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An afternoon story

The afternoon is a very precious moment for me. When I come here, I close my eyes and use my sensory ear to feel someone's footsteps.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
an afternoon story

an afternoon story

- - What's up! are you still there

- - You know. Favourite habits remain the same over time.

--- That means you come here every day. Is that right?

- - Yes!

--- There are also many benches in the park. But why are you just sitting on this bench?

--- The afternoon is a very precious moment for me. When I come here, I close my eyes and use my sensory ear to feel someone's footsteps. This place in the park is a bit out of the way. isn't it?

--- Um. That's why I ask why are you sitting in a secluded place with so many benches? You don't like being in a crowd?

--- I like being alone. I'm used to it. Except you don't look, but no one is here to talk to me. But I never felt a little disturbed or alone.

--- Honestly, nice to talk to you. Nice to hear from you. Then why do you always look serious? You will love to laugh and talk.

--- Do you have to catch all the smiles in people's eyes? Do you have to match that painful evidence with tears?

The arrow of laughter can even flow in the heart. Tears may flow.

Does visibility matter?

- - Wow! I see you speak like a poet. do you write poetry?

--- Once upon a time, I would use the magic of words to fill every page with the words of my heart. But now everything seems to be random.

- - why? what can I say?


--- Let's have a cup of coffee!

- Um. good. Let's walk around and listen to you.

--- You have to say that you are very patient.

- - why?

--- Hey, you sit with me and listen to my small talk.

- - Oh no. I'm glad to hear from you. I feel better this afternoon.

--- You know we can't always hold onto what we like, what we love. Slowly, we live within the confines of loneliness.

--- Your words are mysterious.

--- We all grew up with a complex puzzle. There, our words are bound by some very simple words. It is our minds that make them mysterious.

- - Well! That's exactly what he said.

--- Let's have coffee.

- - Oh! OK, let's go.

after a while .....

--- But I'm in love with your words. You speak well.

---Stay with me for a while and you will fall in love with me. Honestly, when someone starts to feel good, it automatically creates a place for him in the heart of love. Just waiting for some feeling and looking forward to the right time.

---Suddenly discovered things can easily be lost without ahead. do you know?

--- If there are doubts before receiving, then why does the heart become restless for fear of losing it?

What is the need to make someone your right now?

--- Is there any guarantee that he can spend the rest of his life by his side? You can stay with that person as long as you are alive. Love is like your own. Can't faith be placed in two hands and all sorrows and troubles disappear?

--- What does it mean to have love in a whimsical mind? Every moment the door to breathe is closed.

--- Well, if I say I'm in love with you, will you give it back to me?

- - It's getting late. I have to go home. The sky is covered with dark clouds. It could rain at any time. Let's go.

--- but you're avoiding the word. You do not dare to answer face to face. So want to leave.

--- The time is very incongruous now. It's better to lock the problem in the frame.

--- The more mysterious you are, the more eggs you have.

--- Sometimes it's not a big injustice to hide an entity that's hidden inside of you.

It is impossible to stay. I have to go this time. goodbye.

- Uh...don't say goodbye. The time to say goodbye is very painful. And waiting is eternal. If he wanted, he'd come over and grab it in his hand.

Well, when will we meet again?

--- Maybe tomorrow or the day after, maybe one day.

--- but I will wait. will you come?

---I can't speak. However, habits cannot be easily changed.

It's fine

--- you'll be fine too

and take care of yourself.


Short Story

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Nikhil Bhowmik

HI, I am Nikhil Bhowmik.I passed Master Degree in Mathematics.I also passed Master in Library and Information Science.I write blog, articles and courses in my personal website. I also write articles to medium,Hub-pages and Facebook.

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