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Cafufflefrazzled Again

A mixed cocktail of fuck, frustration, shock, and disappointment all at once.

By Jennifer Lancaster @jenergy17Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Cafufflefrazzled Again
Photo by Sherise Van Dyk on Unsplash

Maggie woke up with a smile on her face. She had a big day ahead of her and had planned to start it with her favorite cup of kona coffee. As she opened the fridge and reached for the half-n-half, she realized she had run out of it.

Her heart sank. She needed that creamy goodness to make her day better. To even exist. She rummaged around the fridge to see what her roommate had that she could use as a substitute. All that was there was watery expired skim milk.

She sank down deep into it. She felt it. She was cafufflefrazzled. . She felt as if the Universe was conspiring against her. She remembered a few days ago thinking, “I need to buy half-n-half soon,” but completely forgot. She felt a wave of emotions - a mixed cocktail of fuck, frustration, shock, and disappointment all at once.

She couldn’t drink this pot of French press now. What a waste. Sigh. It meant a drive to the coffee shop. She prayed as she drove into work after her coffee stop, that she would remember to buy it on her drive home tonight so that tomorrow she didn’t end up in this terrible predicament again.


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Jennifer Lancaster @jenergy17

Multidimensional Creative-preneur

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Artist, Writer. Formerly in restaurant business for 3 decades. Soul expression is my ❤️ language. Spirituality,music, art, food and creativity fuel my life. IG @jenergy17

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  • Naveed 2 months ago

    Super!!! Excellent story!!!

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