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A Night as Black as Diamonds.

Jewel thieves

By Meela WardPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A Night as Black as Diamonds.
Photo by Viktor Mindt on Unsplash

“Don’t patronize me.” Clickbait glared at Snapshot. “All I said was we make a pretty good team.” Snapshot held his hands up innocently. Clickbait rolled his eyes. He was trying to focus on the wires in the breaker box. Clickbait was a master of technology. “Pop goes the weasel.” Clickbait sang as he finished hacking the system. The lights were out and the defenses were disabled. “Okay we have twenty minutes to get in and get out before their systems come back online.” Clickbait explained to Snapshot . Snapshot nodded. He was the master of stealth. He slipped through the vent and into the corridor. Clickbait sent him a digital map. Two lefts and a right. Third door on the right. Clickbait had the door unlocked by the time Snapshot came to it. Inside was a vault. Snapshot listened as the gears clicked. Inside the vault was the rare black diamond. It was the size of a golf ball. Big Bucks would pay them handsomely. Snapshot grabbed it without thinking. The alarms went off. Snapshot tried the door but the system locked it. The vent was his only escape. He found Clickbait and together they hightailed it out of there.


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Meela Ward

A crazy dragon nerd, and a huge fantasy geek with quite the imagination. She has a big passion for writing and animating.

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  • Nobody4 months ago

    Strange, but good

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