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A Dark Blessing

A TCoE Short Story

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 8 min read

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Trigger warning: abuse, rape, vulgar language, violence and gore.








Screams cracked the stiff and calm night atmosphere with an abrupt, bone-chilling sensation. A group of men tossed a young woman around that they had been raping and beating all night.

The full moon remained high in the sky reflecting light onto the forest clearing. The girl’s body, bloody and ravaged, lay motionless on the ground. As a dark goddess circled the poor woman’s body, a single bloody tear fell from her lashes, trickling down her face as she stared at the girl.

Her dark crimson hood fell to reveal her long scarlet locks, pale face, ruby-red lips, and dark scarlet eyes. Scarlettia. Underneath her cloak was her long skin-tight black dress with silky red fabric inside where the high thigh-slits glistened whenever she moved.

Within a heartbeat, the goddess dropped to her knees and picked the girl up in her arms. Scarlettia softly touched the girl’s bruised face and soothed her as she took her dying breaths. Suddenly Scarlettia heard something snap a twig behind them.

Without turning, she already knew what it was - the sound came from one of the men - the one in particular that had given one of the last blows that sent the girl into her final moments.

Scarlettia’s eyes flashed with rage as the vision replayed before her eyes as she touched the girl’s face, wiping away the blood from her facial wounds. The man’s powerful strike that sent a ringing throughout the girl’s head and drew blood from her breaking body boiled more anger within Scarlettia.

Scarlettia slowly raised her chin, her breathing calm and slow as she prepared to unleash her full power upon the man and whatever may follow.

The man took another step closer, his hands balling into fists. “Who the fuck are you? Another dumb bitch looking to learn a lesson?”

Scarlettia’s lips gradually curled into a devious smirk as her eyes narrowed and darkened. The girl’s eyes widened in fear as she witnessed blood flowing from Scarlettia’s eyes.

Scarlettia abruptly snapped her head to the side, lurching his body into a nearby tree. He screamed out in agony as Scarlettia used her mental force to keep him pressed against the trunk. She carefully placed the girl’s body back onto the ground, as she rose to her feet.

The menacing goddess leisurely turned to face the man still struggling against her power. She immediately locked eyes with him. Sheer terror radiated from him in waves when he noticed the blood dripping from her eyes and soon her mouth. Scarlettia continued smirking at the man as she tilted her head to the side.

“I am the last nightmare you’ll ever have, because with your pathetic little bones and vulnerable flesh, I will turn you into a weapon for this poor girl to unleash on other monsters like you.”

“No, wait! Please don’t! She didn’t say anything, in fact, she wanted—!”

“Oh, you don’t want your big, strong muscles to be used for good for once? Such a shame,” she whispered as she traced a long, sharp, bloodstained fingernail along his neck.

“If you refused to use them for good in your life, why be so worried about who uses them for good in your death? You won’t feel it anyways because you and the other dirty, little scumbags here are going to cease to feel. I mean isn’t that what you want anyways?

“You drink yourselves to death to escape your feelings and thoughts - mostly your guilt for enjoying forced pleasure with kidnapped girls and selling their bodies, after always using them yourselves first… so why are you so eager to live and feel now? Is it because you feel it is no longer in your control? Such a pity.” Scarlettia grinned as she touched his face and brushed her long nails against his cheeks.

“You’ve been a fool all along, because it never was in your control.” She learned in closer, her eyes cutting into him. “I have always controlled your death.”

“Look, I’ll give you whatever you want!”

“Tsk tsk.” Scarlettia began to chuckle.

“What I want is for this poor girl to no longer be scared. What I want is for the other poor women and children who have been taken advantage of and ripped apart to finally stop feeling so alone and scared. To finally have something bigger and stronger fight for them. To have something that will protect them and not turn its natural advantages against them, like you cowardly men.” She spat blood in his face. At first he was confused and nervously laughed. Scarlettia promptly snapped her fingers and the crimson fluid commenced to burn.

He started screaming as the blood melted parts of his face. Rapidly more men showed up - the others who had beaten and raped this poor girl. Scarlettia smirked as they all charged towards her, weapons in their hands as they drunkenly yelled their battle cries.

Abruptly Scarlettia laughed as she snapped her head to the side again. Curtly, every man, including the first one, was suspended in the air. She slowly prowled forward, taking graceful steps towards the young girl’s corpse.

Now still and lifeless, Scarlettia would need to find or summon her soul. It didn’t take long for Scarlettia to change her vision to Twilight so she could see the girl’s lost spirit. Rocking back and forth in a terrified fetal position, the girl’s ghost rested by her body, crying and shaking. Scarlettia inhaled sharply as she approached the girl’s spirit.

Before she could reach her, a large Soul Eater, a papilicrys, came crashing into the clearing. Its massive, tattered butterfly wings stretched out over Scarlettia as it dropped its long tongue toward the girl’s ghost.

Right as it reached for her spirit, Scarlettia swiftly with ease snatched its tongue in her hand and yanked it down towards her. The beast crumbled in front of her as she slashed its tongue with her fingernails before letting it go.

The papilicrys shrieked as it recoiled and fled, the noises echoing all around them. Scarlettia quickly returned to the girl’s soul, hoping no Light Angels had swept off with her yet.

Scarlettia joined the girl’s side and rested a hand on her shoulder. The girl jumped away, but soon relaxed when she realized how calm Scarlettia was. “Your journey doesn’t have to end here.”

The girl’s eyes lit up as she locked gazes with the goddess. “What do you mean? I’m dead, right? That’s my body, isn’t it? This is my soul…”

“You can return and do—”

“I don’t want to. That place was cruel and horrible. The men are all—”

“Not all men, women, children, and creatures are innocent. Everything is guilty of something, my dear.” Scarlettia interrupted. “Look,” she paused as she ushered the girl to walk with her in Twilight.

The forest clearing still had the men hanging in the air by Scarlettia’s intense mental grip as they walked under them in the middle realm, unable to be seen by the living, mortal men. The girl hesitated to look up, her eyes sealed shut as pain surged through her. Scarlettia lifted her chin up with a finger.

“My dear, you won’t have to be afraid of monsters like this again. I will bless you with the ability to fend them off. I’m simply making the biological playing field a little more balanced with what I intend to do.”

“What are you intending?” The girl asked, her eyes nervously wandering between the goddess and the men above.

Scarlettia smirked as she stopped walking and stared up at the first man she attacked, his face still burning from the blood she spat on him. “Take my hand, and let me show you.”

The girl hesitated, her eyes darting around between the men and Scarlettia. Soon she gradually placed her small ghostly hand in the goddess’s blood-covered, now glowing hand.

Within seconds the world went dark and the girl couldn’t see anything, she could only hear the blood-curdling screeches of the men.


Scarlettia used her power to bring the girl’s soul back to her dead body, but to revive and improve the body, Scarlettia needed to use her knowledge to siph death to complete the task she planned to formulate and execute.

Within seconds of their return, the men started yelling at Scarlettia, taunting and cursing at her. She grinned as she tilted her head again, this time the first man’s body was slowly ripped apart by powerful forces from Scarlettia’s mind.

The other men commenced screaming and begging for their lives as they witnessed Scarlettia use her mental skills to take his flesh and bone and use it to create a stronger body. As the pieces soared toward the girl’s dead body, Scarlettia started ripping into the next abuser. The overwhelming metallic scent of blood hung heavily in the air. x Melissa — “Scarlettia, Queen of the Undead” —

Soon, Scarlettia manipulated the body parts to merge together around the girl’s corpse. After a few minutes when the last man was reduced, her eyes began to glow a dark red as the pieces and the girl’s body began to morph into a creature Scarlettia imagined.

Within seconds, a howl turned into a scream as the body took shape from a large, muscular beast with long fur and huge, sharp teeth and claws, to the small girl’s original form again. The girl crashed to the ground as she shook. She inhaled sharply as she glanced around frantically, taking in the living world again as she struggled to grasp reality. The girl’s heart fiercely pounded against her chest as she looked down at her hands and back at Scarlettia.

Scarlettia smiled as she helped the girl to her feet. “You will be unstoppable. You will have foresight so you can stop abuse, rape, and murder before it happens. Unfortunately you won’t be able to save them all or prevent every single attack, but nonetheless you will make a difference for countless souls. You were hoping for someone to save you, I could feel your heartbreak when you realized it was too late… now you can be that someone for another girl…

“For too long, physically strong but mentally weak men overpowered women and children with the notion that their biological advantages would remain untested, unchecked, unmatched, so they could just do whatever they want and not be challenged.

“There’s a reason your father didn’t trust other men, because he is a man and he is aware of what they’re capable of. Those slimy pieces of shite treated you like dirt… so now their deaths will be what helps protect and or frees many from the pain you had to endure. You’ve got a strong heart, I know you’ll use it well against every single monster you encounter.”




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