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Captain Pebbles

Waiting For My Ship

By C. H. RichardPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - August 2023
Captain Pebbles
Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

I wait, I watch, I listen.

Yes, I wait, I watch, I listen for my two shipmates, Pete, and Cindy. I am on high alert for any noise that resembles a key jiggle. I am after all the captain of the ship. This ship that sails on dry land around town. I will usually have my head out in the open-air checking and sniffing all points as we get to our destination. Sometimes I am watching for other captains. Sometimes I am trying to get away from the music that my shipmates play, “For God Sakes Cindy! There is music after 1989!”

Anyways back to our ship. Sometimes we stop for supplies. Sometimes my shipmate needs to go to a machine that does not disburse treats, ugh, just what she calls “money to buy treats!” To which I say, “Get on it! A captain has got to eat too!”

Sometimes we do sail by the sea where there are big ships. My ship is just as nice, and I get to have treats. Yes, best trips are when we stop for a treat; puppy (I mean Captain!) sundaes, plain munchkins when my shipmate needs a coffee and of course anything with chicken.

“A captain has to eat too!”

So, you see I wait, I watch, I listen. I hear those keys jiggle and then these words “Pebbles you want to go for a ride?” I am out the door and ready as every good captain should be.

photo of Captain Pebbles by her shipmate, C.H.Richard

Thank you for reading!

This story was for a micro fiction challenge by facebook group, Vocal Social Society (VSS) in which the prompt was to write a story about a pet on a boat in less than 250 words.


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C. H. Richard

My passion is and has always been writing. I am particularly drawn to writing fiction that has relatable storylines which hopefully keep readers engaged

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  • Novel Allen6 months ago

    Oh, I thought this was a critique. Now it makes more sense. I was sure this was a movie or something. It is that good. Congrats on TS.

  • Thavien Yliaster6 months ago

    It matters not whether it be through air, land or sea. To a pet a ship is a ship is a ship, no less to thee. From the semi's that pass by, to seeing a cruise on the ocean blue, or seeing a metal bird with no wing membranes (or what those humans call a 'plane'). Sit, watch, listen, keeping stow-aways away with the threat of a bite. Being a captain's hard work, so one needs treats for their delight.

  • Naveedkk 6 months ago

    Congratulations on top story

  • Lamar Wiggins6 months ago

    Ha! That was awesome. Congrats, Cindy! 💖

  • Rachel Deeming6 months ago

    Captain Pebbles rules! And what's wrong with eighties' music anyway?

  • Oneg In The Arctic6 months ago

    Aww this is so cute! Nicely done :)

  • Mattie :)6 months ago

    Excellent! You've just earned yourself a new subscriber :)

  • Gerald Holmes6 months ago

    I love this. Heart warming tale told by your dog, how could anybody not love that. Congrats on Top Story.

  • Awww, Captain Pebbles is soooo adorable! I loved your story!

  • Dana Stewart6 months ago

    Captain Pebbles is adorable. 'There's music after 1989' - made me laugh. We could totally get along hanging out.

  • Cathy holmes6 months ago

    That was great. Love it.

  • Dana Crandell6 months ago

    Great story! We have 2 captains, both female.

  • Ashley Lima6 months ago

    This is adorable <3

  • Excellent challenge story, I know people will not listen to anything but British Heavy Metal between 1974-6, or songs from X-Factor or other "talent" shows

  • Mariann Carroll6 months ago

    Enjoyed this 💗🥳

  • Where we used to live, the teller at the drive thru of our local bank kept dog treats close at hand for whenever the ship's captain was on board at her window.

  • Babs Iverson6 months ago

    Splendid pet story!!! Superb storytelling!!! Love it!!!♥️♥️💕

  • Tiffany Gordon 6 months ago

    Supercute! Great job!

  • Mother Combs6 months ago

    Aw! Captain is so sweet!!

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