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By Tomos JacksonPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

I do not own the rights to the world or ideas expressed in The Final Crusade, a fantasy game set in an African inspired Medieval setting. This is a game as yet unreleased to the general public which I have the privilege to play-test as it is developed.

The world of The Final Crusade


When a deserter Captain from Hygore had come to Revendon on his way to Yonga to seek power and fortune had come to meet with the families of the Stonechaser House, he had received little in the way of support for his ambitions. Finally with little left to lose, he turned to a crippled Elf, one who had lost one of his hands in the war with the Giants, when the Southern portion of Revendon had fallen to them.

This Elf's name was Idris, and having little room for work in Revendon, where the work of a disabled craftsman was in little demand, he decided that he could offer the services of his son, Adeilmar, to the would-be human lord as a way of giving his son experience, and potentially providing a source of income for the family.

Having little choice, the lord took Adeilmar into his service and brought him with him to Yonga, where the young elf spent his time using his scant knowledge to help the human lord to discover weaknesses in the structures of his enemies, helping them establish themselves in the land. With that done, as a means of keeping his end of the bargain, the Lord sent Adeilmar back to Revendon for the twin purpose of furthering his skills as an engineer and providing the first installment of money to Adeilmar's family. Furthermore, standing orders for Adeilmar was to find as many volunteers who were willing to return to Yonga with him to help his liege in his ambition to carve a kingdom for himself.

For Adeilmar's part he was all too keen to learn all he could of engineering which had been a passion for him, as well as opportunity to put it to practical use in service that would help his family. He hopes that he could eventually accumulate enough skill and wealth to eventually carve out his own path and provide for his family's needs without the need for a patron. Perhaps he could serve well enough to earn the right to land to build his own fortress within which he could house his family and practice his skills at his own will?

Amongst his fellow soldiers, most of whom were human, Adeilmar is rather less comfortable. They were an odd mix to his mind, often younger than him, yet seemingly more experienced and mature. Rugged and barbaric by elven standards yet also dutiful and loyal in their service, often to elven eyes, to a fault. This leads to Adeilmar being somewhat conflicted in his assessment of his fellow soldiers leading to him keeping his distance and being somewhat estranged from most of his companions.

Family and acquaintances:

Idris: A former engineer in the Revendon military who had been severly crippled in the war against the giants, Idris now struggles to make ends meet as a crafter in Revendon until the human Lord offers his son a chance to make things easier for the family.

He is a melancholy type rarely seen with much outward emotion except when expressing his deep hatred for giants whom he blames for ruining his life and that of his family as well as his career. Feeling keenly what he considers as a failure to his family for not being able to provide as he feels he should he nonetheless persists doggedly to do his best, driving himself hard to keep a roof over the head of his wife and daughter.

Guinevere: Adeilmar's younger sister, is an eager young elf who has a deep fascination with magic and its secrets. She hopes one day to join the Magic Academy, but her families poor fortunes have so far stymied that hope. Her frustrations often lead her to take it out on others, getting her into trouble with her peers and elders alike which adds to the stress of the family. However, her fiery spirit and bright attitude often serve to liven the household in contrast to the silent nature of both of her parents.

Guinevere tries to be of help around the house, even attempting learning to sew with her mother, but she simply cannot contain herself enough to be consistent with her duties. She is both the joy and strife of the household.

Morwenna: The wife of Idris and mother of Adeilmar, Morwenna is a hard working keeping the house in order and using her not inconsiderable skill at herbal remedies and medicine to provide that little bit more income to keep the household afloat. However the balancing act between her family, the house and work leave her often strained which can lead to friction between herself and her wayward daughter Guinevere. Nonetheless she dearly loves both her children and this combination leads to a seesaw effect of fierce fights and affectionate reconciliation and fun with her son and daughter.

Osgar Osmundsson: A soldier from Hylanda long in the service of Cenric, he was still relatively young, if more experienced in war that Adeilmar, he was still the newest recruit before Adeilmar and the two had bonded well, often being assigned on the same missions of scouting out enemy positions for Adeilmar to ascertain, serving as Adeilmar's bodyguard in such missions. Many times they had been forced to fight their way out of scrapes barely making it out alive in some circumstances.

He was the quintessential soldier, fiercely loyal to Cenric like many who had served with him long, respecting their captains courage, tactical acumen and ambition. He follows orders without question, fully trusting in his captain's designs and motives to a degree that Adeilmar had found concerning at times. However, the two remained firm friends and trusted companions despite Adeilmar's somewhat cooler opinion of his human captain and sometimes unintentionally stuck up attitude towards his human peers.

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Tomos Jackson

I love how inspiring stories and character can be. I try and replicate that in my own writing to not only give inspiration, but also to encourage the reader to consider important matters through a more enjoyable and digestible fantasy lens.

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