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by Victoria Ramos 4 months ago in Adventure
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A Unicorn, a Dragon and a Child

Image By Lilawind From Pixabay

There weren’t always dragons in the Valley. At one time long ago in a faraway Kingdom named Agartha, enchanted mythical creatures known as unicorns lived in the Valley of the Blessed and in the Dark Forest of Naraka. These gracefully being’s roamed everywhere in the Kingdom of Agartha. In particular, a special kindhearted Rainbow Unicorn named Arion. He sadly trotted in the Dark Forest of Naraka away from the Towering Kain Castles. You see, he was the last one of his kind to survive the ongoing war between King Ares and the ruthless Lamia, the Evil Dragon, and god of the underworld.

What had started out as a game of sorts, ended up instead a never-ending curse between rivals. A king who refused to give up his throne. And a dragon that was deeply heartbroken. This in turn led to an ongoing battle of years to come, especially among the two archenemies, which at one time were true friends but now the consistent hate revolved around them with no end. A taste of non-stop bittersweet fills the air in the Kingdom of Agartha as King Ares and Lamia, the Evil Dragon fought day and night, and night, day. In fact, the luminous green Dark Forest of Naraka no longer blooms with pixie fairies, unicorns, griffins, and other legendary creatures.

Maybe, in part, because the rising sun had abandoned the entire Kingdom of Agartha. Perhaps it became depressed with overwhelming grief. Therefore it didn’t want to sing or be happy like before. So, without any warning it never came out again, nor did the angelic gazing moon with the sparklingly stars in the heavens. Suddenly a massive cloud of darkness fell upon the Kingdom of Agartha and the Dark Forest of Naraka as well as, the Valley of the Blessed. Things being what they are, every mythical creature around Agartha began to slowly die. Except for the unicorns. They manage to stay alive as long as possible. Not until one frightful tragic day did Lamia, the Evil Dragon cast out a red ball of sorcery flames into the Dark Forest of Naraka, and a vast killing spree of innocent helpless unicorns perish in the Earth's core.

All hope seemed to be lost then out of the burning ashes, emerged one survivor. It was Arion, the Rainbow Unicorn. He miraculously came back from the dead, reborn with a powerful radiant horn that shimmered crystal fluorescent light beams as it pointed up straight to the skies above the Dark Forest of Naraka. The luminance ray of light shines throughout the entire Dark Forest of Naraka while at the same time, you can hear Arion galloping everywhere in desperation. For he knew too well, that Lamia, the Evil Dragon was nearby. Lamia watched him close as Arion ambled through the Dark Forest of Naraka pressing firmly his gothic black hooves on sacred grounds, to the rivers, the lakes, the Elves' mountains, and finally stopping in front of the Towering Kain Castles.

Eventually, it would be only a matter of time before Arion could get a slight glimpse of the royal child from the balcony, as Arion stood breathing heavily from the excessive galloping. Many long weary hours had passed into the evening. Up to now, Arion felt bad about wanting more than anything to taste freedom. However, the ultimate price for his freedom was to do what Lamia, the Evil Dragon wished. A wish, so evil that Arion was willing to take, even if it meant saving Agartha from the hands of Lamia, the Evil Dragon. Otherwise, Arion could never break the spell Lamia, the Evil Dragon had placed on Agartha.

Arion said, “The prophecy is close at hand. For it is written in the Cave of Life a child of pure heart/soul will be chosen to save Agartha not only from extinction but everything known to mankind.”


About the author

Victoria Ramos

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I write about characters who are problematic but solve their problems as the storylines are developed.

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