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How to Find Restaurants in Singapore

by Michel Ahbs 7 months ago in travel

Dining in Singapore

How to Find Restaurants in Singapore
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If you are a foodie and you are in Singapore for a visit, you are in luck. The city happens to be as diverse with its food as it is with its culture and technology giving you a well-rounded experience into the city-state and experiencing it. The thing about finding the best restaurants in Singapore is that while it can be a luxury 5-star restaurant with Michelin stars it could also be a small hole-in-the-wall. You are better off going by cuisine instead.

Contemporary Asian

Contemporary Asian restaurants take the classics and the favourites and serve them to you in lower calories, cutting back on the stuff that could damage you whilst still giving you all the flavours you crave. You could find traditional noodle dishes that have been updated to modern sensibilities and new concoctions using beloved ingredients like crispy beef slathered in parmesan cheese, lobster bisque but with an Asian twist, traditional Chinese steamed fish, spicy potatoes in mala mayonnaise and smoked mussel pasta among others.

Italian in Chinatown

Just because you are in Singapore doesn’t mean you have to forgo Italian if that is what you want to eat. People say some local Singaporean chefs make Italian dishes better than the Italians do. These pasta dishes will be handmade with a thick soup that is well soaked into the almost hollow noodle. You can get classic dishes like a good hearty Italian pesto, spaghetti with jalapenos and basil, braised beef tongue and Lingua di Manzo Tonnato. Look up dining offers online so you can get a deal on these delicious restaurants and maybe dazzle your date.

Swedish Menus

Singapore is probably not the place you were hoping to find Swedish dishes, but there are a small contingent of Swedish cuisine if Scandinavian food is your scene. They can be quite expensive so look up the restaurant on websites such as Excellent Hotel Deals to get the best for your money. You will find iconic dishes made with delicate care the likes of marron and Koshihikari rice, pickled Russian pinecones, Yukimuro snow-aged premium quality wagyu and a delicious array of desserts in terms of meringue and mousses. Fusion food is the taste of the future.


Of course, to taste the various flavours of Singapore, you can head over to one of the many famous hawker street centres and stand in line for some delicious local fare. Most of the dishes are the only ones being served in their respective stalls and as such, they have been perfected over the years. Most of the stall owners have been there, cooking the same dish for over 50 years. There are rice dishes, ribeye, noodle soups and much more to try. As well as delicious desserts like the famous egg tarts.

French Cuisine

Singapore is a great haunt to discover Michelin-star restaurants that serve French cuisine. Basque food is not too difficult to find in Singapore and if you prefer to dine in true French style you will be able to find a restaurant to your liking. There would be things like a typical Basque grill on the menu as well as prime Angus rib garnished with black truffle, tender steaks done to your liking, traditional cod in an olive oil base and plenty of other meat dishes that are grilled in the traditional Basque way over hot coals as well as robust and hearty stews.

Traditional Chinese

Traditional Chinese food can be found all over Singapore in derelict looking hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You can find the food you would find in various Chinese provinces or food that originated in China but has taken a uniquely Singaporean flair. Don’t be put off by the dilapidated state of the restaurants.

Michel Ahbs
Michel Ahbs
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