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Treat your taste-buds in Alpharetta, GA

Continue your Alpharetta journey through these culinary exploration pit stops in your beloved city

By Beni ResteaPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
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Whatever you’re planning to do in Alpharetta, Georgia, getting to know more about this city will work up an appetite that will need to be satisfied. Nothing to worry about there, as there are plenty of delicious places to treat your taste buds in Alpharetta, GA. This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise as Alpharetta, Georgia, has been named one of the friendliest cities in the US. People are naturally curious and want to find out more about this city. Plenty of things will keep you busy in this town, and its location makes it the ideal Atlanta suburb. Close enough from the bustling city and everything a big city has to offer with a simple commute but with enough distance for a simple and peaceful suburban life with a small-town feel despite its growing population.

If you’ve ever been to Georgia you should know that prime dining is a major attraction. Southern comfort food is one of the most loved cuisines in the US, and the city of Alpharetta, GA, makes no exception. The overwhelmingly unique flavors of the south will keep you coming back for more regardless of what led you to experience the local restaurants in the first place. It doesn’t matter if your favorite is American cuisine, Southern comfort food with a mix of Mexican flair, or something more exotic; Alpharetta’s got it all. So make sure that your stomach is rumbling as you explore the following restaurants. We made this list based on critiques and client reviews as well as the overall atmosphere based on the type of event or crowd that frequent these locations. Figure out what type of outing you’re looking for, the type of crowd you’ll be taking with you, and what suits you best. Lastly, enjoy your experience and bon appetit!

A Family Get Together

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Restaurants are always a great option when you have get-togethers with family and want to save yourself the trouble of cleaning up. Smokejack (known as one of the best restaurants in Alpharetta) is equipped with local cuisine that focuses on American options with plenty of barbeque deliciousness and even gluten-free options.

There is outdoor seating available as well as private dining. Smokejack, as the name might already hint at, serves authentic southern-style cuisine in a uniquely comfortable location in Alpharetta, Georgia. The south’s authentic flavor can be seen, tasted, and smelt in this restaurant; from the slow-smoked, hand-pulled pork to their signature beef burnt ends, they have something for every barbeque lover to enjoy.

Brunch with the Girls

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For brunch out with the girls, you won’t find a better place than South City Kitchen Avalon. The outdoor atmosphere will give you and the girls the perfect backdrop for any Instagram moments you might encounter or create. Your sense of smell will be overwhelmed but the aesthetics of your plates will require the attention of the camera. But don’t spend too much time taking pictures. Enjoy your meal while it’s hot and you’ll understand why this is one of the best restaurants in Alpharetta, GA. Enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine while you take pleasure in the company of your best friends. Located in Avalon, also known as downtown Alpharetta, this restaurant serves the usual brunch options with an inventive Southern twist that makes it one of the best brunch spots in the US based on USA Today.

A Corporate Lunch

If your Atlanta office wants to honor your success and ask you to suggest a corporate lunch location, don’t hesitate to lead the way towards Nahm Thai Cuisine. This Asian restaurant gives Thai food a different meaning, and the ambient ridden with tradition infuses innovation in all their dishes. The balance and harmony of flavor will ignite your senses, in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere that allows their guests to savor the art of Thai cuisine. Thai food is not only about taste, however, and as your plate is served you’ll first be delighted by the artistry presented to you. The exceptional flavor invites you in and the overall experience of Thai culture is honored through every ingredient. This homemade Thai food comes from central Thailand, and the restaurant will give you high-quality services at an affordable price. Your colleagues will start wondering whether they should contact real estate agents in Alpharetta GA now or after they finish their meal.

A Romantic Dinner

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Ray’s at Killer Creek will provide the atmosphere for an unforgettable romantic dinner and the chef makes sure that the recipe will set the tone for the rest of your evening. With hanging lights covering the entire restaurant, low-hanging lanterns over every table, and soothing music playing in the background, your comfort and the delight of your romantic partner will be the focus of their staff. From lobster to steaks and from desserts to the wine selection, Ray’s won countless culinary awards as well as the Wine Spectator award of excellence and is a big part of Alpharetta’s community. Their American, Steakhouse, and Seafood assortments give culinary enthusiasts a wide variety of options to choose from but don’t shy away from their wine, craft beer, and bourbon selections. Ray’s is an ideal location for any special occasion, but they are the go-to destination for romantic dinners in Alpharetta, Georgia. Whether you’re planning on popping the question or you want to celebrate a special anniversary, the attentiveness of the staff will make the night that much more special.

A walk around Town

When you’ve been walking around town for hours just sightseeing, and you hear your stomach rumbling, the Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill will have everything you need to recharge your batteries. It’s the best place for quick bites in all of Alpharetta, Georgia, packed with healthy international cuisine that will give you the energy necessary to continue your exploration of Alpharetta. They have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ready to satisfy any culinary tastes in simple to-go dishes that you can either eat there or or take out to continue your exploration. This excellent restaurant offers only fresh and healthy food but do consider that it is located in a busy area with plenty of foot traffic. It might be crowded more often than not as it is located near a shopping strip, but the food is worth the wait.


So far, everything that we looked into, analyzed, and scrutinized about Alpharetta, Georgia, has overcome all expectations. Why should the dining experiences be any different? What we can add about the dining scene in Alpharetta is that it is one of the factors that increase the city’s quality of life, making it stand out that much more. Whether it’s in Avalon or anywhere else in this small town, acknowledging that there are over 200 dining establishments in Alpharetta makes the city an ideal prime dining destination in the Southeast. Somewhere in this charming small-town of around 69,000 residents, you will be able to find whatever your heart desires.

But don’t let those numbers deceive you. Alpharetta will forever be the perfect small-town in America for all those seeking the American Dream. If you haven’t found yours yet, get in touch with realtors in the city and start looking. There’s a little slice of heaven for everyone in Alpharetta.


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