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"Lost in the Backrooms: A Journey into Surreal Terror"

By Abdur Rahman Published 2 months ago 4 min read

Grace, an eager intern trying to make a good impression, enters the dimly lit garage elevator of an unremarkable office building on a routine Tuesday afternoon, her thoughts focused on the responsibilities that await her in the CEO's office on the tenth story. Rob, a junior sales representative with a hint of mischief, climbs on the elevator next to her just as the doors swing close, a malicious gleam in his eyes. When Grace thinks back to one of Rob's earlier practical jokes, involving the elevator buttons and getting in trouble for being late after break, her heart skips a beat.

Grace braces herself as they make their way to the first level, anticipating more button-pushing mayhem from Rob. before expected, Rob reaches out to fiddle with the control panel just before the elevator stops. However, Grace is prepared this time. Quick as a lightning bolt, she sidesteps him and gives him a playful nudge in the shoulder, sending him flying backward into the cramped elevator. Rob is briefly confused and outwitted as Grace watches the doors glide close with a smug sneer on her lips.

Nevertheless, Grace's triumph is fleeting. Frustrated with his own mischievous attempt, Rob starts frantically pounding the "doors open" button in an attempt to stop the elevator from going any higher. He doesn't realize that his panicked actions set off a series of events that would take him through an unbelievable and terrible experience.

The fabric of reality somewhat changes as the elevator continues to ascend. An unsettling sense of unease permeates the familiar hum of the machinery, hinting at the strange turn Rob's journey will take on the levels above. The elevator abruptly announces its arrival at the second floor with a gentle chime, and the doors slide open to show a scene that Rob has never seen before.

Rob realizes he's not in the familiar confines of the office building and his first uncertainty rapidly turns to rising unease as he steps out into the corridor. The fluorescent lights and polished floors have vanished, leaving him in a strange environment of muted colors and disconcerting shadows. A sense of bewilderment sets up, combining with the subtle stirrings of anxiety in the pit of his stomach as he cautiously investigates his new surroundings.

Rob feels more and more alone as time goes on, and his attempts to go back are hindered by the room's shifting hallways and confusing structure. He looks for any trace of the world he left behind, desperate to find some familiarity, but all he discovers are echoing hallways and empty chambers that stretch into the infinite horizon.

Rob experiences a number of unnerving incidents that defy explanation as he struggles with the growing dread of his situation. He feels uneasy and tense as strange noises reverberate through the deserted hallways and he gets brief glimpses of dark beings that dart across his field of vision. Rob's perception of reality becomes increasingly hazy with every interaction, sending him on a terrifying journey into the unknown.

Meanwhile, back in the office building, Grace is feeling increasingly uneasy as she waits nervously for the elevator to return, overshadowing her earlier victory. Fearful that something is wrong, she hesitates before entering, a sense of dread eating at her insides. She punches the button for the tenth floor with a shaking palm, bracing herself for whatever is beyond.

As the elevator rises, Grace's mind turns to Rob—the unintentional mastermind behind their mutual suffering. She is annoyed by his pranks, but she also finds it difficult to get rid of the guilt that consumes her. And what if she'd done things a different way? What if, instead of taking small revenge, she had been a little more friendly to him?

As the elevator stops and the doors open to reveal the familiar sight of the tenth floor, Grace is so engrossed in her thoughts that she hardly notices. She exits the room into the hallway, relieved to be back in a place that is comfortable to her. Even so, as she turns to leave, a persistent feeling of dread follows her, a silent reminder of the unusual and disturbing voyage that lies ahead for those who dare to venture into the unknown.

Rob's journey takes him further into the maze-like backrooms as his tribulation progresses, where he must face his darkest fears and consider the philosophical issues at the core of his bizarre journey. Rob is on the verge of going insane as he tries to find his way back to the world he left behind, and with every second that goes by, the lines separating reality from his nightmare grow more and more hazy.

Rob's trip through the backrooms is a terrifying tribute to the brittleness of the human mind and the persistent power of the unknown, yet in the end, his fate is still unclear. As his tale develops, it offers as a terrifying warning of the perils that lie outside the bounds of our daily existence, ready to entangle the careless and the unprepared in their labyrinth of fear and misery.

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