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Globalist Agenda and Its Impact on Food Security

The Annual Freedom Fest Panel Discussion and the Documentary "No Farmers, No Food

By Renee MaddenPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Lovely food fest, cant imagine not having food to eat

Last week, the annual Freedom Fest event in Memphis, Tennessee, attracted libertarians from all over the nation. This event, which takes place every year, featured a remarkable panel discussion on an important subject: the war on farmers around the world and the drive to replace conventional sources of protein with insect and synthetic meat alternatives. The panel discussion marked the conclusion of the year-long documentary "No Farmers, No Food." This film sought to expose a globalist agenda that centers on regulating the world's food supply and could be a threat to our civil freedoms.

Warlords throughout history have understood that having control over the food supply corresponds to having power over the populace. Global organizations like the United Nations, the European Union, and the World Economic Forum are currently pushing for green policies in the name of protecting the environment and resolving problems like world hunger and gender equality. These policies weaken food security and seriously jeopardize our freedoms as free citizens, despite the fact that they may initially seem desirable. This film explores how the ongoing battle on farmers and food could eventually result in the exploitation of the general populace by a few elite.

It is difficult to identify this complex motive because it frequently seems selfless. Arguments like "agriculture significantly contributes to global emissions; let's reduce it to save the planet" are admirable. They ignore the fact that agriculture is the only source of our food supply, though. Its abolition would be disastrous for humanity. The program also shows how substantial funds are being invested in insect farming and the manufacture of synthetic meat to make up for the loss of conventional protein sources.

The globalist agenda is intricate and extensive, and it depends on people's sincere desire to conserve the environment. Sadly, these laws are not the answer they purport to be. Instead, they resemble the Great Leap Forward, a historical movement in China that was more extensive. Independent news organizations like The Epoch Times are working relentlessly to reveal the truth on a small budget, whereas globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum have enormous resources to advance their mission.

Thanks were given to those in the live audience as well as those who watched the panel discussion remotely on Epic TV before it began. The origins of the documentary were addressed; they were attributed to widespread worries about food shortages, which were made worse by things like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Politicians from all across the world, including Joe Biden, were speaking about the impending food crisis at the same time as farmer protests in several nations. Government regulations made it necessary for these farmers to cease operations, which made the issue worse.

The purpose of the documentary was to show how local and national levels, notably farmers, are impacted by global initiatives like Agenda 2030. The main message was that, even though policies may be designed to fight climate change by cutting agricultural emissions, they frequently overlook the fact that agriculture is the only source of our food. Humanity would suffer devastating effects if it were eliminated.

The panel included subject matter specialists who were crucial to the production of the documentary. President of the Liberty Center Sentinel Media, Alex Newman, talked about his experiences visiting international meetings and studying policy texts. The author of "The Great Reset" and "Green Fraud," Mark Morano, offered commentary on the global agenda. Lastly, Agenda 30 by 30—a subset of Agenda 2030—was exposed by Margaret Byfield, Executive Director of the American Steward of Liberty.

Concerning incidents, Alex Newman talked about land grabs and threats to farmers in South Africa, Brazil, and China. He made it clear that the goal of the globalist agenda was human domination rather than the preservation of the environment. This opinion was supported by Mark Morano, who called attention to the propaganda that aims to normalize eating insects and discourage the consumption of meat. The objective was to consolidate food control in the hands of massive companies and governments, disperse the populace into massive cities, and bring about a "Great Reset."

The panel debate essentially shed light on how globalist policies, under the guise of preserving the environment, could result in the erosion of our liberties and the creation of a new world system. Throughout the conversation, there was a clear sense of urgency towards comprehending and reversing these events.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Impactful and well written!

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