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Cartoon Show Tom and Jerry

impact on human beings

By a dashPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
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Today when I study for my next exam held on June 1st I just started searching for some books on my clipboard.

that time I found some jokes and different comedy journal books.

i just found Tom and Jerry's 3 journals there which help me to reduce a bit of lethargy and continuously study in a single room with a single chair.

Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters who were famous when I was a child.

Cartoon characters in television used to be our primary source of entertainment.

and we used to love watching it.

Also, it was the go-to medium for our daily dose of amusement.

If you don't mind I would share some jokes which I read in a journal today also I want to tell you it's quite helped me to eliminate my tiredness and resume me refresh again

I would share 5 to ten jokes here which definitely makes you refresh and rejoice

A- Why did Tom get fired from the library?

He kept checking out books about mice (Jarry)

B- Why did Tom and Jerry get divorced?

Because Tom was always chasing Jerry and Jerry was always trying to run away

C-Why did Tom and Jerry join a dance competition?

They wanted to prove they had the best "cat"-CHY moves and "mouse"-iCal talents!

D-Why did Tom never catch Jerry?

Because Jerry was always one step ahead. He had a "mice" sense!

E-Why did Tom go to music school?

Because he wanted to learn how to play the "cat"erang!

F - Why did Tom open a bakery?

Because he wanted to catch Jerry by "breading" him into a trap!

G-Why did Tom always get into trouble?

Because he had a bad "purr"-sonality!

H - Why did Tom and Jerry get arrested?

Because they were caught stealing food from the grocery store.

I - Why did Jerry get kicked out of the library?

Because Jerry makes too much noise.

J-Why did Tom and Jerry get fired from their jobs?

Because they were always goofing off.

The Tom and Jerry cartoon show not only best show for me but also my cousin too.

I remember that day when tune up in to television my cousin continuously watched the cartoon character without having any food and that my uncle surprised packed the television for few days only for him

Now a days when I talked with many children they also preferred this cartoon character too much

But I would recommend with genuine advice to them that not to watch all the time in their paradise home but try to play different games outside which enable them physical exercised, also mixed with other friend, getting knowledge about outside world too.

Finally, outside games offer children an exciting and fun adventure, adding to the daily excitement and thrills of their lives.

I would like to know from my wonderful friends how they reminisce about the cartoon characters they admired during their childhood.

Also, I am interested to hear about their experiences playing outdoor games and would appreciate any ethical suggestions they may have regarding their memories of these games.

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  • Negomi Oak Rhetts10 months ago

    This brought up a lot of nostalgia for me as I used to watch Tom and Jerry every time I visited my grandparents when I was younger. Me, my sister and our cousins watched the same VCR tape with only a few episodes over and over again and never got bored. Thanks for the reminder and a trip down memory lane! Keep writing!

  • Lol, those were some funny jokes!

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