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The Shadows

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By MPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
The Shadows
Photo by Agata Create on Unsplash

In the quaint forest, nestled amongst towering trees, lived a family of rabbits. There were Hop, the father, Poppy, the mother, and their two energetic kits, Lilly and Sparky.

One sunny morning, as the rabbits bounded through the undergrowth, Lilly saw a shimmering golden apple dangling from a high branch. Her eyes widened with desire, and forgetting her mother's warning about strangers, she leaped towards it.

However, just as she reached out, a sly fox emerged from the shadows. 'My, my, what a sweet little rabbit,' the fox purred. 'Would you mind giving me that apple?'

Lilly hesitated for a moment, but the thought of tasting the juicy fruit overwhelmed her judgment. She reluctantly handed it to the fox.

As the fox devoured the apple, Lilly realized her mistake. She had been tricked! The fox laughed mockingly and disappeared into the forest, leaving Lilly alone and ashamed.

When Poppy heard what had happened, she gathered her family together. 'My dear kits,' she said, 'this is a valuable lesson you have learned today. Never trust strangers, no matter how charming they may seem. The consequences can be dire.'

From that day forward, Lilly and Sparky were more cautious and mindful. They listened carefully to their parents' warnings and avoided any encounters with unfamiliar animals.

And so, the rabbits of the forest continued their lives, carrying with them the lesson Lilly had learned that day: the importance of trust and the dangers that lie in the shadows.


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