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A Budding Friendship Amidst Bitterness

A TCoE Short Story

By Mel E. FurnishPublished about a year ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
DALL*E x Melissa - "A Budding Friendship" - Lythicazith and Cassandrithia begin bonding shortly after their first meeting.

Winter - Year 364 A.T. (After Trindavin)

The harsh, bitter winds ripped through the trees and nipped at the exposed flesh of a young she-elf, turning her nose and cheeks bright red from the stinging cold. Long strawberry-blonde curls slipped from her hood as she struggled to keep her cloak close against the howling gusts. Snow and ice coated the land surrounding the elf as she trudged on. Her blue and green eyes darted around at the hint of danger ahead as a thunderous boom rumbled toward her.

“What have you gotten yourself into, Cassandrithia?” she thought to herself as she frowned. “Think, Cass, think!” she internally yelled at herself as her heart escalated to a rapid beat. An unexpected reek of smoke and flames drifted across the breeze, triggering her defensive mindset. Before a massive fireball erupted in her direction, she prepared a collective skill to use the warm energy to heat her body and surroundings. As the plan played out, temporarily giving her a more comfortable temperature, a frustrated snort spurted nearby.

DALL*E x Melissa - "Zylorvis Confronts Cassandrithia"

“Who dares to use my power like a meager tool?” a loud male voice challenged. “That was supposed to reduce thee to ash.”

Cassandrithia chuckled. “Not so friendly, huh?" She grinned as she shrugged. "I only am trying to find my way back home.”

Abruptly a vast silva drac emerged from the undergrowth with numerous brambles and thorns wrapping around its body.

DALL*E x Melissa - "Zylorvis Challenging Cassandrithia"

“Answer me! What is thy name? Or is thou not worthy of a title?” As he parted his large jaws toward Cassandrithia's face, an enormous leaf smacked his muzzle. The young woman's eyes widened in shock as she turned to see a smaller silva drac.

“She’s about to freeze to death,” a younger male’s voice drifted into their minds.

“I don’t care, little brother,” snapped the older dragon.

“Bellawisty could use some help rounding up the little ones; why don’t thee be a good brother and do that? I’ll handle this.” A strange glowing blue-green moss coated the younger dragon. His eyes were a deep scarlet. The older dragon rolled his eyes and departed.

The snowstorm worsened, and Cassandrithia’s body soon felt numb from the seeping cold. The younger dragon stopped when he towered over Cass, his hot breath billowing over her. She closed her eyes, expecting to be burned alive or eaten, but instead, she felt the dragon wrap itself around her shivering figure.

Cassandrithia’s knees buckled out from under her. Before she touched the ground, the dragon’s paws lifted her to hold her close to his belly. Within moments the snow piled up on the forest floor. The dragon wrapped its wings tightly around them. Cassandrithia’s body shook as she struggled to fight the cold; however, within seconds of the dragon encasing her, she felt warmer. As the numbness and bitter cold melted away, her strength commenced replenishing.

Within moments of struggling to think of what to say, she reached out and entered the dragon’s mind. “Thank you.” In the blink of an eye, the young elf passed out before the dragon formed a response.

A few hours passed, and Cassandrithia woke up to find her body caressed within the dragon’s safe enclosure. Cass reached out for the dragon’s mind again. “My name is Cassandrithia. May I know yours?”

Silence followed for a moment. “My name is Lythicazith. The grump thou met earlier is my brother, Zylorvis.”

Cassandrithia smiled as she tilted her head. “Why did you save me, Lythicazith?”

Lythicazith stayed silent as his thoughts raced. “I can see thine soul carries a loyal heart with a compassionate core.” Lythicazith paused. “I just see thine spirit is one of positivity and love, not negativity and hate. Everything has good and bad, but our actions feed the energy we express, so if we’re negative, the negativity within grows stronger. You’ve done well to spread positives; that’s a life I will save when needed.”


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