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Which Anime World You Would Write About?

By LynnMaree Published about a month ago 6 min read
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Suigetsu and I was fighting over the remote when our dad walked in smiling. Suigetsu has been away for quite a while and now he’s back. Aaliyah of course was happy too even though she doesn’t quite show it, but we were happy that Suigetsu came back. Our dad, Kakashi, set us down after me and Suigetsu fought. We were having dinner together like we did when we were young. Our dad was no doubt strong, he one of the best ninjas out there, I guess they doesn’t call him the copy Ninja for nothing. However only Suigetsu is a ninja, our dad wanted Aaliyah and I to stay clear of that, so he moved us in the city when we were only 3 years old, while Suigetsu was 9.

Aaliyah started to date this guy named Geno. Geno….is Geno. He’s listed as one of the best superheroes out there and have a strong protective love for Aaliyah. I mean I could see them getting married one day, but having kids is another thing because what if that kid come out as half human and half robot, but anyway, I think they’ll make a perfect couple, he’s cool and nice unlike our neighbors. Shu, Shikadai, and Shikadai, talk about stuck up and arrogant. Shu isn’t bad, matter of fact he’s pretty kind, and hot, but he seems a bit aloof at times, but he’s NOTHING compared to Shikadai and Shikadai, the twins. Shikadai is arrogant and very condescending and also my boyfriend, and Shikadai is sarcastic and brutally honest. Shikadai, Shikadai and I grew up together, they were nice then but as we got older, they became distanced, they would always make fun of me. Then we have Bakugo, Ichigo and Killua I swear they should have their own tv show but they our friends including Ayato, Inojin, and Inuyasha, Boruto and Light.

I was laying down listening to light jazz when I heard a loud bang outside. I was the only one home, Aaliyah and Geno was out of town, and Suigetsu had a secret mission to go on, and dad well was celebrating his month anniversary with Shizune in the Valley. I decided to go outside and checked out zwhere the noise came from. I slowly slide my slippers on and walked outside, but nothing was outside, so I walked back in and turned around and saw him sitting on the sofa, bleeding profusely. “Shikadai! I screamed. What in the world are you doing here, why are you bleeding?” Before he can reply, he passes out on the couch. I hurriedly went to grab the first aid kit, I wrapped his wounds up gently, cover him up and let him sleep until the next day. I watched him sleep so soundly and peaceful. I must say, he sure is sexy and handsome, I see why the girls back at the university goes crazy over him, probably why I still have a crush on him. However, he’s so distant. I shook my head and laid on the sofa as I drift off to sleep.

The next day, I woke up slowly and saw Shikadai still lying there, but he was watching tv. I looked over to the side and found breakfast next to me. “Um, Dai. Hi. Uh. Did you buy breakfast?” Shikadai smiled to himself without me noticing, and bluntly said, No. I cooked. Shocked, I quickly text Aaliyah.

Lynn: Something is going on!

Aaliyah: What’s going on, Lynn

Lynn: I heard a bang outside, so I went to check, nobody outside, just when I turned around, Shikadai is laying there bleeding, so I wrapped his wounds, he falls asleep, now this morning he cooked breakfast. He’s up to something. I just know it.

Aaliyah: Oh, come on, Shikadai and you have known each other since we were in diapers, I seriously doubt he’s up to something. Besides he is your boyfriend. Btw, Geno and I are engaged.

Lynn: Well yes he is my boyfriend, but sometimes it doesn’t even feel like we are, but anyways congratulations. I miss you sis.

I slowly ate breakfast that he cooked, and once I finished, I decided to ask about that noise and his injuries. “Can you tell me, what happened to you, and what was that noise, and why would you come here?” Shikadai, blankly stared at me, and then he sighed a bit. Isn’t it obvious? He said staring at me. I blushed because his stare obviously made me blush, but at the same it annoyed me. “What’s obvious? Shikadai closed his eyes and coldly said, You’re hopeless. Even when we were kids, you were hopeless. At this point I was annoyed and it’s a reason why I didn’t want to date him. “OMG, Shikadai, can you for once not talk about me, I know it’s probably in your DNA to do and say these things but it’s annoying” I said annoyed. Shocking him and me. Shikadai paused for a bit. I-I need your help, Lynn. I was investigating the celestial unknowns; they are group of celestial beings with immense powers and that bang noise was me and one of those beings fighting. I was unfortunately overpowered. I know you’re the best researcher I know, and I also know how much you love researching and writing about this sort of thing so, help me? “Well alright then, I guess I can help you out, since I am the best at these kinds of things.” As I grabbed a big bag of potato chips. Shikadai smiled closing his eyes, thinking to himself, “I love you, Lynn. God, I love you. I know I’ve been a jerk to you, but I promise I am not doing it on purpose-well maybe I am, but I promise I’ll protect you. He finally came out of his thoughts, and I looked at him, well looks like you are in luck, I’ve been researching these ancient ruins just north of here in the city, it was recently discovered by some kids until they suddenly went missing. The ruins are now locked down and under surveillance but because I am who I am, I have access to it. Shikadai wrapped his arms around me from behind, rested his head on top of my shoulders slowly kissing my cheek, my body flinched unknowingly but quickly got use to his warmth. “I knew you I could depend on you, babe.” I said good. As I smiled. I was just about to go to lord 7th so I can go check it out. Most likely he’ll make Uncle Sasuke tag alone. Shikadai narrowed his eyes and said, “you’re not going.” I looked at him shockingly. Why not? This is my job Shikadai, I am an exploration ninja. I do these missions all the time, Suki. Shikadai said, “Don’t you think I know that. You’re strong, intelligent, and you are important.” Exact, I said before being cut off; He leaned over to kiss me. “You are important to me. I know full well what you do as a ninja and a writer, but you are exploring these ruins, I cannot let you go. Protecting you, us. Is my duty Lynn. Those Celestial Unknowns have immense power, and they can hurt you and I think they are linked to Kara. Which means you’re in more danger cause of that mark that was left on you when you defeated one of the members from Otsutsuki clan the same one as Boroto. I slumped down, tearing up slowly, as my eyes burned. Shikadai lifted my chin and wiped my eyes with right hand, then he gently kissed me. “I know you’re strong and I also know that if you fight these guys, you’ll be exactly what they want, and I for one isn’t about to let my baby my girlfriend go.” He said as he smiled. I rolled my eyes, I guess I have no choice but to aid you from here. I said smiling back. He gently kissed me again. That’s my girl. I slightly blushed. Shikadai quickly my forehead.

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