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Margot Robbie's Natural Hair Color: The Truth Revealed

Find out Margot Robbie's natural hair color and how she gets her famous Barbie Blond look. Learn about her hair care routine, tips to keep your hair healthy, and get styling ideas from one of Hollywood's favorite blondes.

By KRISHANTH SAMPublished 10 days ago 5 min read
Margot Robbie's Natural Hair Color

What Is Barbie Blond?

Margot Robbie's natural hair color has long been an object of fascination among fans and beauty experts alike. Famed for her striking looks and versatile roles, Margot often wears different hair colors on-screen and off. But which hue truly characterizes Barbie Blond's iconic appearance?

How to Achieve Barbie Blond?

Achieve Margot Robbie-esque Barbie Blond hair requires an intricate process and routine of care and maintenance. Contrary to what many think, Margot Robbie does not naturally sport that color but instead her natural shade lies between darker blonde and light brown; to achieve her iconic looks she uses professional coloring techniques in order to lighten up her locks into Barbie Blond locks.

Barbie-Blond Maintenance

Maintenance of Barbie-Blond hair requires ongoing upkeep: touch-ups, conditioning treatments and specific haircare regimens must take place regularly to keep it vibrant.

Here are a few tips for maintaining Barbie Blond hair like Margot Robbie:

Regular Touch-Ups: Maintain a bright blonde and prevent dark roots by scheduling regular salon visits for touch ups and deep conditioning treatments.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: Our blonde locks can become dry and brittle over time; therefore, these deep conditioning treatments should also be part of a maintenance regiment.

Purple Shampoo: Purple shampoo can help combat brassiness while maintaining cool tones of blonde.

Margot Robbie Hair Color Facts

Margot Robbie has made many bold transformations of her hair color over the course of her career. From natural darker blonde to platinum Barbie Blond and everything between, Margot has had many iterations of each shade in between.

Here are a few interesting facts about Margot's history with hair coloring transformations:

Natural Hair Color of Margot Robbie: Margot Robbie's Natural Hair Color Is Dark Blonde

Margot Robbie Hair Color Changes: Margot often changes up her look depending on which movie roles she takes part in - making her one of Hollywood's premier "hair chameleons."

Margot Robbie Hair Color in Movies: Her most notable roles with significant hair color changes include "Suicide Squad," where she adopted Harley Quinn's vivid look; and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", where she showcased an elegant blonde style.

Movie Roles with Margot Robbie's Natural Hair Color: Margot Robbie has shown more natural looks in certain roles, giving fans an indication of her real tress color.

Celebrities with Similar Hair Color to Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie isn't the only celebrity known for having natural blonde locks - actresses Sydney Sweeney and Madelyn Cline both sport this hue as part of Hollywood's blonde bombshell club.

Hairstyles Inspired by Margot Robbie

source: ew.com

Many fans look to Margot Robbie for hair inspiration. She often replicates her chic updos, elegant waves or the iconic Barbie Blond look; many fans follow suit when seeking glamorous locks like those she wears.

Here are a few styling tips so that they too can achieve this glamorous style:

Blonde Hair Color Ideas Like Margot Robbie: Select shades that complement your skin tone, as well as highlights or balayage to add dimension and visual texture.

How to Maintain Blonde Hair Like Margot Robbie: Purchase quality haircare products, avoid excessive heat styling, and protect it against UV damage with sunblock products.

Margot Robbie's Hair Care Routine

Margot Robbie must take special care in maintaining her iconic blonde locks, so here is an insight into her daily grooming ritual:

Hydration Is Key: Bleached blonde hair can become dry and brittle over time, and Margot likely employs deep conditioning treatments on an ongoing basis to maintain soft, moisturized locks.

Heat Protection: With her frequent styling sessions using heat tools on her locks, using an effective heat protectant is absolutely crucial in order to avoid potential damage or breakage of her hair. This product helps minimize this hazard.

Regular Trims: Margot likely receives regular haircuts to combat split ends and keep her locks healthy-looking, which helps preserve its appearance and appearance. This keeps Margot looking amazing all of the time!

Quality Products: When styling blonde hair, using quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed specifically to maintain its color is of utmost importance. Utilizing shampoos tailored specifically towards blonde locks will help maintain its rich hue while protecting it against brassiness.

Professional Help: Margot Robbie regularly visits her salon for touch ups and professional treatments to keep her hair in excellent condition.

Best Hair Products for Natural Blonde Hair

To achieve and maintain Margot's signature blonde hue, consider these recommended products:

Purple Shampoo: To can help neutralize yellow tones in order to keep blonde locks bright.

Leave-in conditioner: For adds moisture and protection for maximum volume and softness.

Hair Masks: To provide weekly treatments designed to restore and strengthen damaged locks.

Heat Protectant Spray: Always be available if styling hair with heat tools regularly is being done regularly.

Styling Tips for Blonde Hair Like Margot Robbie

Styling blonde hair to mimic Margot Robbie's can be both challenging and satisfying, here are a few helpful hints:

Loose Waves: Margot is known to sport beachy waves - create these with an L-bar curling iron and texturizing spray for best results.

Sleek and Straight: For an impeccable style, use a straightener followed by shine serum for optimal results.

Elegant Updos: Margot often opts for simple yet chic updos at formal events that use bobby pins and hairspray as part of her style arsenal.

Braids: Braids can add visual interest and keep hair out of your face by providing extra gripping power and lifting action.

Comparing Margot Robbie's Hair Color to Other Actresses

Margot Robbie's natural blonde locks often draw comparisons to those with similar features; such as Sydney Sweeney and Madelyn Cline who also embrace it; these celebrities may provide inspiration when considering switching up your own look!

Celebrities with Natural Blonde Hair

Margot Robbie is not alone when it comes to having natural blonde locks; other celebrities who are recognized for this trait include Charlize Theron with her signature sleek blonde bob, Reese Witherspoon for her sunny locks, and Blake Lively renowned for long voluminous locks are some of them.

These celebrities, led by Margot Robbie, demonstrate the versatility and beauty of blonde locks while inspiring fans worldwide.

Margot Robbie vs. Other Blondes

Examining her hair color alongside that of other famous blondes reveals her distinctive approach to styling and maintaining it. While other actresses tend to stick with one shade or style of hue for styling their locks, Margot often explores different tones and styles - distinguishing herself as an innovative hair icon.


Margot Robbie’s natural hair color journey is as captivating as her on-screen performances. From natural darker blonde to stunning Barbie Blond, her transformations inspire many. Whether it be hair care routine, styling tips or product recommendations; Margot Robbie offers invaluable insight.


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