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A Conspiracy for Good

Guardians From Another World Intervene

By Melanie NoullettPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 11 min read
A Conspiracy for Good
Photo by John Paul Summers on Unsplash

Read the prologue to this story on Vocal - Ghost Train

Chapter 1 - A portal between worlds.

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. As the train reaches the opening gateway of light Miah wants to laugh or cry rather than scream; but the mixed emotions result in silence. The light around her becomes blinding and the energetic gateway twists and turns merging two trains, past and present, into one. Miah feels as if her whole body is on fire but there is no pain. She won't let fear take hold, she lets everything flow...thoughts, emotions, energy.

Finally, the intensity begins to dissipate and it feels safe to open her eyes. Miah feels refreshed and confident: remembering her lost childhood has given her identity back. Her parents, Henry and Maria, stand beside her, alive after nine years of thinking they had died in a train wreck. They both appear younger than moments before; as if years of sadness and stress have been erased from their faces. They have their daughter back and have accepted the miracle of her appearance with ease.

Miah holds each of their hands and looks out of the train window. The open countryside has been replaced with a rainbow of colours rapidly moving past the windows like they are inside some kind of energetic tunnel or wormhole. Standing speechless with all that has happened; they can't begin to think of what might happen next.

It is only then that Miah realizes the rest of the train car is empty. The air vibrates with energy that feels almost electric and the lights are flickering. There is nothing they can do but sit back in their seats and wait. Miah looks from her father to her mother and then back again. They didn't need to talk yet, they just soak in the joy of seeing each other and being reunited nine years after the crash.

All at once, they each realize they have memories of those years together with all of them alive. But something is different. Miah's eyes widen as she remembers a family trip to the ocean when she was fifteen. It was her favorite place to spend the holidays and the best sunset that she had ever seen with two brilliant suns and later five moons in the night sky. The memory is real although she knows somehow it is from a parallel life from the one she has just been living. A life not lived on Earth.

Where was this train going? To a place - a different dimension or another planet - where other versions of themselves have been living together happily?

Henry is the first to speak, "Miah, this a miracle. I can remember two lives, one without you after the crash and another one with you, filled with happy but unusual memories".

"I know what you mean by you remember the double sunset at Haven Beach on my fifteenth birthday? And five moons! I think this train is traveling through parallel dimensions....or maybe we are travelling through space," Miah exclaims full of excitement and expectation.

Maria stares at them both not knowing what to say at all. She knows that her daughter is alive and they are together after so many years; somehow there are new memories of a life lived together somewhere else. She is open minded and her main belief about the world is that anything is possible. But this is more than she ever imagined. Maybe this is heaven...but that thought doesn't resonate with her; she feels so alive, so full of love and gratitude. Noticing her heart racing in her chest and tears trickling down her cheeks, she definitely feels very much alive, more alive than she has felt the last nine years without Miah.

The train begins to slow and the vortex outside the windows begins to fade to a glowing green light, just like when the sun filters through the forest canopy. Miah smiles at her parents and gives each of their hands a reassuring squeeze, "Whatever happens we are in this together. Everything happens for a reason and there must be a big reason for a miracle like this to happen. Let's get off this train and embrace a new life...or should I say start remembering an old life!"

Henry looks at his daughter and can see that she is wise for her 19 years. Her strength and maturity are easy to see in her green eyes. He guesses correctly that after the accident, she had survived without them all alone, her childhood had been over. Growing up fast without her parents had been the only option. He looks at his wife, Maria, and instantly sees her full acceptance of this new reality...although there are tears on her cheeks, she is glowing with love and gratitude for a second chance with their daughter.

The train slows and stops at a small country station and they all gaze out at the park like setting around them. True to their new memories, two warm suns sit bright in the morning sky. There is no one to greet them but they instinctively know what to do. They exit the train alone and walk down the red gravel pathway through a beautiful garden of flowers. Everything is more vibrant than on Earth; glowing and full of energy. Henry has travelled to many countries as a photojournalist but has never seen a landscape like this. It is like some special filter has been applied permanently to their eyes; everything exuding an amber glow.

Henry smiles at his wife and Maria reaches for his hand. A silent thought passes between them. This is real, Miah is real, they are really on a different planet together with their lost daughter. They both smile at the thought and look into each other's eyes. "Was that telepathy?" Maria asks with wonder. Henry answers shakily, "I-I think so. Let's try again. What am I thinking now?"

Maria looks at him with a chuckle and sighs, "It's more of a feeling than a thought this time like it's not important...there are no details."

Henry laughs, "Well I guess that's true, I was thinking about the laundry I left in the dryer and whether you folded it before we left for the trip."

Maria laughs out loud too. She believes that telepathy is the next step of evolution and has often felt that her and Henry could read each other's thoughts. The sensations and impressions she is receiving suggest how Miah and Henry are feeling but it is not overwhelming. As a research scientist studying neuroplasticity of the brain and its role in mental health recovery, she is excited about the potential for humans to communicate with telepathy.

Miah closes her eyes and remembers the birthday at Haven beach again, she can feel the joy and closeness in her family. Maria and Henry both turn to look at her and in unison they both exclaim, "Our favorite beach!"

"Oh my gosh, you really can read my thoughts!" Miah is bursting with excitement at this knowledge.

Suddenly, Miah looks around and notices that the surroundings have changed. They seem to have teleported somehow, the garden has disappeared and they are standing in front of a beautiful log house with large windows and a peaked roof. There are large old-growth trees all around and the red gravel pathway is still beneath their feet. Behind the house Miah can see an enclosed garden with two dogs standing at the gate.

"Oh my gosh Sadie, Doji!" Miah can't believe her eyes as she sees her dogs there waiting for her excitedly. "How is this possible? I guess how is any of this possible! Mom, dad, they're my pups from back in my other life."

Miah looks at her parents and sees that they both look bewildered. "What is it?" she asks quickly.

Henry looks at Miah and smiles, "They're our pets too! I mean back in our other life. They live with us too." They all start laughing and run to the gate. Anything really is possible in this world.

Sadie and Doji run out barking with excitement and then they both sit down and look up expectantly at Miah. Miah smiles as she realizes what they want, "Breakfast right?" Both Sadie and Doji run back through the gate and sit at the door of a small cottage behind the main house waiting for their owners like nothing has changed in their world at all. Miah can sense their excitement and has a feeling of being reassured that she knows is coming from them. They seem to be able to communicate with her differently than she has ever experienced. There are gentle thoughts coming into Miah's mind that she knows are not hers. Miah knows with certainty that Sadie is the source of the reassuring feeling and Doji is sending out energy that is more excited and happy. Somehow she knows that Sadie and Doji haven't changed at all, it is her ability to receive from them that has changed now that she is in this new world instead of on Earth.

Miah walks into the garden and looks around in amazement. She knows that this is where they live and the cottage is her own little house. It is so beautiful with willow trees and wildflowers. A creek meanders further beyond the cottage and a low wooden fence runs along each side staking out about three acres of woodland between the main house and the creek. There is another gate with a bridge to cross the creek. A little further down a small sandy beach and swimming hole have formed due to a solid rock embankment on the far side that has forced the creek to turn in another direction. Everything is so beautiful and better than any dream yard she has ever imagined.

Miah walks to the cottage and opens the door. Everything seems so familiar that she walks in with confidence, asks the dogs to wait on the mat and takes their dishes out of the nearby closet. She scoops them each some food from the bucket and they sit patiently waiting until she tells them to go ahead and eat. It is just like her old life, they really are her dogs.

"I guess the pups live with you, " said Henry, "they do seem much better trained here than they were with us back home".

They all look around the cottage and notice detailed acrylic paintings on the walls. In one painting, Miah recognizes the garden from the home with her last foster family. She always loved to sit next to the willow tree and imagine a life where her parents had not died in the train wreck.

A second painting nearby shows another garden with a willow tree. "That one is our garden back home, " Maria says quietly as she points towards the second painting, "I always sit under the willow tree and imagine a life where the train crash never happened." They stand with their mouths open, looking at each other wide eyed as understanding and then more questions run through their minds.

They move into the kitchen and gasp upon finding a large, elaborate painting of the train over the kitchen table. Shadows of the three of them can be seen in the picture peering through the train car window. There is a rainbow of light around the train and on the top side they can see the countryside from their old life and at the bottom is the station garden and the red gravel pathway leading to their new home.

As they look at the painting they instantly know why they are here, or is it that they have always been here? Earth is in serious danger and working together will help to save the remaining portals that still exist on the planet. As a team, they are stronger and in this life, this place, they know things about the world they couldn't have imagined before.

With this new realization, Henry is the first to speak, "So many natural places on Earth are being destroyed and this is impacting the gateways..."

Maria is receiving all of Henry's thoughts now and understands easily what he is talking about. Her worried expression shows her understanding of what this means and her words are full of concern, "The portals are essential for guardians to travel through and do their work, supporting the human race. Without serious intervention, humans will be truly alone for the first time ever."

Miah is also receiving the same download of information that her parents are receiving, "We are Guardians, aren't we?" The question hangs in the air but they all realize the truth. The family share a look of understanding and apprehension as they realize who and what they really are: Guardians from another world with a mission to help the people on Earth. Living an actual human life on Earth had allowed them increased influence on the physical dimension even without full conscious awareness.

There is so much to remember and they know that time is running out!

Melanie Noullett is a Songwriter/SoulCoach with Tiger Lily Transformations. Listen to her first song ever written Evolution here on Vocal.


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Melanie Noullett

I am a scientist turned songwriter who helps people through music. I started writing songs after a mystical experience and the words just began to flow. Listen to my two albums Shine My Light and Awakening Our Spirit or visit my website.

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