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Nasty Sponge Cake

The nastiest most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Nasty Sponge Cake
Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash

When I tell you this was the nastiest thing I have ever tasted, I tell you it was the nastiest thing I have ever tasted.

The texture was off. It was supposed to be soft and spongy, duh, it’s sponge cake. But it was hard, like hard to eat. And then cream on the top of it was revolting like there was so much sugar in it, I felt my teeth rotting in my mouth.

But it was iconic. We were on Catalina Island for a school trip, summer was still abreast, but coming to an end. It was like 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole trip was awful. We had to do a bunch of activities and whatnot. Ants infested the tent I was in. Terrible.

But we spent 4 days there. The boat ride was awesome, with good snacks, fresh air everything. We get on the island and it already sucks.

On the first day, we have frozen enchiladas that are still frozen. And some hard rice. Nasty, absolutely nasty.

The next day we have some other nasty not cooked meal. The eggs got someone sick, it was so fun.

Then for the third night, we had mashed potatoes, some mystery meat, and something else. Then for dessert, we had the sponge cake.

The mash potatoes were from a box and they didn’t put enough water in it, so it was grainy mash potatoes. Disgusting.

The meat wasn’t that bad, but we were sure what it was.

The food was terrible because it wasn’t fresh.

The sponge cake was the first thing we had on that whole trip that had flavor. I thought I was losing my taste buds, but it was because they didn’t season anything.

Looking back it was disgusting, but the sugar made me go berserk. It was good. There was texture and it gave me energy. It was mouth-watering and I could eat it in one bite so I enjoyed it. That’s the first time everyone went back for seconds on that trip.

The food tasted fresh. Sure it was sugary, but it just reminded me what good food tastes like.

Sure we all didn’t shower and the people in the tents brushed their teeth with gasoline. And ants were crawling everywhere, but we had the sponge cake.

It gave everyone a lot of energy so people would just start laughing randomly. This was right before bed, so everyone just had random outbursts. It was fun and terrible.

The sponge cake was yellow. We’ll sort of. It was discolored because it was from a box that had probably been sitting there for years, but it had a sponge-like texture. Like if you took a bite out of a sponge. And it tasted pretty good. Like once you get past the part where it tasted like it sat out for weeks. It melted in your mouth. And there was white frosting with sprinkles on top. The sprinkles were delicious. Best thing on that island.

The desserts after that weren't good. Nothing could compare to the delicious sponge cake we had on that stupid island. It was great, so great. I miss that good, but really nasty cake. Nothing could compare, to that beautiful cake. The yellowish-orange color, with the white creamy frosting. With the rainbow sprinkles. We ate it with plastic forks, mine broken about 4 times. But it was so worth it for that deliciously nasty cake.

I want to thank chef brown for that delicious cake. That’s the only thing he made and the only good thing on that island.

He was iconic and so was his sponge cake recipe. Thank you chef brown for your creamy, sprinkle-filled, delicious sponge cake. There will never be another one like it.


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