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The Chrono Crisis

Search For the Sci Stones

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago 13 min read

Two months after their exciting adventure on the science planet of Spectra; Jericho, Hunter, and Lita are enjoying their summer vacation at the Game Galaxy amusement park. Hunter, you have my eternal respect dude, the way you won that Pokemon tournament to score us these yearlong season passses was incredible! Thanks, Jericho, when that other guy used an ice type against steel type Pokemon, the rest of his team was easy to takedown, replied Hunter. Yeah, you are a Pokémon genius has its perks, because now we get to party in Game Galaxy all Summer! Lita screamed. I’m afraid your fun will have to wait, young ones. The trio paused and looked around. Hey, I know that voice, it’s Electromagnus! Jericho exclaimed. Indeed, and I require your presence in Spectra it’s urgent! A whirlwind surrounded the three kids and they warped through space. As they arrived in Electromagnus’ home, Proton Temple, the kids saw the worried wizard pace around his crystal ball. Hey Magnus, it’s been a while, how is everything, asked Hunter. I wish I could say things are fantastic but the complete opposite, because Spectra is in grave danger. What’s going on? Lita asked.

The Science Stones have been lost in time! Whoa! Back up for a minute. What do you mean the stones are lost in time, asked Jericho? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Three days ago, Spectra was attacked by my cousin Ranzik. Ranzik has always been the black sheep of the family, so much so that he was banished to the Umbra Zone for trying to send every planet in the solar system into a permanent ice age. By the way the Umbra Zone is a dimension of eternal night.

Anyway, somehow Ranzik has managed to escape and came to Spectra to take the Science Stones. He defeated the other guardians and collected each of their stones. Ranzik would have taken mine if I hadn’t used my magic to send the stones through time. Okay just use a return spell or something and bring them back, said Lita. I wish I could, but he severed my connection to the stones through the power of a rare device called the Chrono Ring. The Chrono Ring is an extremely powerful relic that was long thought to be extinct. Somehow Ranzik found one and now he has the power to control the very nature of time itself.

So let me get this straight there is a maniac who can change the fabric of history with a ring that gives him the power to time travel to the past, present and future, who is also after 6 powerful stones. Well, this summer just became a lot more intense, said Hunter. No kidding all I wanted was to have fun at Game Galaxy, replied Jericho. Come on guys, Magnus helped us with learning the scientific method so it’s only right that we return the favor, said Lita. You’re right Lita besides I’ve always wanted to go on a time traveling adventure. What about you Jericho? Hmm…fine, it is summer vacation after all so let’s get started.

I’m so glad to hear that, scientists or should I say historians. So here is the lowdown of the situation. I used my magic to send the stones in six different time periods: The Pirate age, the Civil Rights Movement, Ancient Egypt, American Revolution, the Cretaceous Dinosaur Period and the distant Future. Unfortunately for us, Ranzik can use the Chrono Ring’s power to track down anything sent through time. But there is another time traveling device that’s not as unassuming as the Chrono Ring but still functional. Magnus waved his wand and materialized a long orange and green stick. Young ones, I give you the Staff of Eons. This magical staff will take you to any time period you desire from the dinosaurs to even World War II. Ranzik didn’t know I attached a tracking device on him, you just need to use the staff, that way you know where he is at all times.

Everything is understood and we won’t let you down Magnus, said Hunter. Well what are we waiting for? Let's save history, exclaimed Jericho. Hunter concentrated on the Staff of Eons and a blue-green mist surrounded the trio and warped them through a vortex. See you later Magnus, screamed Lita. Good Luck kids.

The three friends traveled through the space-time continuum gazed in amazement of the blue-green waves that surrounded them. Guys can you believe we’re actually time traveling, asked Hunter. Yeah, let’s just hope this Ranzik guy isn’t too far ahead of us, said Jericho. What’s our first destination Lita? According to the Staff of Eons the first time period we go is …. whoa. What is it? The Pirate age. Wait pirates as in arrgh? Yes, and the Red Alpha Stone is located in this era. Hey, I always wanted to be a pirate let’s go! Hunter screamed.

The three warped through the vortex and into the age of the pirates but fell 10 feet out of the sky in the process. OW! Ok, Magnus didn’t mention the hard landing that comes with time traveling, said Jericho. Yeah I didn’t plan on getting sandy at the beach not yet that is, replied Hunter. Quit complaining guys we are here aren’t we. The staff says it’s the year 1720 the Golden of Piracy, said Lita. Ok we went back 300 years how are we gonna track down Ranzik and the Alpha Stone? Hey Magnus said the Staff of Eons is linked to the stonesson all we have to do is use it as a tracking device, let’s just hope we don’t run into any pirates along the way. How interesting , we wouldn’t want that to happen. The trio turned around and saw a sharply dressed pirate eyeing them down. The pirate spoke. I thought this island was deserted and here I am about to bury the treasure I plundered from the British and I find a bunch of kids about to steal it. Calm down we’re not here to steal your treasure, said Jericho. Maybe, maybe not, but you might be spies for the royal navy ready to set me up and capture me! I won’t let that happen, no one messes with Bartholomew Roberts! Captain Roberts pulled out his sword ready to strike down the three heroes. Wait! Did you say Bartholomew Roberts? Hunter asked. Yeah what of it? Your nickname is Black Bart, you’ve plundered over 400 ships, and you are the most successful pirate that has ever lived. Well, it seems my reputation precedes me. I’ve always wanted my own fan club. Tell you what boy, you and friends would be fine additions to my crew. Thanks, but we’re kind of busy searching for something right now, said Lita. Hmm reluctant, are we? Maybe instead I should take your staff and leave you stranded on this island forever! Jericho, Hunter and Lita looked at each other nervously. Fine we’ll join.

The trio helped Roberts bury his treasure and joined him on a rowboat as they sailed back to his ship the Royal Fortune. As they were boarding the massive ship they saw a man falling into the ocean. Whoa they just made that guy walk the plank, said Jericho. That’s just a stereotype, pirates actually just threw people off the ship. Hunter replied. How is that any less scary? It’s not. Welcome aboard the Royal Fortune. Any life you had before you joined this crew doesn't exist anymore. Say what?! That’s right now it’s all about the raiding ships and endless treasure. Now with that being said give me your staff. Wait. I thought you said weren’t going to take our staff. Lita asked. No, I said I would take it from you and leave you stranded on that island if you didn’t join my crew. I didn’t say I wasn't going to take it at all. Ok that is seriously messed up, said Jericho. I defeated a Spanish Man O War and made the captain give up all his valuables, being fair is not me. Being fair is not me, but I am a man of my word, and I assure you that you’ll be compensated after my business deal on Tortuga Island. The trio stared at each other and nodded in agreement. Lita reluctantly handed the Staff of Eons to Captain Roberts. Now was that so hard? Set a course for Tortuga! The crew screamed Aye Aye, captain!

Captain Roberts made the kids mop the ship while they sailed towards Tortuga Island with the entire crew singing pirate songs. Well, isn’t this perfect, 300 years in the past and we’re doing chores surrounded by tone-deaf pirates, said Jericho. Quit complaining dude we would still be stuck on that island or thrown off this ship and eaten by sharks if we didn’t do what Roberts said, replied Hunter. Yeah, and besides there's a chance that we might find a science stone on Tortuga, so let’s play along until that happens, said Lita. I hope you’re right about that Lita, but without the staff we can’t move on and don’t intend on being a pirate for the rest of my life. Well, we’re just going to have to figure out how to get both the staff and the stone then.

The Royal Fortune arrived on Tortuga. Land Ho! I always wondered if pirates actually said that. Lita asked. Bartholomew Roberts, his crew and the trio marched to the pirate hideout to trade goods, and there Roberts met with a mysterious figure in black and silver armor with a matching helmet that covered their face. This place is creeping me out, said Hunter. Oh, what’s creepy? Being around a bunch of dangerous drunken pirates or the trading partner of Roberts? Jericho asked. Let me get back to you on that. Bartholomew Roberts sat down at a wide table with the Staff of Eons. You must be the Liger, asked Captain Roberts. Correct, do you have anything good to trade today? Of course, I give you this staff that holds incredible power. Yeah. a staff that belongs to us, Lita mumbled. The armored man examined the staff. “Incredible Powers” huh? Well, the shiny appearance sure helps you claim; fine I’ll trade you for this. The armored man pulled out a small chest and opened it to show the Blue Beta Stone.

The kids stood in shock. The Beta Stone?! This dude, has it? Hunter asked. Yeah, and we have to figure out how to take both items, replied Lita. That’s easier said than done. How are we going to do that with lives still intact, said Jericho? Let’s wait. Captain Roberts sat in awe. Oh my. I’ve never seen a jewel this beautiful, and such a rich blue too. I see you like my offer. It also has a special power, Super Speed, you’ll be able to run 3 times faster than a cheetah. That will make stealing from treasure from ships a lot easier. So do we have a deal? Oh yes….Men Now! Captain Roberts' crew grabbed the armored man, threw him to the ground and picked up the Beta Stone! Ahahaha, fool did you really think this was going to be a fair trade Captain Bartholomew Roberts does not make deals with anyone!

The Armored man stood up and drew a retractable spear. I guess this is what I get for dealing with pirates and you made a terrible mistake crossing me. Not only are you gullible but dumb too if you dare to challenge me! Filth. You’ll pay for insolence. Insolence!? Ahahaha. We are pirates, we don’t even know what that means. Open fire! The pirates lunged at the armored man, but the mysterious figure quickly struck down 2 of them in seconds. The trio watched the fight. Hey while all of this craziness is happening let’s grab the staff and the stone, said Lita. The boys nodded, great idea. Hunter picked up the staff and Jericho snuck behind Robert’s first mate and snatched the stone. Think fast, now let’s go guys. Hey, come back here you brats!

Captain Roberts and the armored man were too busy with their duel to notice the kids running away with items. Captain, those kids took treasure! What!? You idiot! We’ll finish our fight later. I have to get the treasure back.

Alright we got the stone and the staff, now let’s leave this place and go to the next time period, said Lita. Sure, but there is only one problem, said Hunter. What? I have no idea how to get this thing to work. Jericho and Lita screamed, WHAT!? What are we supposed to do? We have a bunch of angry pirates and a freaky armored guy hot on our tail, said Jericho. There’s gotta be a button or special phrase we have to say to make the staff work, said Hunter. The pirates soon caught up to the trio. Well, you better figure it out quick because we have company, said Lita. I’m getting tired, I don’t think I can run much longer, said Jericho. Wait! The Beta Stone possesses super speed, right? If we touch it, we’ll gain that power and outrun the pirates, said Hunter. That’s brilliant dude let’s try it. Jericho pulled out the stone and all three placed their hands on it and felt a huge burst of energy. Whoa! This is incredible we’re moving faster than the Flash, Lita screamed. Yeah. So, this is the power of a science stone, Jericho replied.

Meanwhile the pirates stopped out of shock and exhaustion with Captain Roberts roaring in frustration. ARRRGHHH! Darn those kids I should have taken their treasure and left them on that island when I had the chance now that beautiful sapphire is gone. Roberts’ first mate tried to comfort him. Well captain at least it can’t get any worse. Just then the British soldiers ambushed the pirates. Bartholomew Roberts you are under arrest, said the British officer. What the? How did you Brits find our pirate stronghold? This island is in neutral territory. A man named Ranzik informed us through a messenger hawk. You mean the armored fool? I hate that guy. Well free to tell the judge all about it, captain. The officers arrested Roberts and his crew while the heroes ran to the end of the island on a cliffside. Well, we just escaped being killed by pirates, said Jericho. Yeah the Beta Stone totally saved us with its super speed, if one science stone contains this much power imagine what all six can do, said Hunter. How interesting I have the same curiosity as well. The trio turned around and with the mysterious armored man glaring at them.

I see Magnus is tougher than I thought, if he survived our fight and sent his precious students to recover the science stones. But I’m being rude. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm menacingly feared and worldly despised, they call me Ranzik.

Sci Fi

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Kylecovey Smith

Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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