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Watch That Smell: Thank you!

I love garlic. Sorry men and women I won't kiss you afterwards!

By Carol TownendPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Watch That Smell: Thank you!
Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

I love a little bit of garlic. I love it on my pizza, in pasta, with cheese, in a sauce and with quite a lot of foods. However, I hate it too!

1. It makes your breath stink!

2. It stinks my house out!

3. It makes your clothes stink!

4. It puts me off kissing you!

While many will tell me that

"garlic keeps the vampires away!"

I would rather risk getting bitten by a vampire than have my entire home smelling of the stuff!

I love the melty, buttery taste of garlic, though I do have to brush my teeth, change my clothes, clean my kitchen and spray the hell out of it afterwards.

Don't even dare try kissing me after garlic unless you brush your teeth! I will slay you for it! (Hell yeah, vampire slayers were invented; now, let there be garlic slayers!)

Garlic can be a great cleanser for your body, and it can be fantastic for boosting your immune system, and of course, it's fantastic in a tasty lasagne, bolognese, as a butter, on pizza, in a wrap, as a sauce and in many other foods.

But, why do all the foods we say are good for us have to stink?

It is the same with some curries.

I love a good spicy curry,

but you can tip that Vindaloo over your head! I really hate the smell and taste of that one, and please; I don't fancy getting the shits for the rest of my life!

I can enjoy a good Korma, Massala, Chinese Chicken Curry, Dhansak and many others. Korma and Massala are not just tasty; they leave my kitchen with a wonderful aroma. However, while Massala is indeed very tasty, some brands are rather strong and they really leave my home smelling like I used a toilet in there!

Here is a Chicken Curry Story For You

When I was just a child, around primary school age. My mum decided she was going to treat us. She took us to the pictures which we really enjoyed, however when we got back, she decided to treat us to a Chinese take-away.

She chose a Chinese Chicken Curry!

By Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

We were looking forward to the food, and the curry was really tasty. It was my first time tasting any curry.

One problem!

It was too damn hot!!

By Max Saeling on Unsplash

We all really wanted to finish our tasty food, so we tucked in. We must have drunk gallons of water that night, and our mouths really felt like we were on fire!

Still, it was a tasty curry and we wanted to finish it!

If I am really honest, as much as I enjoy the taste of garlic and really hate stinky things! If I could go back to that night and my mum gave me a choice, I would choose the Curry. Alhough the smell of the Chinese Takeaway almost made me vomit, and the Curry was strong smelling as well as hot, I enjoyed the spicy taste. Once I grew up, I became accustomed to Curry smells, and I really enjoy them.

However, I still cannot stand the smell of Garlic, even though I love the taste!

So back to my promise!

If you want to kiss my oh! so juicy lips and you have eaten garlic (no matter how much!), there is a requirement of teeth brushing first. If you attempt to kiss me after eating garlic without brushing your teeth, be prepared.

I now officially declare myself the 'garlic slayer!'

I hereby notify you, that I have no problem slaying you if you turn into a garlic loving vampire!

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