castles. The city of Camelot, dead ahead. As they arrived in Camelot, Kyle and Tina were amazed by the towers and statues that filled the city. This place is so big where we are supposed to find the Dragon Star. Said Kyle. Well according to the map, it seems that the treasure is somewhere underground. Said Tina. Well it seems like we need to find a tunnel of some sort. The two suddenly heard a huge commotion coming from the city square.

In the name of King Edmund! I Squire Zhane place you under arrest! Oh, please, you expect us to order from a little knight in training? Maybe when you get a little more experience we will humor you. The young squire grabbed the troublemaker’s hand and took him down to the ground. Now when I say you’re under arrest I mean it! The other two criminals charged at Zhane with their swords, but he dodged their attacks with ease and pinned them to the ground and arrested all three. Wow! That guy is good. No kidding Kyle, maybe he can help us find the treasure he seems to know his way around Camelot. I don't think Tina, you really think it’s a good idea to let some random guy know what we’re looking for? Well he might know where to start so let’s ask. Kyle and Tina walked over to the young knight hoping to get answers. Excuse me. The knight drew his sword in front of the two pirates. Who are you! Whoa! Take it easy, I'm Kyle and this is Tina. I am Squire Zhane. What do you want? We just want to see if you can help us find something? Find what exactly? Tina showed Zhane the map.

It’s called the Dragon Star and we want to know where we can go to find it. Zhane examined the map’s details of the treasure and thought to himself. “This Dragon Star is in the Camelot Caverns, I didn't know anything was in there except rocks, this could be my ticket to become a full- fledged knight if I help these two find it… and take it for myself”.

I will be happy to aid you this endeavor; the treasure you’re looking for is located underground inside the Camelot Caverns. Great! You think you can show us the way Squire Zhane? I would be honored to help my lady. It is my duty as a knight. Excellent, well let’s go find it. Said Kyle. Hold on, before we start looking for the treasure you’re going to have to do something about your current attire. It is rather “unique”. What do you mean by that? If you wish to walk around Camelot, you will have to dress the part. Allow me to escort you to the castle.

Zhane whistled for his horse. The cream coated steel bolted to the three heroes with a majestic strut. Cool horse Zhane. Said Kyle. Thank you, his name is Meteor. I raised him from a colt and he has been by my side ever since. The three climbed on top of Meteor and dashed to the castle. but little did they know that a hooded man was listening to their every word. Oh boy. Haldor is going to love this.

The hooded man rode a horse to the outskirts of Camelot and into a large stone fortress and met with a mysterious masked figure Master Broder. I have important news. Well what is it? I know the location of the Dragon Star. The Dragon Star!? Are you sure? Indeed, I overheard two kids and a knight in training discussing it in the town square. They said it’s underground. So, it’s been right under our noses this whole time. You’ve done well Haldor, it looks like we’ll have to accelerate our plans.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Tina and Zhane made their way to Camelot Castle. Incredible! Is this where King Arthur used to live? Yes, Kyle the mighty King Arthur did indeed live in this castle and his Great-Great-Great Grandson, King Edmund, has been an equally excellent ruler. I always thought King Arthur was just a legend. Said Tina. Have care how you speak. King Arthur is anything but a legend along with his sword, Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table. Hey point taken.

The three walked through the castle hall and met Zhane’s mentor. Kyle, Tina allow me to introduce you to my master, Sir Julian. Squire Zhane you know it is proper protocol to have an announced guest. I know Sir Julian, but they are new to Camelot and they need help to find certain objects. And I must follow the knight’s code to aid those in need. Hmm, I’ll let it slide this time but make sure you inform me or the king about who you bring to the castle. Understood. Not very friendly, is he? Oh no Tina Sir Julian is kind and an enjoyable person once you get to know him, now let’s get you and Kyle some new clothes. Zhane took Kyle and Tina into the castle dressing room and gave them some medieval clothing.

Kyle wore a navy blue knight’s tunic with silver armored plating and Tina wore a black and brown girl knight’s attire with metal guards. There now you are officially part of Camelot. Wow this is cool! I always wondered how it would feel to be a knight. Said Kyle. So where is the passageway Zhane? Asked Tina. It is in the castle chamber and only the king and the royal guard can access it and we must gain permission from King Edmund first. Well let’s ask him. We can ask but do not get hopes up that he will say yes.

The three walked to the throne room until they heard a loud crash coming from one of the rooms. What’s happened?! Sorry I’m still trying to perfect my floating spell. I can make myself fly in the air but everything else comes crashing down. Kyle and Tina say hello to Margaret the Magician. Yep I am the Great-Great Granddaughter of Merlin the Magician. I’m not quite at his level of magic yet but I will be. Good to me you, we were just on our way to see King Edmund King Edmund? Why? Should we tell her Kyle? Well…Alright but that’s it no one else other than the King needs to know. We are looking for this treasure called the Dragon Star, and we want to use the castle chamber to find it because it's underground. So, you’re gonna try to find it in Camelot Caverns. Well you I can help you find the Dragon Star because it’s like a maze down there. But Zhane said he can lead us through it. Oh please, I’m the royal magician. I had to learn about the castle from top to bottom. The knights can only give the details. Margaret! Fine you can come with us just don’t get in the way. Now let’s see the king please.

The heroes made their way to the throne room with King Edmund sitting on his throne. Margaret, Squire Zhane. What brings you here? And who are these two peasants? Who is he calling a peasant! Quiet Kyle. Your majesty, this is Kyle and Tina. They are explorers who have come to find an ancient relic hidden in Camelot Caverns, and they wish to use the castle chamber to get it. Zhane. As much as I love a sense of adventure. Do you really expect me to allow outsiders access to something like the castle chamber?

Tina stepped forward. King Edmund you may not know us, but Kyle and I would never disrespect your castle or your kingdom. And we’ve been to glorious places like Atlantis and Shangri-La finding treasure and adventure, so speaking for all four of us we humbly ask permission to use the castle chamber to enter Camelot Caverns. Besides, what would King Arthur decide? King Edmund paused and closed his eyes carefully to think about the request. Very well you may use the chamber as long as Zhane and Margaret go with you. You can count us, your highness. Said Margaret. Thanks King Edmund. Well guys what are we waiting for let’s go!

Tina that was amazing no one has ever been able to change King Edmund’s mind like that. Said Margaret. Indeed, his majesty is usually quite hard-nosed. Said Zhane. Well she was always a master negotiator. Said Kyle. The foursome walked down stairs to the castle chamber and found a large stone door. So, is this entrance? Yes, this is the only way to the caverns and every knight is given a key to open the door. Zhane inserted the key and the door opened into a spacious crystallized cave.

It’s so beautiful, like something out of a fairytale. I share your admiration for the scenery Tina the Camelot Caverns have been around since the reign of King Arthur. It was used as an escape route from those who would attack the kingdom like the Night Raiders. Said Zhane. Who are the Night Raiders? Kyle Asked. I’ll tell you. Everyone looked at Margaret. The Night Raiders were cold-blooded warriors who were led by their wicked leader Krogan. They would attack kingdoms for their riches and Camelot was almost a victim of their assault, but our forces were too strong for them and King Arthur arrested Krogan and locked him in the dungeon for the rest of his life. No one has heard from the Night Raiders then, so we assumed they disbanded. Whoa that was an intense story. Do you think the Night Raiders will ever come back? Kyle asked. It’s been centuries and without a leader it will be impossible for the raiders to return. Well let’s not get distracted from finding the Dragon Star. What does the map say?

There is a crossroads coming up right about now. Which way do we go right or left? Asked Margaret. The map began to glow with a new code. “Two ways to go is quite a strain, will you follow your heart, or will you follow your brain?” Follow your heart or follow your brain? Now that’s a tough one. Said Tina. One path could be a trap or take us in a circle, and the other will lead to the Dragon Star. Said Zhane. I have a suggestion. What is it Kyle?

I say we split up, two of us take the left tunnel and the other takes the right tunnel. Zhane and I go right while Tina and Margaret go left. That sounds risky Kyle, don't you think it will be safer to stick together? Asked Margaret. Of course, I think it will be better to stay together but if we all took the same path and it turns out to be the wrong one. Who knows what will happen. Good point. Hey, as long as we watch each other’s backs we’ll be safe, so let’s go! Said Tina. Margaret used her magic to make a copy of the map and the four went their separate ways. But little did they know they were being followed by Haldor and the Night Raiders. Haldor pulled out his communicator. Master Broder the twerps decided to take both paths by splitting up. I'll send half of my men after the girls while I pursue the other two. Do that Haldor, our plan to take over Camelot must not be thwarted by mere children. Yes, sir!

Kyle and Zhane trekked through the maze-like tunnel with each step making them closer and closer to Dragon Star. So Zhane, why did you decide to help us find the treasure? Well my goal is to become a true knight of Camelot, and I figured the only I can become one is to help you find this Dragon Star. I know that sounds cheesy, but I feel this could be my one and only chance. While we’re asking questions. What made you want to be a treasure hunter? Why? Because I love adventure and so does Tina. I mean going to all sorts of fun and magical places finding treasure! It’s a dream come true.

Whoa, I wish I could join you. Why not? An adventure without companions is just a solo journey. And what fun is that? I hear you. Meanwhile, Tina and Margaret stumbled through their rocky tunnel. I know this is a cave but why are there so many giant rocks in the walkway? Asked Tina. My guess that there must have been people tunneling through it or an underground earthquake. Well this isn’t gonna stop us finding the treasure. Nothing will. Well how about us then! The girls turned around and saw a squad of hooded men staring them down. Who are you guys?! One of the grunts spoke. We are the Night Raiders and our mission is to find the Dragon Star for our master so let’s make this easy and take us to it. The Night Raiders?! But Night Raiders have been gone for centuries. Well consider this our grand return. Now take us to the treasure or else! If you think we’re going to help you, you’re sadly mistaken. Can’t say I didn’t ask. Night Raiders get them!

Tina fought off the raiders with her Lunar lance and Margaret used her magic wand. Wow these guys don’t quit! Tina, I have an idea. I’ll use my wand to freeze them while we run for it. Sounds great to me, go for it. Margaret waved her wand in front of the raiders. “From the nose to the knees, you will freeze”! An icy wind blew around everyone, but the spell froze Tina and Margaret and not the Night Raiders! I can’t move! Sorry I don’t know what went wrong. The lead Night Raider walked up to the girls. Well you just made our job easier. Take them away! No! This is all my fault. Don’t worry Margaret, we’ll get out of this. I wouldn’t count on it, girls. Bahahaha!

In the meantime, Kyle and Zhane reached the final leg to the Dragon Star. Well, all we have to do is cross this crystal bridge and the treasure is in the chamber up ahead. Great Kyle. Shall we be off? Lead the way. Zhane took a few steps and the bridge rumbled. Watch your step the slightest sudden move will make this whole bridge fall apart. Got it. While the two crossed the bridge Zhane thought to himself. “If I’m going to get the Dragon Star, I have to find a way to get rid of Kyle. But How”?

Kyle and Zhane were near the end of the bridge, when suddenly he pushed Kyle to the ground! Hey! What are you doing?! This bridge is already fragile! Sorry Kyle it’s nothing personal. I just can’t have you in my way of getting the treasure. I knew you were playing us from the start! The bridge began to crumble and fall. This is where our alliance ends Kyle. Zhane dashed to the end while Kyle got up and pursued his former ally.

I’m not gonna let you take the Dragon Star Zhane! On the contrary, you won’t be able to stop me if you can’t follow me! Zhane made it to the end of the bridge and stomped on it with all his might. Making both ends collapse! NO! Kyle jumped off from the falling pieces of the bridge and dangled from the edge of the cliff. Zhane helped me. I’m not a bad guy Kyle, but having you around is like pushing a giant rock. I thank you for leading me here though. It is my destiny to obtain the Dragon Star and become a knight, that is the only way I can become one. I can’t allow you to do that, Zhane. Humph. You’re in no position to be making threats. But I’m wasting time talking to you. So, Adios and good riddance. Wait! A piece of the cliff breaks off and Kyle falls. No, No ...No! A piece of the cliff broke off and Kyle fell but he pulled his Astro Blade and drove into the wall to catch himself and climbed to the top. I have to stop him from gaining the treasure. And here I thought knights were trustworthy. Meanwhile, Zhane made his way to the Draco Chamber, the home of the Dragon Star, but a door with strange fragments blocked the entrance. What is this? Some sort of puzzle? Hmm….it must be a key to open the door! Zhane arranged the fragments to match each shape. The puzzle formed the image of a dragon and the door opened. Yes! Finally, the Dragon Star is mine. Zhane walked in and saw a mysterious box on a pedestal. This is it.

Hold it! Zhane turned around to see General Haldor and the Night Raiders. Sorry knave but that treasure belongs to Master Broder. I don’t know who this Broder guy is. But if you want the Dragon Star you’re gonna have to take it from me! That can be arranged. Night Raiders…ATTACK! Zhane pulled out his sword and fought the Night Raiders while holding the box. Unbeknownst to him, everything was being watched by Broder through the power of his Mind Scepter. Interestingly, this boy has the ambition and strength needed to carry out my plans.

Broder contacted Haldor through telepathy. Haldor. Master Broder! What is it? Capture that squire and bring him to me. Along with the Dragon Star. But sir what do you want. Do as I say! Understood. Men! Get the treasure and the knight! Zhane fought the Night Raiders but he quickly became overwhelmed by their numbers. These guys don’t give up. Master Broder will be pleased to have everything handed to him. That’s what you think!

Kyle jumped and toppled the Night Raiders. Kyle! I’ll deal with you later Zhane, but let’s take care of these guys first. This is taking too long! Haldor attacked Kyle with powerful thrusts of his sword. Whoa. You almost got me. Kyle tripped Haldor with a swift kick that made the general fall to the ground. Zhane looked around the chamber with knocked out Raiders scattered across the floor and stared at that box. It’s now or never. Zhane handed it over. It’s too late, no one’s stopping me now. Don’t do it! Zhane placed the box on the ground and stuck his hand in the opening. The box shined and formed into a gauntlet. Wait, the Dragon Star is a gauntlet? Said Zhane. I like it. Zhane you don’t know what that can do. Listen to me. Zhane stood up with a smug grin. Dragon Star! Activate! The gauntlet shot sparks of electricity that caused a huge explosion to cloud the room.

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