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5 Nigerian Foods That Are Good For Your Heart


By Yohanna ZakkaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

5 Nigerian Foods That Are Good For Your Heart

Eating the right food sources is critical to carrying on with a solid life and to our general prosperity. The banality saying well being is abundance is all shades of truth. In Nigeria today, Heart issues are one of the reasons for weakness and low quality of life, and increasing demise rates. Heart-related points, for example, hypertension is no longer for the senior individuals alone yet additionally for youngsters as a many individuals in their right on time to mid-thirties and late twenties endure heart-related conditions now like never before.

Fulfilling your desire nevertheless keeping up with great well being ought to be one of your needs.

Here are a few heart-solid Nigerian food varieties you can add to your dinner over the course of the day to support your general heart and well being;

Bitter-Leaf Soup/Obe Ewuro/Ofe Onugbo

Severe leaf soup as it is prevalent called is profoundly nutritious and flavorful and it's one of the most outstanding food varieties for a sound heart. Verdant green vegetables like harsh leaf decrease the impacts of awful cholesterol by practically half and fundamentally work on great cholesterol. Research shows that severe leaf is powerful in decreasing LDL cholesterol (the terrible cholesterol) and fatty oils while expanding HDL cholesterol (the great cholesterol) making it a possible partner in the battle against coronary illness


Ewedu is an exceptionally normal and famous soup and perhaps of the most-known Nigerian food, particularly among the Yorubas. It's rich, and its dim green vegetable is a force to be reckoned with of supplements and cell reinforcements. It's a typical first soup for infants among the Yoruba, simple on the stomach, and very feeding.

This soup is additionally wealthy in iron and is perfect as a hotpot for building blood and combatting conditions like weakness. You can't turn out badly with this food, taking everything into account

Unripe Plantain Flour

Unripe plantain flour contains low-starch content when contrasted with different swallows which makes this better. The fiber contents in this unripe plantain assist with lessening cholesterol which assists you with keeping a solid heart. Diabetics frequently change to this staple, permitting them to appreciate swallows in moderate parts

Plantain flour is one of the Nigerian food sources that are iron-rich with bunches of different minerals extraordinary for keeping up with heart wellbeing. Potassium controls circulatory strain and pulses, accordingly lessening the events of hypertension and coronary episodes.

Unripe plantain contains serotonin, which builds the widening of the veins and furthermore further develops blood stream out of the heart


This is one of the most incredible heart-accommodating food sources you can get. It tends to be added to a serving of mixed greens, taken as a tidbit, or utilized as embellishing or plunge. They are fat-rich food sources that contain sound monosaturated fats. Avocados decrease LDL (the terrible cholesterol) inside the body and increment HDL(the great) cholesterol.

Avocados assist with keeping up with solid cholesterol levels since it is connected to lessening LDL and expanding HDL. Think about utilizing complete names Low-Thickness Lipoprotein (LDL) and High-Thickness Lipoprotein (HDL).

Zobo (Hibiscus Drink)

Zobo is one of definitive beverages in Nigeria. It's accessible in pretty much every booth or traffic intersection in Lagos and different states. It can likewise be made at home for more comfort. Roselle blossoms, otherwise called Ishapa in Yoruba, are a neighborhood spice and vegetable. The zobo drink (unsweetened) assists with lessening circulatory strain in danger patients.

Normal road zobo may not be as powerful in light of the fact that it could contain sugars and other undesirable added substances. It is in every case best to get your leaves yourself and heat up some zobo.

This dull green vegetable is plentiful in potassium, magnesium, and folate close by different nutrients and minerals. Spinach is likewise perhaps of the most well-known vegetable, even across mainland’s. You can set up this as vegetable soup, sautéed food, mixed greens, and decorating on rice and pasta. This verdant green vegetable is stuffed brimming with scrumptious goodness.

Have a go at adding any of these heart-quality food varieties to your shopping list and keep a solid way of life. On the off chance that anytime you want to address a specialist or connect feel free to in contact.


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