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After breaking up with a cheating philandering man, I inherited a billionaire and became his immediate boss

My boyfriend hooked up with his beautiful boss. To my surprise, the reason why he cheated on me was for money. However, he did not let me, the daughter of the chairman, go to the small executive of the cheating company.

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I, the lady of the group has been turned green! Not only that, but I put it on the air, and now a million people watch me catch her.

Afraid of shutting down the studio, I didn't shoot the naked woman on the bed, and my boyfriend was in a bath towel, exposed to the camera, but he didn't seem to notice that I was on the air.

[Emma, what are you doing here?

[You, you listen to me, she, she's my boss, we're just, we're just talking about work...]

He doesn't even believe that, does he?

What kind of work? Sex work?

At this point, the woman in bed calmly sat up, her body fully exposed to me, as if there was no intention to hide.

[Alan, she is your little girl friend ah, don't you say she has a little money? Why wear so shabby? Also floral skirt, ah.]

The woman smiled sarcastically.

I looked down, and the camera was on my dress, and soon eagle-eyed people could see it, and it said: Stigaudin! Annual consumption of $3 million is qualified to buy, a skirt 300 thousand! This is called shabby...? Is this little punk out of his mind?!

Alan, I bought you a house near my office. Please move in tomorrow. Dating such a woman will only lower your price.

I watched Carl smile at the woman like a pug.

I want to break up with her for a long time! Or sister good, later I mixed with sister! Moreover, this woman is a jobless, why have money? Maybe just accompany to come! This bitch secretly sure green me, even won't let me touch!

The woman on the bed smiled that is called a happy, she took out a bank card from the bag, proud Jiao said, [there are three hundred thousand here, when it is with Alan break up fee, also enough for you to consume a few years? Later I don't pester Alan.

Carl's eyes lit up as he stared at the bank card, but I didn't. Three hundred thousand? What does thirty do? Can't do anything. Even so, I still took the past, although the fly is small is meat.

Meanwhile, the public screen of the bullet screen went crazy laughing: Ha ha ha! Although the rich woman sister is not poor money, but... Well done!

See me take the money, the woman laughed more rampant, look at my eyes is also more disdain.

Carl looked at me fiercely, [took the money and still don't roll! What are you looking at? Do you also feel very useless, this life can not enter the group!]

The group? Well, why didn't you notice that the employee position of my father's company is still popular?

[Phoebe, you've taken enough pictures! When do you want to take them?]

The woman said slowly, "Alan, you just let her do it. She doesn't dare send it."

[Oh? When did I say I was taking pictures? I'm on the air, would you like to do some decorating?]

Suddenly, the faces of both men went white.

[Phoebe! You're crazy!!]

Carl ran over and smashed my phone, cutting off the live stream.

Do you have any idea what this will do to your sister's career?

[Emma, right? See you later.]

Carl rushed out and hit me with his hand up, but the next moment, the policeman broke down the door and tackled Carl to the ground with one kick.

[Carl, right? You've been reported for soliciting prostitutes and endangering the safety of others.]

[Comrade policeman! It's a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding!]

If we hadn't arrived in time, that lesbian would have been beaten by you! Calm down!

I pretended to be weak, [whoo, uncle police, you finally come, you come one second later, I would have been killed by him, whoo.]

[Phoebe! Don't be a bitch! You! Ah!]

I went out smiling and called my dad's cell phone, which answered immediately.

[Emma, do you miss your dad?]

Dad, I want to go back to the office.

The person on the other end of the phone suddenly became very excited, "Great! Emma, are you coming back to inherit the family business? Great, you finally figured it out!"

I cough a little, [well, I'll just go back and experience it... I'm fine with the magazine department.]

No! If not, I will give you a major shareholder to sit down and come back to sign the share transfer letter!

Dad, I don't want to. I think I'm still...

[Magazine department, start now!]

My dad was afraid I'd back out, so he agreed immediately. Because these years I have been outside in pursuit of the freedom I want, dead or alive do not go home, every time he heard Zhi is not at this time, on the angry teeth itching.

A few minutes later, my dad called again, his grumpy voice on the line.

Why didn't you tell me? I said this Paul no, no, you will not listen! What college moonlight, is a fart! I tell him to pack up and go now!

[Hey, Dad, no!]

"Oh, 'magazine' department doesn't go to him, does it? Emma, you don't know! What do you want? Dad will introduce it to you tomorrow!"

He laughed at me for not being able to get into the group in my life. I'll report it tomorrow. We'll see about it.

My father was silent for a moment. Who was his boss?


[No wonder she wanted to be promoted to Carl some time ago, because Carl was not qualified, but I wanted to do my baby girl a favor, okay... Emma! No! Grandma, little shit! My Warren's daughter dares to green! Emma, get our youngest shareholder here!

Listening to my dad's furious voice, I was a little numb, thinking he was angry, and I didn't say much.

The next day, I came to the office as planned. As luck would have it, I ran into Carl.

Carl also has two breakfasts in his hand, and, unsurprisingly, one for Emma.

He saw me, the first expression is frowning, "Phoebe, we have broken up! Even if you still love me, there is no need to come to the company to block me?

I smiled. He was pretty damn confident.

With that, Carl walked in, and I followed suit.

Carl looked back and his face changed!

[Phoebe! Look at this! The group is not your place, if you don't leave, I will call the security to kick people out!]

The security guard at the door heard this sentence, immediately will eat melon line of sight back, for fear of offending me this big miss.

I shrugged my shoulders. [Then call someone.]

Carl didn't expect me to say this. He bit his teeth. "Phoebe, you're such a bitch!"

Then he shouted to the security guard outside, "Security! Someone broke into the group!"

The security guards outside suddenly shuddered and tensed up. No one dared to look this way...

Phoebe! You are too shameless, we have broken up, you still follow me, is the break up fee too little? Three hundred thousand, enough for you to go back home to live for decades!

Carl attracted a lot of melon eaters instead of security.

I didn't think Carl would pull this off. I just wanted everyone around me to yell at me, didn't I? Three hundred thousand, gold digger?

If I were this woman, I would just stop, how can I still follow the group?

[Do you know what a fart ah, this man cheating female boss, this girl yesterday went to the scene to catch adultery, the small three on the spot to this man bought a suite, back to this girl three hundred thousand breaking fee. To say money worship, is this man?]

[Oh, yeah? Fuck me. Do you all know?]

[Yeah, yesterday directly on the hot search, many platforms are still pushing, don't understand why such people haven't been fired.]

Carl continued to be aggressive as the wind changed.

[Phoebe is rich? Don't be funny. Although I can spend thousands of dollars every month, it can't compare with... sister.]

The first time I heard begging for food, I was not satisfied with it. You must have been blind before, pretty girl, to be interested in such a man.

Carl thought about going upstairs, but he didn't expect me to follow him.

[Phoebe, you're not the wind! Get off!]

Hearing that I was not an employee of Fengyun, the other people in the elevator all looked in my direction.

I took the magazine out of my pocket and smiled at Carl, [' magazine department chief, Phoebe].

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