Perfect Meals for Summer Camping

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Need some ideas on how to fuel your summer adventure?

Perfect Meals for Summer Camping

Summer is in full bloom and there are many adventures waiting for you, if you are ready to take on the feat of becoming friends with nature, by living, even though briefly, in the great outdoors.

At the end of your comfort zone lies a vast, beautiful world, with breathtaking scenery, impressive wildlife and the best form of nocturnal entertainment—a sky full of celestial wonders for you to gaze at before falling asleep, away from city lights. If you are willing to seize the opportunity of discovering the wonders of the great outdoors, you will be hooked for sure, or, at the very least, you will have a great story to tell about your camping experience.

If you are willing to trade in your home’s usual amenities for more basic conditions, you are in for a treat, as camping is by far one of the most rewarding summertime activities.

Speaking of treats, there are some which are more suited for this type of endeavor. The challenge is to find foods that don’t need to be refrigerated and that are stable even when exposed to summer temperatures, thus not posing any health risks. It is preferable that you choose foods which are nourishing, but also easy to pack and carry. It is also important that the food you take with you isn’t overly processed, giving you enough nutrients to stay healthy and full of energy. Making smart choices about the food you bring with you on a camping trip means you will be well prepared for outdoor activities which usually burn a lot of calories.

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast helps kick-start your day by replenishing energy supplies, thus getting your body ready for performing all of those exciting activities you have planned. You should consider the fact that many of the activities that allow you to take in all of nature’s beauty will very likely involve burning a lot of calories, so you need to make sure that the first meal of the day will pack enough energy and nutrients to keep you going. It is advisable to pick foods which will provide you with a constant supply of fuel, so choosing carbohydrates that will gradually be used by your body, ensuring a steady energy level, is a good idea. Mix in some fibers and protein, in order to make sure your food is satiable enough to keep hunger at bay for a longer period of time. There are several options that meet all these must-have traits of a healthy and nutritious breakfast, which you can enjoy while camping. If you are equipped with a basic camping stove, you can enjoy a tasty portion of porridge and a warm drink such as coffee or tea, thus not giving up your morning rituals.

Dried fruit and nuts are a great option for breakfast, and need no special preparation. If you opt for raw almonds, however, it is best you soak them in water overnight so that you can easily remove their brown peel which contains substances that might otherwise interfere with nutrient absorption.

For an extra tasty breakfast, you can prepare a delicious raw chia porridge. Just mix 1 cup of chia seeds with 2 cups of almond milk, vanilla extract, some honey and let the mixture sit for at least 15 minutes, until it thickens. Stir again to break up any lumps that might have formed and let the mixture sit for another 10 minutes. If you prefer it thicker, just adjust your recipe by adding more chia seeds. You can actually use UHT milk, soymilk or almond milk for this recipe, just make sure it is packed in small containers (so that you use the whole quantity of milk right away). You could top your porridge with some dry fruit such as raisins or chopped dry apricots, to make it even tastier.

Another thing you can do to prepare your morning meals in advance is to make some granola bars at home and take them with you for a fast and delicious breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Many vegetables will stay fresh without refrigeration, so make sure to pack plenty, as a big bowl of vegetables can easily be mixed with canned tuna or canned beans for a wonderful meal.

Canned food will be heavier and thus not too easy to carry, and might take up more space, but it will provide you with much-needed nutrients without you having to worry about storage issues or cooking.

Some minor cooking might be involved if, for example, you decide to buy some canned broth and prepare a delicious noodle soup in no time.

Pasta requires little to no effort to make. You can just choose a type of pasta that cooks really fast, and season it with spices and olive oil, adding some sun-dried tomatoes.

A Wonderful Meal Substitute That You Can Enjoy on the Go

Pemmican is a shelf-stable food created by Native Americans, dating back to the early 1800s. It contains powdered dry meat, fat and berries. It’s rich in nutrients and packed with energy, as it contains up to 800 calories per serving. It makes an ideal meal substitute which you can prepare yourself. It is nutritious, it takes up very little space and doesn’t weigh much, making it an ideal option for long road trips and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or biking.

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