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What to Know About Adopting as a Single Parent

Are you single and interested in having your own child? Learn about the necessary steps for adopting as a single parent.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

It's extremely admirable and beautiful to adopt a child regardless if you are married or not. However, adopting as a single parent is viewed as amazing since you are by yourself and still find a place in your heart to care for a child in need. The process of adopting may seem daunting at first, but it's fully manageable and doable with a solid support system and necessary research. If you have a tight-knit group of friends or family members who have offered to help you and you know what type of adoption you desire and have done the work researching agencies then you are prepared to adopt as a single parent.

Make the choice to be a single parent.

The first step in adopting a child is making the decision that you are ready to be a new parent. You should know ahead of time the potential obstacles you will face and how it could be emotionally tolling on you. Consider if you are mentally prepared to raise and fully support a child by yourself. It's not fair for you or the child to adopt and then realize you can't handle adopting as a single parent.

Have a strong support system.

While thinking about adopting as a single parent make sure you have a strong support system of close friends and family. These people will come in handy if you have any issues raising your child or need advice. Also, they could help you if you need a babysitter or just someone to vent to.

Consider if you're financially stable enough to adopt a child.

Before adopting as a single parent, ensure that you are financially stable enough to afford and care for a child. Adopting a child is expensive but it is also pricey paying for your child's medical expenses, food, clothing and any necessities they might need. You need to make sure that you have enough financial stability to care for the child and keep them happy.

Find out if you're qualified to adopt a child.

If you are thinking about adopting as a single parent make sure you are actually eligible to adopt a child. It is disappointing getting your heart set on adoption and then finding out you're not qualified to actually adopt a child. You should check if you're eligible for adoption based on your state, the agency you want to adopt from and the child you're looking to adopt. After you examine each of these factors you will find out if you are able to adopt a child.

Look into adoption agencies.

Once you decide to pursue adopting as a single parent you should research various adoption agencies. There are several types of adoptions, such as foster care adoption, intercountry adoption and private domestic adoption. Each form of adoption has its own risks and varies based on your financial standings and hopes for adoption. For example, generally kids who are in foster care will suffer from special needs, such as mental, physical or emotional disabilities. You need to examine if you are able to handle this and pay for the financial costs associated with adopting a foster child.

Select a particular agency and apply to adopt a child.

After you have determined the type of child you desire, the financial costs and any risks associated with the adoption you should pick a specific adoption agency. Before picking an adoption agency you should be thoroughly informed of their policy about single parent adoption and know the agency's credentials and if they offer support to single parents.

Get ready to bring your child home.

One of the essential steps to adopting as a single parent is to prepare for your child to come home. You should be educated on how to properly connect with your child without making them feel awkward. Also, if your child has special needs be trained on how to care for them. If possible learn as much about the children up for adoption as possible. In addition, if you are thinking about adopting a child from a different race or ethnicity make sure you are informed about their background and make them feel at home.

Bond and connect with your child.

Once your child comes home it is a fun and exciting process to bond and form a close relationship with your child. Your child will now depend on you for their safety and happiness so make a big effort to get to know them very well and have them feel at home. You should find out what your child likes and dislikes and their hobbies so you can easily connect with them and support them.

Don't forget to care for yourself.

While it is challenging adopting as a single parent, don't forget your own needs and to have some time dedicated just for yourself and your own well-being. It's very admirable adopting a child as a single parent but that doesn't mean your needs should take the back seat. Ideally, you should be able to manage yours and your child's needs.

Make adoption feel normal and don't emphasize the topic with your child.

When adopting as a single parent, it's important not to emphasize the fact that you aren't your child's birth parent. They should feel as though they part of your family. You never want to make your child feel different and not special. If your child asks, you can explain how they are adopted but don't drag out the issue. You should not have your child feel unwanted. If you explain adoption to them and they want to see their birth parents then you should make the necessary calls to try and arrange them to meet their birth parents. However, never force your child to meet their birth parents if they don't seem interested in the idea. It can lead to drama and a series of heartaches for you and the child.


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