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A Party to Die For.

A Vampire Story

By Vara RainePublished 28 days ago Updated 27 days ago 7 min read


The Vampire Story, a series of short stories of a young woman who is the direct descendant of Luceda Louis who was turned into a vampire by her lover Lord Ademis Bouquet in the 1900s. When she is killed by a vampire hunter, Ademis is beyond inconsolable, until he realizes he can bring Luceda back through one of her female lineal descendants. When Ademis finds Luce and turns her, she remembers the past life of Luceda through dreams within her transformation.

This story in the series introduces Luce Louis and creates the setting for Luce's transition into a vampire.


As any typical girl I just wanted to have fun. I was done with all my exams for my 1st year at St. Augustine College and summer was right around the corner so when I saw a flier for this summer soiree I thought this would be the perfect start to my summer vacation.

The best person to take to this party is Marin. Not only is he the only one I know, he has been my best friend since 2nd grade. I got some glue stuck in my hair and when everyone laughed he helped me get it out. So we always say we are stuck to each other like glue. Plus he is always my designated driver since he doesn't partake of the party refreshments of the spirited kind.

Marin really didn't want to go, he said he would rather stay in and watch old time movies, but I begged until he had no other choice but to say yes.

It was about 10 pm and the doorbell rang. I tried to curb my enthusiasm but instead I ran down the stairs in excitement and at the moment of opening the door I answered with a calm head.

Hello, is this my best friend?

"Who else would it be, that you'd drag to a miserable night of partying with pitiful drunken souls."Marin walks in with an attitude, but clearly he put some thought into this night because the man came dressed to impress. He put on his best white button up shirt, with semi baggy patch jean shorts, and white Giovanni low tops.

Well for someone who didn't want to go you sure do look spiffy. I let out a chuckle and rolled my eyes.

"You know I'm only dressed for you." He gives back a little chuckle and rolls his eyes. Of course because great minds think alike I was in a short white lace Chantilly dress and white pumps that should fit the occasion.

When we get to the party it definitely hits the summer vibes. Tiki torches light up the path to the door leading to this huge foyer. Marin and I gasp as we enter the door. Music roars through the room and everyone from our little town seems to be here, which means we need to watch what we do or say.. Marin and I continue to make our way through the house stopping through the kitchen for some refreshments.

Marin looks around the kitchen at the ice barrels filled with those tiny liquor bottles, wine coolers and soda pop. Next to the barrels is a table with snacks and sandwiches. Marin grabs a soda and sandwich wrapped in brown paper holding them up to show me. "You want"

I'll just have a wine cooler to start

As I lift one out for myself Marin takes a deep sigh and shakes his head, turning his attention to the back door with the pool. "Look over here Luce, they seem to be enjoying themselves."

We moved out to the backyard to see a majestic outdoor pool area with plants adorned throughout. I felt as if I was lost in a lagoon but off to the side was a pool house not much smaller than the main house. Everywhere I laid my eyes it was paradise, the only thing that's a little weird is everyone was making out like they are trying to win first prize in a kissing contest.

Just when I thought to ask Marin if he wanted to go back in the house, some tart with long black hair, sharp eyes, and thin red lips in a leopard bikini asked Marin if he wanted to take a swim. He tried to nod her off but half way through shaking his head no she says; "I think you and my brother wear the same size." Taking him by the arm she pulls him towards the pool house. Marin looks over to me with a nervous expression wording out "HELP"

Five minutes pass by and the pool house doors slam open, A black leather jacket on top of gray fitted jeans and a white tee-shirt with holes poking out storms out the door. His piercing hazel eyes, a slender nose, thin lips and dark face features offset his pale skin that somehow looked iridescent under the moonlight. I am both intrigued and scared of him. He seems intense as I can see his emotions brewing while his chest rapidly moves in and out. I remember Marin went in there so I had to brave up and walk over there. I stand in front of him but his stance is so animal like I back up like a child about to get scolded.

Um hi, my friend just went in there, did you see him? He's wearing a white button shirt.

He stands there staring at me without making a sound. At this moment my whole body is telling me to run but my legs are stiff and one step feels like an eternity to move. He looks me up and down in such a way that sends shivers down my spine. "Yeah, he's in there with my sister, they may be in there for a little while."

He moves to the kitchen and I find myself toddling along. He notices from the corner of his eyes and breathes deep. Standing next to the coolers he pulls out a tiny bottle and swallows the drink in one.

I look him in the face to try to get a read on him and I feel apprehensive. This guy is definitely dangerous but it's something about him that makes me want to get to know him. "You don't have to be scared to talk to me." He grabs my hand and gently pulls me in closer to softly whisper. "I won't bite hard." I can't help but to take a deep breath in as I notice the sweet scent coming off him. "By the way my name is Ademis and my sister's is Eva". He searches my face as if I'm forgetting something. "Don't worry I'm sure Marin is having a good time thanks to my sis."

The fact that I am so nervous right now makes me take a bottle and guzzle the full thing down, squealing at the burning sensation pouring down my throat and finally I muster up a question.

So how come I've never seen you guys before. I've been in St. Augustine my whole life.

Ademis looked at me and my eyes locked in on him. His partial grin in one corner of his mouth as he talks feels quite familiar but I'm sure this is the first time we have met. Distracted by his lips I can't focus on what he is saying.

I'm sorry, how long have you been here?

"Like I said, we've been visiting for about two weeks now. We normally just travel around searching for a place to settle until we're bored and then we move on."

The music seemed to get more intense and people were moving all around me like shadows dancing in the night. This must have been one hell of a drink because I feel lightheaded. For a moment the dimly lit room started to fade to black. Ademis catches me with one hand and pulls me closer to him. I can't shake this feeling that is holding me. Fear mixed in with a little euphoria. Ademis leans in a little closer and the smell is intoxicating. "You want to go somewhere quieter."

Ademis takes me through a hallway into a darker room, he gently leads me to a chair in the corner and just stands there looking at me. It feels hazy as I try to stand back up but I fall down instantly. Ademis leans over me with his hands on each arm rest.

Uh um, did you put something in the drinks?

"'I wouldn't do something like that." He pushes himself off the chair and stands in front of me, his face now vexed and I feel like I'm being scolded again. "Luceda I know you must be scared but don't be. Deep down you know me." I trace the lines in his face and there is not a hint of familiarity.

I have never seen you before, and who's Luceda?

I now fill the fullness of whatever has me hexed and I cannot move an inch.

Ademis, please let me go.

I tried to move once more but it was like he had some kind of hold on me. Ademis grabs me around my neck and pulls me up close to him, I knew this was it and I couldn't call for help. He starts to softly kiss my neck, and each touch my body feels more docile. A hot a piercing sensation sinks slowly into the skin of my neck my body gives in.

‘Wait, did he just bite me, yes he's biting me.'

Panic overwhelmed all of my senses as I am fully aware of what's going on but the further in he went the more limp my body became, and then he stopped. "Luceda I'm sorry but it's the only way. " He takes his wrist to my mouth and bites down, dripping his blood onto my lips. "I promise, you will come to understand." It was almost automatic, I tucked my mouth in and licked it clean off. I opened my mouth for more and the blood dripped down my throat entering into my body like hot lava burning down through me.

I was now alone. I thought about all the people in my life and they were starting to fade. My eyes are closing though I desperately try to keep them open and it was at this moment I heard Marin's voice cry out. "Luce" he ran to me frantically with blood dripping from his hands. He whimpers softly "they got to you" I see one last tear run down his face and then my eyes close.

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