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Blue flower

There is a small umbrella shop on the back street.

By sallyPublished 6 months ago 9 min read

There is a small umbrella shop on the back street.

There was a big sign: "Repair Umbrellas."

It has been raining for a long time, and it finally stopped today. The bad umbrellas in the whole town are concentrated here.

The customers said, "Please fix it quickly, because I don't know when it will rain."

So, the owner of the umbrella shop was buried in a pile of umbrellas as high as a mountain, and since the morning, he has been working hard.

Although this umbrella shop owner was still a young man, he had excellent skills. At night, all the umbrellas were repaired and returned to the umbrella owner. In this way, he left a lot of money on hand that he didn't usually have, three times as much as usual.

He thought with great joy: "Repair the roof now. Also, put new curtains on the windows."

On the second-floor window where he lives alone, hanging snow-white curtains is something he has longed for for a long time.

"Also, buy a box of oil paints and a new guitar, and..."

Ah, there are so many more things I want.

The next day, the umbrella shop owner went to town to buy curtains, oil paints and new guitars.

It was raining lightly.

It was quite a journey to the town. However, the heart of the umbrella shop owner was about to break with joy.

"Ask for roof repairs first, then go to the general merchandise store..."

The owner of the umbrella shop had already decided in his heart. So, he walked away without looking at it.

Before reaching the town, at the last corner, there was a low fence. Here, the owner of the umbrella shop saw a little girl standing alone, leaning against the fence.

Walking over, the owner of the umbrella shop stopped.

The girl was wearing light blue clothes and did not hold an umbrella. She stared blankly into the distance. The owner of the umbrella shop put the girl into his big black umbrella.

"What are you doing?" the owner of the umbrella shop asked.

The girl looked up at the umbrella shop owner. Her skin was a little white and she had very big eyes.

"Is there no umbrella?"

The girl nodded. Short hair shakes loosely.

"Don't you have an umbrella?"

The umbrella shop owner asked again.

The girl nodded again.

"Then, it really can't be done."

When the umbrella shop owner mentioned the umbrella, he was more enthusiastic than anyone else.

"Even a child must have his own umbrella."

At this time, the owner of the umbrella shop remembered that today, his wallet was very heavy. He said happily: "Well, little girl, let me make you a new umbrella."

The girl smiled happily and said, "Thank you."

"I'm going to town now. Let's choose the cloth for your umbrella together."

In this way, the tall young man, and the little, little girl, went to town with a big cloth umbrella.

It's still raining, it's falling.

The umbrella shop owner and the girl changed the escalator several times in the general merchandise store before they came to the place where the fabrics were sold.

On the counter, full of cloth swayed like waves.

The girl chose blue cloth there.

The cloth pointed out by the girl was very expensive, three times the price of the white curtain! However, the owner of the umbrella shop happily bought it. He thought it would make a good umbrella.

Later, the umbrella shop owner and the girl went to the roof and drank ice cream soda at the white table under the big umbrella.

"When the umbrella is ready, I'll give it to you. Where is your home?" asked the owner of the umbrella shop.

"Just over there."

"Over there?"

"The corner just now."

"Then, tomorrow morning, I'll be there."

The two made an appointment.

The umbrella shop owner and the girl parted at the fence around the corner.

The owner of the umbrella shop left in a hurry than when he came.

He thought, "Go back quickly and make a first-class umbrella."

He forgot about fixing the roof and buying white curtains, oil paints, and guitars.

That night, the owner of the umbrella shop carefully made umbrellas until very late at night, and did not make blue and blue umbrellas until late at night. In the scattered workplace, he opened his small umbrella and looked.

"In terms of appearance and the way the cloth is attached, it is extremely beautiful."

Despite this, he also felt that the blue chosen by the girl was the best, how beautiful it was.

It was like the color of a sea, and it was like the color of the blue sky after the rain.

At the same time, as soon as you enter the center of the open umbrella, the situation becomes strange, as if the whole body has burrowed into a small blue-roofed room.

"What an amazing umbrella!"

The young man said, thinking to himself, how amazing his ability is.

The next morning, the umbrella shop owner met the girl in light blue around the corner.

"It's done."

The owner of the umbrella shop opened the blue umbrella and handed it to the girl. The rain made a nice sound on the tightly stretched umbrella.

"Like the color of the sea."

The girl said.

"Hmm. I think so too."

"With this umbrella, I feel like I'm in a home with a blue roof."

"Ah, I think so too!"

The owner of the umbrella shop was completely happy. However, the blue-roofed home is too small for two people to enter together.

So, the owner of the umbrella shop knocked on the door of the house and said, "Little girl, what are you doing at home?"

... Ah, what an amazing umbrella!

In the thin, thin rain.

Since that day, strange things have happened.

Back at the umbrella store, many girls stood in front of the store, waiting for the boss.

"Ah, is it a repair?"

The umbrella shop owner said amiably.

"No." said one person.

"Mr. Boss, I want a new umbrella."

"A new umbrella?"

"Well, please make me a blue umbrella."

"Me too."


The owner of the umbrella shop was too surprised to speak for the time being.

"Please make a blue umbrella urgently!"

This is the order of all customers.

So the owner of the umbrella shop went to town again and bought a lot of blue cloth and umbrella materials.

Then, from that night on, he sat in the workplace, not even sleeping. Because customers who asked to order blue umbrellas kept coming.

In this way, in less than ten days, the owner of the umbrella shop became a very rich man.

Soon, all the girls in the town had blue umbrellas.

One day, in a corner of the newspaper, there was this note: "This year's popular umbrellas are blue no matter what. Strangely, custom-made ones are especially popular in small umbrella shops in the backstreet."

Reading this, more girls flocked to the umbrella shop.

Customers couldn't get into the store, filled the street, and the line turned several corners, extending all the way to the town.

Among these people, there were occasional requests to repair the umbrella, but the owner of the umbrella shop was working without looking at it. He couldn't remember who gave him the umbrella.

One day, the owner of the umbrella shop called the painter in the town and rewrote the shop's sign. On the new sign, it reads: Undertake to make blue umbrellas. Repair refused.

From time to time, customers who had previously requested to repair their umbrellas came to pick up their umbrellas, but the owner of the umbrella shop did not repair a single broken umbrella.

"Because I'm too busy."

This is the excuse of the umbrella shop owner every time. The umbrella shop owner has folded the skeleton and opened the hole in the umbrella, and he doesn't even want to look at it anymore.

At some point, the roof of the umbrella shop was completely new, and lace curtains were hung on the windows on the second floor. In addition, in the corner of the room, oil paint and maroon guitars were also lovingly placed.

Despite that, orders for blue umbrellas kept coming.

One day, another customer came to urge to repair the umbrella.

"Ah, is it repairing? Because it's too busy, please wait another two or three days."

The owner of the umbrella shop said without even looking at the customer's face.

Ten days have passed.

The newspaper advertised: On rainy days, please use a pale yellow umbrella. XX general merchandise store. So, what happened? Since that day, the number of custom-made blue umbrellas has decreased.

People scrambled to the umbrella counters of general merchandise stores.

A few days later, this time, all the girls in the town came with pale yellow umbrellas bought at the general merchandise store.

Not a single customer came to the small umbrella shop in the backstreet. Only the owner of the umbrella shop sat blankly in the brand new umbrella shop with signs, roofs and curtains.

On this day, it also rained lightly.

One day, a small customer who was wet in the rain came to the store.


"Hmm - who is it?"

The umbrella shop owner tilted his neck.

"Is my umbrella repaired?"

The owner of the umbrella shop kept looking at the customers. The little girl in sky blue... seems to have seen it somewhere... big eyes, short hair...

"Ah, the little girl from last time!"

The owner of the umbrella shop finally remembered. However, he couldn't think of when the kid handed him the umbrella.

"The skeleton of the umbrella last time was broken. I came to beg you a long time ago."

The girl said.

The owner of the umbrella shop hurriedly searched the workplace. Then, he found the last blue umbrella, with its skeleton folded, thrown in the corner.

The girl's eyes showed a very sad look.


The umbrella shop owner said.

"Can it be repaired tomorrow?"

"Ah, definitely. Take it to you tomorrow morning, go there."

The umbrella shop owner has an appointment with the girl.

That night, the owner of the umbrella shop carefully repaired the girl's broken umbrella. Thinking of it, it was the first umbrella he made sincerely.

Since then, how many umbrellas have I made without thinking about anything... So, how did ordinary blue umbrellas that didn't want the color of the sea or the color of the sky fill the town? The owner of the umbrella shop was a little creepy.

The next morning, the owner of the umbrella shop walked out of the store with the umbrella.

After a while, around the corner, I saw the girl's light blue dress.

The owner of the umbrella shop ran away in the rain.

However, when I looked closer, there was no one at the fence.

What I mistook for blue clothes were flowers. At the low fence around the corner, I don't know when, there was a hydrangea, blooming like sky blue, drenched in the rain.

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