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What do you like to eat in summer and why is it ice-cream?

A love letter

By Amsha OlsanPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
What do you like to eat in summer and why is it ice-cream?
Photo by The BlackRabbit on Unsplash

Dear ice-cream,

I missed you so much. I know we had a rough time those past months. A cousin of yours was all over the place and we did not meet that much. I missed you. I missed all your tastes and variations, all your colours and presentations. Like every year, as soon as the sun comes back, you are the only thing I crave. Your existence itself is a cure for seasonal depression. Some say it is some kind of vitamin that I miss, but deeply I know it is you and only you.

But I know that I am awful. Sometimes I even think that I don’t deserve you. How selfish of me. At the end of winter, all I hear about is that famous “beach body”, that you do not really care about. I am often tempted to eat healthy meals, such as vegetables and savoury meals. My dear ice cream, I promise you they mean nothing to me, I admit that at first, they taste good, and I am practically convinced that I can live without you. Every time I realise that it is a lie, an illusion. You are my one and only sweet love, and as you can see, I always come back to you, a little happier each time.

But enough about me. It finally is summer, and summer is all about you.

You are the sweetest, most beautiful, and delicious thing. You are the reason I wait for the hot season, to reunite with the fresh feeling only you can give, the shiver of happiness you make me feel is incredible.

I love when we meet on a hot day, at the beach. Your crunchy skirt is to die for, and I love when you taste like fruits, sweet and tart, refreshing and delicious.

I love how fancy you can be, on a beautiful night out, at a restaurant. You often taste like vanilla, dressed in whipped cream, and made up with caramel. Sometimes, you even wear delicate jewelry, with your colorful sprinkles.

But my favorite version of you might be a nude pear, fruity and elegant.

The variety you offer is truly wonderful.

But you know… I apologized for my behaviour, but I noticed that you did… things too. I don’t know who is the monster that mad you into some sort of evil beverage. I know that you understand what I am talking about. Those “iced cappuccino” and stuff. I know, I know, it is not “ice cream” per say, but it is close enough. I even had the feeling that you got bored. If you want to try new things, I agree and understand, but please, talk to me before doing anything. I do not want you to be hurt, we got to take care of your reputation too.

I don’t want to make you mad or sad, but I had to tell you how I felt. I can live with it, but now that I’ve said it, my chest is a bit lighter. I also hope you will excuse my past behaviour, I will do my best to accept that side of you to, so we can be even.

I can’t wait to spend my whole time with you. Last summer was incredibly hot, and I guess this one will be too. I hope that it will be easier though, even with your help, we could use some fresh air.

See you soon, I love you


p.s: I know that the chocolate taste is really popular, but if you don’t mind, please don’t take it with you… I think that it drags too much attention, and I don’t like how we feel together when you have it. But we might try new things…


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Amsha Olsan

I love writing strange stories, with strange characters.

I'm french but I enjoy writing in english as well.

I hope you'll like my work :)

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  • Reading With MCabout a month ago

    Incredible and creatively written.

  • Holly Moeller12 months ago

    Such a fun concept, love it 😊

  • Kendall Defoe12 months ago

    You rotten person. I thought I was the only one in such a long term relationship. ;)

  • Mona Lazar12 months ago

    This is a beautiful story, it's making me crave ice cream! ❤

  • Cathy holmes12 months ago

    well done. congrats on the top story.

  • Test12 months ago


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