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CH5: New day New friends

By Dumbbruce_vocalPublished 17 days ago 5 min read

Ezora goes outside to the front of the head quarters and sits down by a tree and tries to clear his head about what happened. He always felt like he was always caught in Corban drama and each time he was the one to get him out but, at the same time when Aurora was gone Corban took care of him. “Why do you have to do like shit this.” He looks up a the sky.

“Hey you….Blind kid.” Ezora looks up and in the direction he heard that from. “Whose that?” The guy laughs and walks to towards the tree and sits on the other side of it. “Guessing your brother pissed you off. I can understand that, my brother used to piss me off when we were younger but, he had to be the smartest motherfucker I know. Works for the Majesty’s finance department.

“Uhh what does that have to do with me.”

“Oh sorry about that I get carried away sometimes. I’m Carnegie and by direction I’m going to be your mentor.”

“I don’t need to need a babysitter.”

“Don’t think of it as me being a babysitter think of as a helper for your time here I’ll be taking you out on expedition, we’ll train together, and if you need anything I’m your guy.”

Ezora nods his head “Thank you but, what about my brother.”

“Mr. Cleaus has better plans for him but what they are I don’t know.”

Ezora sighs and stands up and wipes the dirt off of his pants and Carnegie does the same “Get some sleep and meet me downstairs early it’s a planning day so, we’ll be going over your first assignment.”

“Ok will do” Ezora reaches out his hand to shake Carnegie’s hand. Carnegie smirks and shakes his hand before letting go and going there separate ways for the night. Ezora goes back to his room and see Corban asleep before removing his jacket and laying in the other open bed before getting settled before knocking out for the night.


The next morning Corban wakes up to Ezora gone, but doesn’t bother to question it before getting up and putting his top on and walks out the room but, is quickly greeted by Carnegie. “Hey kid.”

Corban stops and turns his head to Carnegie. “Morning….Sir.”

“Your going to mess duty. Hurry up.”

Corban bites his tongue before walking off mumbling under his breath.

“One last thing. You might think your some big shot but, your not. Once you learn that life we’ll be a lot better but, until then life as gonna be as hard as you make it.”

Corban stops to listen before going back to mumbling as he walks to the galley.Once Corban makes it to the galley one of the cooks notices him and pulls him in the kitchen and throws him a smock and gloves.

Listen, all your going to do is wash dishes I don’t wanna hear any back talk from you.

Corban nod his head and goes and starts washing dishes. He thinks to himself about the argument him and Ezora had. Ironically Corban doesn’t like arguing he just doesn’t like being push around. Growing up didn’t he live with Ezora or Aurora until he was 9 so, for the first 8 years he was at an all boys home where he fended for himself. He doesn’t like talking about his past a lot cause a lot of things he experienced at the boys home were unorthydox to say the least. He takes a deep breath and keeps washing dishes the last thing he needs is someone else someone yelling.

The rest of the day Corban stayed quiet and does what he’s told for once. After he’s done he gets a tap on his shoulder he gets a tap on his shoulder from the Cook that assigned him to washing dishes earlier “Hey your needed in the training hall you can cut loose”.

Corban nods his head and takes his smock off and hangs it up before heading to the training hall. Once inside he is speechless, it’s not a small training hall like the one they had back home they have marksman ranges, a dojo, dummies, and huge obstacle course. As he looks around to see what he’s going to do someone calls his name.

“Corban over here.”

Corban turns his head and see it was the girl from yesterday. He waves over to her before she walks over to him.

“You calm down yet?”

Corban smirks. “Still pissed but, yeah. I was told I had to come over hear.”

“Your welcome.”

“What do you mean? Your welcome.”

The girl looks down and taps her fingers together “I saw you earlier washing dishes so, once I was done doing my duties I called and said Mr. Cleaus needed. If you want you could go back and comeback later.”

Corban shakes his head “Nah I rather be here.”

The girl looks up and smiles. “Great what do you wanna do first?”

“The range”. He says without any hesitation.

“With what gun.”

“With this one.” He reaches for his lower back and notices he lost his gun Cleaus bought for him. “Fuck. Where did it go.” He frantically starts searching himself for it.

The girl starts to laugh and pulls it from her waist band. “Your friend came by and told me hold on to it since you kept rolling over it in your sleep and he didn’t want you to ruin it before you used it.” She hands it over to him before he gently takes.

He inspects the gun before pausing. “Wait what friend? I don’t know anyone here.”

“Wait the guy you came hear; with he’s not your friend?”

“Oh… I see what’s going on. He’s actually my brother we’re both adopted so that’s why we don’t look alike.”

“Oh ok sorry.”

“No need to apoligize we get that a lot. By the way I never got your name.”

The girl slides her pointer and middle finger across her forehead before placing it on her shoulder “ I’m Malakenz of Calim.”

Corban tilts his head at her gesture. “What was that?”

“You mean the salute. You do that when your greeting someone or a high rank is the room. Now stop stalling lets see if you can shoot.”

Corban smiles and he walks over to the gun range with Malakenz following behind him. Once they get to the range Corban load his pistol before getting in postion.

“You ready?” Malakenz ask.

Corban nods his head before Malakenz pulls a letter and straw targets come up. Once that happens Corban takes a deep breath and pulls the trigger.

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