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Fabalish: Making Vegan Sexy

by Christian Johnson 2 years ago in interview
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A family-run small business with one key ingredient

Introduction to Fabalish

Eating healthy isn't always easy. It takes time to prepare thoughtful meals and is often more expensive, especially when buying organic. Fabalish is a small-batch family company that handmakes falafel, sauces and more using chickpeas as the main ingredient. I began filming content for Fabalish because I believe in their products and mentality. They make healthy eating effortless and seriously delicious with all dietary preferences in mind. Check out Fabalish’s products on their website.

This video was filmed during a day in their industrial kitchen. I followed the team around as they went about work, capturing what makes Fabalish so special. I recut the video on Vimeo Create, using the platform’s stock images, animations and music to spice it up. I interviewed Jess and Paul about Fabalish, their products, and the future of the company.

What is Fabalish?

Fabalish makes plant-based eating fun and accessible. We produce vegan delights from chickpeas and aquafaba, the water from boiling chickpeas. Faba means "bean" in Latin, hence our name. And yes, it’s meant to sound like "fabulous."

"It’s baked, not fried, always moist and never dry!"

We bake our falafel using zucchini and our specially prepared chickpeas. They crisp up on the outside and soften on the inside. It’s a much healthier alternative to traditional fried falafel, which tend to be dry and grainy. They’re precooked and great for a quick, convenient meal.

Aquafaba whips up beautifully into an egg-white alternative from which we make creamy, texture-rich sauces that are immensely satisfying – it doesn’t feel like you are giving anything up. No eggs, dairy, yogurt or any allergens such as nuts or soy.

How did Fabalish start?

Our founder, Jessica, is a natural foods chef. She studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute and worked in many kitchens in NYC. She also worked as a private chef, serving clients that had many dietary restrictions - that’s where she developed our aquafaba sauces. They loved Jess' food and encouraged her to sell to a wider audience. What began as a hobby selling at farmers markets grew into a big success and the launch of Fabalish.

What core message does Fabalish want to share?

We believe that eating healthy plant-based foods can be just as exciting and delightful as any other. Fabalish will brighten your kitchen, bring life to your taste buds and inspire you to make more plant-based choices.

Who is your main audience?

Anyone who is vegan-curious, or is simply looking to add more plant-based options to their diet. Our products are high quality with clean ingredients; we're targeting consumers that are health-conscious and place value on thoughtfully sourced food.

What's it like working as family company?

As a small business it's a constant battle, but our team is in it together. The grind certainly strengthens our bond - and at times strains it! We know we're doing something special and there's no obstacle we can't overcome.

Do you have any new products in the works?

Yes! In addition to Tzatziki and Smoked Spices, we're releasing three more sauces: Queso, Ranch and Hollandaise - all made from aquafaba without any allergens or junk ingredients. We're also releasing two new falafels: Spicy Carrot & Raisin and Corn & Kale.

How are you managing with the Covid-19 crisis? Any new efforts?

We've donated our products to health workers in local hospitals. We're doing everything we can to continue our food production so that store shelves can stay stocked. We've also pivoted to selling heavily online, and enabled national sales on our website.

What's the future of Fabalish?

Our dream is for Fabalish to be available in all health foods and organic grocery stores across the nation. We're getting picked up by some larger retailers and distributors, and plan on expanding heavily across stores in the Northeast region. Our goal is to be a staple in the growing plant-based movement!

Furthermore, the beauty of the chickpea doesn’t end with sauces and falafel. We’ve made gluten-free chickpea breads and blondies, as well as aquafaba whipped cream and ice-creams. We see ourselves growing as a brand across all sections of the grocery store.

Special announcements?

Follow us on instagram! We are constantly giving away new products as testers to collect feedback. We recently gave over 100 jars of Queso with all online orders. We received tremendous feedback; so excited for the launch!



By Christian Johnson


About the author

Christian Johnson

My name is Christian Johnson and I am Brooklyn-based freelance photographer, cinematographer and camera collector intrigued by film.

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