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The Comfort of Chocolate!

It helps...

By Taylor LarsenPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

The obsession with Chocolate?

I am completely and utterly obsessed with Chocolate. I love everything about it: the smooth creamy taste of it melting in your mouth, the rich brown colour of it, how it goes with everything from fruits, like strawberries and melon, to how it melts and makes your mouth water. It's sweet and creamy, and extremely addicting. All my friends always refer to me when they hear anything about chocolate, and I always get tagged in posts that say "Tag a girl who is addicted to chocolate." Well, I'm that girl, that's for sure! If I could eat chocolate on EVERYTHING I probably would.

I also have a weird thing with dark chocolate, it makes me sneeze!! I don't know what is different in it compared to white or milk chocolate that makes me sneeze but it's really annoying because dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate for you, and I can't eat it without sneezing my face off! I mean it SO worth it, but it's just irritating.

Chocolate is also my go-to comfort food. Even if it's just something that's chocolate flavoured. Like chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered fruit, chocolate cupcakes/cake, and even just CHOCOLATE! I find that from how sweet and smooth it is, it's just one of those relaxing and well, comforting foods.

Another thing I love about chocolate is all the cool new kinds of chocolates. My favourite it Twix. I love the sweet caramel and how it tastes with the gram cracker. How when you bite into it you hear a crunch while you see the caramel stretch out. Chocolate tastes perfect with caramel because there both the perfect type of sweet.

I love how different chocolate tastes when it melts. How smooth it feels in your mouth as it goes down. Or how you just crave it even more after you have some. And that craving never fully goes away. Yes, you may become full. But you still feel a crave to eat it. You crave the sweetness, the smoothness, and the chocolate flavour.

But then there are the less likable chocolates such as my least favourite...Chocolate. Covered. Raisins. I don't know why, but I have just never really liked the idea of it. I don't like raisins as it is, but putting them with chocolate does not make them better, AT ALL! It ruins the chocolate! Just kidding! You can't ruin chocolate! I remember when I was little and I used to get them as gifts, so I would suck off the chocolate and spit out the raisins. I know, gross. But there was no way I was gonna eat the raisins.

All my friends officially call me a chocolate addict. They always mention me when chocolate comes up. Or when we do a game where it says “hug someone who loves chocolate” everyone, and I mean everyone, looks at me. Its the funniest thing ever. Knowing that all your friends think of you when they hear something about chocolate. Also, whenever someone has to say leftover Easter or Christmas chocolate, most of my friends will ask me first. Which I am so glad for because I will gladly take it off their hands if they no longer want or need it. Another thing I love about chocolate is the things it goes well with; like smores, fruit, crackers, pretzels, and by itself!

I just feel like I could talk about chocolate forever and ever because it’s just so amazing from its taste to how it’s made to what you can eat it with. The only thing I dislike about buying chocolate is that at Easter time when you buy a bunny or get one. SOME ARE HOLLOW! Such rip off! Don’t you agree?


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