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Leonardo Talentosa

TFC character creation

By Tomos JacksonPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Leonardo Talentosa

This is a character for the upcoming game called the Final Crusade, a world based in an African/medieval fantasy setting. I do not own the game.


On the surface, Leonardo Talentosa is what you might expect from an entertainer on the road. Fun loving and excitable, always looking for the next distraction or good time when he isn't out looking for an adventure to add to his growing repertoire of tales and stories with which he enamors his audiences

To aid his art he seeks knowledge of historical figures of past times in order to embellish them in record and spread that knowledge with his music and song.

What is less known about him is that although he wears the skin of another man, his soul is that of a warrior from an older time. Then called Askari, Leonardo had been a man of renown in his town, his family well respected by both peasants and lords alike.

When one day a cult group succeeded in drawing into the world a demon by the name of Giza into the region, and began terrorizing Askari had taken to the field and a contest between Askari strove hard to thwart Giza of all his designs.

Giza frustrated by this puny warrior delaying him summoned two of his lieutenants, lesser demons who had taken the names Ghiliba and Muuaji, to deal with the pest. Very pleased to be entrusted with such an auspicious task the two immediately set to work for their task, knowing that they wanted not only to defeat Askari, but in such a way as to break his spirit also.

They began with small scale assaults on the lands owned by Askari draining the estate of its garrison with every assault. Finally Muuaji himself appeared to terrorize the nearby peasantry, drawing out Askari into battle himself, leaving his family barely guarded in his home.

In the midst of the fighting Askari and Muuaji dueled long and hard until finally Askari was able by underhanded means to trick Muuaji into striking hard at him dodging, causing him to lodge his weapon deep into a nearby rock where it became stuck so that none could withdraw it. Quickly overcoming the demon Muuaji laughed at the warrior standing over him, telling him that this had all been a trick, Ghiliba was even now with his family in his home.

Horrified Askari rushed back terror and fear gripping him all the way, finally making it back to the house in the darkness. No lamps were lit but the voice of Ghiliba taunted him from within and the calls of his family echoed alongside. Throwing himself into the fray though he could barely see he saw figures tall and threatening with claws and without hesitation he slew all before him, hearing their keening screams in his ears of horror fear and confusion. When all was done he looked about, and the demon illuminated the room, which revealed that the ones Askari had just slain had been his own family, his wife and children torn apart by his blade. Seeing this despair filled Askari and dropping his blade falling to his knees.

Ghiliba allowed him to wallow a short while before slaying Askari. The rest is darkness as Askari is tortured in Hell by his tormentors for centuries without end, they tore from his courage, every vestige of his pride, mocking him with the faces of his loved ones, tearing not only every part of his soul, but mind also breaking the man who had once defied them.

Now, finally free from their grasp, Askari hides as Leonardo Talentosa, driving all such thoughts deep within himself buried beneath layers of his new life, a story he has weaved in his head so tightly he really believes it himself. Now he is a carefree entertainers of tales and an adventurer distantly aware that he cannot afford to stop lest the shadow he does not completely understand catches up to him.

Perhaps if Leonardo stays moving, stays happy, lives, and moves fast, he might outrun the shadow indefinitely? Maybe.


  1. Loves adventure, staying on the move.
  2. Deathly afraid of the demonic, in sharp contrast to his usual fearless nature
  3. Enjoys the making of, the listening to and the telling of tales of heroes.

    Songs and Tales:

    Marching song:

    Come cheer up me lads 'tis to glory we steer

    To add something new to this wonderful year

    So raise up your gear and say quiet to fear

For who are so true as you fine fellows here

Light the fires let them stoke

Fell your foes with one stroke

We always are ready: Steady, boys, steady! - Starts descending

Through strife we will conquer again and again.

When we see our foes, we wish them to stay

But when they see us they will wish us away

If they run we pursue, and catch them for

If they won't fight us we can do no more

Light the fires let them stoke

Fell your foes with one stroke

We always are ready: Steady, boys, steady! - Starts descending

Through strife we will conquer again and again.


Now my people, a question comes to me over many an hour, and that is; how can man transcend his mortal mundane existence? As our days wax and wane over the course of our lives there come to our minds at times states of stagnation, dark places where we find ourselves when the mundane tasks of our lives feel hollow. How then in this state do we draw from within ourselves that fire which lights our day and makes for us this mortal coil span as a long storied moment, well lived and loved, devoid of regret.

It seems to me that such is when the mind is called upon to take task and, through mixed experience and tales of old draw from within us desires with which we can carve for ourselves whole nations, lands of beauty and bliss clashing with towers of darkness in brilliant displays of valour and glory, and in so doing we can if but for a moment, live those lives that fulfil those deeds which we envy in hour sunlit hours.

Allow me then, my friends, by my words, to transport us all as one, in company to one such land. Forgive of course the crude nature of the implements with which to craft this scene for you, blades of wood, four tavern walls overly familiar, words instead of deeds, but in this mayhap, we have advantage, for I now call upon you to open that minds eye which shall transform these walls to castles, this stage to the raucus fields of war and my words into mighty warriors and beasts most foul. With this being said allow me to introduce you to this, my tale...

O'er distant lands of verdant green we traverse rolling hills and dark forests to encounter escapered upon a tall cliff overlooking the ocean below a mighty fortress of stone with high turrets manned by brave men. Such strength and valour are displayed within the bounds the very rock of which the fortress is made that it strikes its viewers with a sense impregnability.

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Tomos Jackson

I love how inspiring stories and character can be. I try and replicate that in my own writing to not only give inspiration, but also to encourage the reader to consider important matters through a more enjoyable and digestible fantasy lens.

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  • Test3 months ago

    Loved it! keep up the good work!

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