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How to Save Story with Music on Instagram(3 Best Sites)

How to Save Story with Music on Instagram

By Get Fitness Published 4 months ago 4 min read

How to Save Story with Music on Instagram

Have you ever tried to save Instagram Story with music and after you downloaded the video you realized that it came with no audio? This happens because the social network itself blocks the download of videos with copyrighted music (How to Save Story with Music on Instagram).

But calm down! There's a way to get around this and manage to download that special Story of yours with the background music! Want to learn? Keep reading because it's this little secret that we're going to teach you here how to save a story with music !

In this post you will see:

  1. Can I save anyone's Story or just mine?
  2. How to save Story with music from Instagram itself:
  3. 3 apps and websites to save Story with music on Instagram
  4. StorySaver.net
  5. Zasasa
  6. Stories Apps for Instagram

Can I save anyone's Story or just mine?

Through the Instagram app, you can only save your own Stories. To save Stories from other users, you can use the option to record your cell phone screen or one of the free sites that we will show you here!

The only conditions are:

Stories must still be publicly available (either because they are less than 24 hours old or because they are saved in Highlights )

The Instagram account of the person you want to save Stories with music to needs to be open

How to save Story with music from Instagram itself:

If you post the Story with a song from the Instagram library before downloading, this message will appear on your screen and you will not get the video with the audio as it will be muted:

But, for iOS users, there is a trick to get around this and be able to download Stories with music on Instagram!(How to Save Story with Music on Instagram)

Do the test:

  1. Choose your photo or video to post in Stories
  2. Click on the Stickers icon
  3. Tap Music and choose your music from Instagram library
  4. Choose the player's display format and position where you think it's best
  5. Before posting, click the download icon (down arrow) at the top of the screen

That's it, video saved and audio working ✅ Now you can follow normally and post your Story for people to see.

Note : (How to Save Story with Music on Instagram)

We also tested it on Android and the tip didn't work ? But it doesn't cost anything to try on yours, go for it!

3 apps and websites to save Story with music on Instagram


This site is free and allows you to download Instagram Stories, Highlights and videos in just a few clicks. And you can download your Story or that of other people, as long as the profile is open to everyone and the Stories are less than 24 hours old.

This is the most recommended option for having the simplest layout to use!

Step by step on how to download Stories through StorySaver:

  1. Go to StorySaver.net
  2. Enter the username with the @
  3. Click Download (If necessary, also complete the reCAPTCHA verification step )
  4. Then StorySaver will show you all of the person's Stories that are still visible
  5. Then just download whatever you want.
  6. To change the download from Stories to Highlights, just click on the “Download Instagram Highlights” button at the top.


Zasasa.com is also a free site to download Stories from you or other open profiles in a simple and fast way. In addition to Instagram videos, you can also download YouTube videos there. Tip: it's simpler to use on PC than on mobile, ok?

Step by step:

  1. Open the Zasasa website through this link
  2. Copy and paste the Instagram link of the user you want to download Stories(Example : Instagram.com/Seoexpertpattoki)
  3. If you want, also check the option to download Highlights
  4. Click Download
  5. The site will ask you for a verification code. To get it, click on “ Link to code ” and copy all the text that appears on the screen
  6. Paste in the space indicated and then tap Download Stories

Stories Apps for Instagram

Another option is to use the Stories Apps for Instagram extension in your Chrome browser to download Instagram Stories with music.

  1. Open the Chrome Store on the Stories Apps for Instagram extension page
  2. Click Use in Chrome
  3. Go to Instagram and login to your account
  4. Click the extension button in the top right corner of your browser and tap Go to Stories
  5. Click on the eye icon next to the profile of the user whose Stories you want to download
  6. Then select Download in the top left corner

If the extension is not showing up for you, click on the puzzle icon and select the extension's pin to pin it to the browser. Then follow step by step.

Then tell us here in the comments if any of the tips worked and if you have other suggestions too!

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