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Then a perfection of love.

Tears rolled in his eyes. In the first stage, my brother grabbed Appa's hand and pushed him excitedly. This is the danger.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Then a perfection of love.

Then a perfection of love.

When my sister was in class 12, one of her classmates used to follow her. However, the boy is studying art and Apa is studying science, the English version. That's why she used to be so afraid of you that she often wrote me letters and gifts for you. So, I used to love that brother very much. How much money does the poor waste? Write again in blood.

One day he said sadly, it depends on the situation. Your sister still doesn't love me. It shouldn't happen. I said, how are you so sure?

After hearing this, I thought to myself... This time, things can no longer be concealed. This time I'm telling you everything out of fear. The next day, he went to college, grabbed the boy and insulted him. Tears rolled in his eyes. In the first stage, my brother grabbed Appa's hand and pushed him excitedly. This is the danger.

My father was in the military, so he was angry.

The next day, my father came to the university with us. Do justice to the principal. Please note that our university is run by the military. Mr Principal is also an Army officer. So, he was also provoked by his father's words. He shot girls on campus. After a while, Wayal's father came. He also appeared in the army. His duties are nearby. This time, the father looked at his kind and became softer. The uncle made a lot of demands on the father, he said, I will punish my son for disrespect, but TC didn't get too much. Later, my father agreed.

Then the younger brother was taken out of the class as agreed. Appa was already in the principal's room with his father. Brother is here, standing a little away from the top, bowing his head and crying and apologizing. I saw my father only glanced at his brother.

But there was no anger in those eyes. This thing seems strange to me.

Anyway, this time uncle refers to my brother's father who said to my father that my brother invited you to come to our house today. You are a big-minded person. If anyone else, he would feed TC to my Beddap son. You must come tonight, brother.

He lives in the barracks. the address is given.

Because of his insistence, the father decided to go at night. The son's fault, the father is a good man. Again someone from the same industry.

Dad went tonight. He returned long after Isa had prayed. He began to praise. Alas, praise...

So many items or cooked. What a beautiful and neat house. The boy's mother is also an amazing person. They only have one child.

The father began to tell the mother that Lugia understood that the child was not bad. Parents are like angels. Could it be a worse much he gave me? A handsome guy likes a prince. Be humble and humble.

Mom looked at him with angry eyes. Well, I invite them 1 time. After all, they make me happy.

Mom agreed.

Next Friday night, my brother's parents came to our house.

Uncle said I have left the bastard.

The aunt said sadly, how much do I know, to bring the boy home, and Ratti did nothing.

Dad was very sad this time. He said he would bring it. Poor little man. He made a mistake at 1 o'clock.

In this way, however, a layer of friendship developed between the two families.

We went with my family on my brother's birthday. Brother, I saw that he didn't even look at me.

That's how the day started.

Appa and I used to go to my brother's house to talk to my auntie. Auntie came too. Brother often helps us in the market.

Then came their HSC exam.

It ends well. The younger brother later got a green card at ISSB.

Also, my father's high jump. I think his son has a chance. He said to you, are you watching? You study art, so you are interested in your science. Do you know how big an officer you will be?

Appa said angrily, when did I think of art? You want to kill him.

Dad doesn't care about Appal.

However, my father also had opportunities in medicine. Later he also went to Dhaka. And, man, he's already training. Uncles and aunts, especially Aunt Rose, used to come to our house every day because it was a nearby house.

We will go too. When the good things are cooked, they are delivered to that house. Dad and uncle started calling each other bad again.

I said to my father, that brother, brother-in-law, have you decided now?

Dad said: "I've already made up my mind about this, the first day I saw the boy, he ran to the back to apologize and tell the truth. The two of them agreed on a lot.

Dad and uncle put together the grandson's name. I'm pressing hard, don't tell me your name. They won't say anything. It's a surprise. I'll see when you put it.

Later, with the consent of the two families, the two got married.

It's as if the parents of young children become parents after a few years.

Father and Uncle 2 Beyai Sahib named the child Mahirul Islam. Nicknamed "Bullet".

While everyone was annoyed by the name Bullet, the irrefutable claim from fathers and uncles was that people who heard the name understood that the Army was the grandparents of the child.

My mother was very angry and said, then keep the machine gun Islamic bullets. As soon as people hear the name, they know that the child's father, grandfather and grandparents are 14 soldiers.


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