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A lifetime of companionship

by Flender 2 months ago in Short Story
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She is an elf waiting in front of the Buddha.

She was an elf waiting in front of the Buddha. One day when she was looking at the world in the mirror, she saw a man, dressed in a dark blue robe, standing calmly in the street market, lonely and arrogant. The elf was immediately moved. She pointed to the man and said to the Buddha, Buddha, can you grant me a wish? The Buddha smiled, looked at the flower in his hand, and said to her, what do you want? The elf said, I am going to accompany that man.

  The Buddha still smiled. He asked the elf, do you know what companionship is? The elf was a little puzzled. The Buddha went on to say that companionship is to integrate your life into that person's life forever. The elf seemed to understand a little. However, the Buddha said, you are an elf, he is a human, he only has 100 years of life, but you are immortal. The elf was a little flustered and asked the Buddha, how can I have the same life as him? The Buddha said that if you want to become a human, you have to experience the red dust.

  The elf said, then, you put me in the red dust. The Buddha said that the red dust is bitter. The elf said, but the red dust has him.

  Buddha said, the red dust is the sea, you will not water *** said, I will climb my own beliefs.

  The Buddha knew the determination of the elf, so he said to her, the world is bitter, I can give you three things, one is beauty, one is wealth, and one is wisdom. You can only choose one of the three. For the first time, what do you want? The elf looked at the mirror and said, I want to be beautiful. The Buddha waved his sleeves and said to the elf, you go.

  The elf then turned into a beautiful woman. But she had nothing but beauty. She became a hard-working prostitute in the brothel, playing the piano every day, sitting in front of people and staring into those eyes. The man still had nothing. He had no money, so he could only sit far away and listen to the woman's piano. The woman stubbornly threw the blue silk on her head to him, and he held it in the palm of his hand.

  The woman was favored by a high-ranking official and wanted to be accepted as a concubine, but the woman refused. The woman looked at the man sadly and stabbed a pair of scissors into her heart.

  The woman turned into an elf again, and the Buddha asked her, the second time, what do you want? The elf said, I want wealth. The Buddha still waved his sleeves.

  The elf then became the daughter of a rich man, with everything, but no love. The woman still stubbornly loved the man, and even shared all her things with the man. But she found that the man's eyes were always cold when he looked at her, and in his eyes the woman was just a member of the opposite sex who was bathed in the smell of money. He squandered her money and her feelings.

  A man says to a woman, you have too much money, so you are destined not to lose it, and you cannot have feelings.

  The woman cried bitterly and stabbed a knife into her chest. The woman turned into an elf again. This time, she said to the Buddha, I want to be smart. The Buddha then turned her into a very smart woman and accompanied her man in the world again. The woman is so smart, everything is calculated with precise equations, she uses her intelligence to approach the man, own the man, and even calculate the man. But the woman found that the man's eyes were always frozen, even hateful.

  The woman cried and asked him why, he said, you are so smart, I am just a number in your hand, let you pull me into any equation. You only have possession of me, no feelings.

  Later, the man threw himself into the war, and under the knife of an enemy, blood flowed all over the place. The sad woman chose to follow with death, and the woman became an elf again. This time, before the Buddha could speak, the elf was already in tears. The Buddha was surprised to find that the elf had feelings. The Buddha said, you can no longer escape the world, I can only give you one last thing, what do you want? The elf flashed tears and said to the Buddha, I don't want anything, I just want him to love me and love me forever.

  The Buddha said nothing, and the Buddha waved his sleeves. This time the woman watched the man gently embrace herself into her arms and kissed her tearful eyes tenderly. The woman was surprised to find that she had become the man's daughter and was loved by him for the rest of her life.

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