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Industrial food and the healthcare industry

by alain Junior 2 months ago in humanity

an interesting coalition

We all know that nutrition is essential for our day to day life. It is not a want but a need. Even though in some people end up buying a quantity of food they didn't really needed which ultimately gets wasted. But this could be a topic for another story.

Basically, its essential that we all feed ourselves everyday as it is a mean of survival. And this is also the reason it is something that is very affordable.

If something as humanitarian and essential as food was scarce, then there will be civil unrest just about everywhere. And so it needs to be something every affordable in order to make sure that anyone regardless of any circumstances can have access to food.

This of course isn't the case everywhere in the world. But it is; in the develop world so this is the only place we are going to focus on here.

And so we know that food in the developed word is very affordable which on the surface will sound like a good thing. However, as we all know with everything we buy, the cheapest is always the lowest quality and the most expensive is sometimes the highest quality.

and I say sometimes because this does not apply to every item we buy of course. Take the iPhone as an example. They are getting more and more expensive with each one been made.

Yet at the same time are also getting less and less innovative. Meaning that the idea of the cheapest been the lowest quality and the expensive been the highest quality does not apply to something that is classified as a want rather than a need life the iPhone.

but unfortunately does apply to something that is a need instead of a want like the food we eat.

Because the reality is that high quality healthy food is expensive and of course this also mean that cheap food is less healthier and low quality. And this is the food that is available to the vast majority of people.

So the problem now isn't that we do not have enough to provide for everyone. In fact we could actually have more than enough to provide for everyone since about 30 percent of all the food we produce is wasted.

The real problem now is that the food we eat isn't high quality and isn't healthy. And so what is suppose to make us healthy and survive is now ironically what is making us unhealthy and more shocking killing us.

industrial and junk food are some of the leading causes of heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and cancer. Which might make you realize that the real motive behind the companies providing the food we eat isn't ensuring our health but making profit.

since industrial food and even junk food are mostly sugary and thus could be addictive. Ensuring its consumption and thus its profit at the expense of the people's health.

But what you might not realize is that this has brought about a huge financial opportunity for an entire new industry to emerge. This problem of unhealthy eating has now normalized the previously mentioned diseases.

which has now created a demand for the cure of those diseases which is where the pharmaceutical and healthcare companies come into play.

Because when people are ill from eating unhealthy food instead of simply seeking an alternative source of food, they will instead retain their diet and spend extra money on prescription and healthcare to cure whatever disease they have.

this then creates a perfect deal for both the food companies and the pharmaceutical companies since one ensure the profit of the other.

Which then brings us to the truth about the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Because what should be absolutely known is that just like the food companies they are business.

Meaning that just like the food companies they ensure profit before all else. And the way to see this is with health insurance. The idea of paying a monthly fee in order to cover your health. may at first seem normal.

But in really it is important to remember that these are for profit institute. And by looking at it through this narrative, you realize that a monthly health subscription is a way of ensuring that you do not loose your customer. Since that ensure them profit.

So the healthcare sector rely on people's illness to ensure profit which actually means for this industry to exist there needs to be more illnesses

The pharmaceutical industry exist for the most part thank to the food industry. Meaning that if you do have any of the previously mentioned diseases caused by the food you eat then it will be better to switch you diet.

Rather than relying on pharmaceutical since all that makes you do isn't get healed but instead spend extra money.


alain Junior

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alain Junior
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