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What is true happiness

by CoSmile 7 months ago in literature
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Real happiness is a simple glass of "boiled water".

Real happiness is a simple glass of "boiled water".

Real happiness is in prose in ordinary life

In this glass of water, if you add medicine, it will be bitter; if you add sugar, it will be sweet; if you add salt, it will be salty; if you add vinegar, it will be sour... and the simplest, longest, The most beneficial thing is that cup of "boiled water", it is light, light and simple!

   Speaking of happiness, some people think: happiness is vigor, happiness is beauty, happiness is magnanimity, happiness is publicity. actually not. Happiness is simple, happiness is comfort, happiness is no greed and no desire, happiness is no delusion and no thoughts.

Some people racked their brains and worked hard to find happiness, and the result was that "the bamboo basket lifted the water and the water was empty", and they were frustrated; some people were as calm as water, not vain or arrogant, but the result was "unintentionally piercing the willows and willows." , But got an unexpected gain. Happiness just happened unexpectedly, so I went there with pleasure.

   Happiness is often hidden in simple life. If you want to find it, the most important thing is to reduce your excessive demand and eliminate your greedy extravagance. Know how to cherish your happy life, be good at grasping the wings of happiness, and don't let happiness and happiness far away from your side.

   Please enjoy a happy life in a calm mind. The blue sky and white clouds above your head, the flowers and trees on the ground, the surrounding green water and green mountains, and the smiling faces beside you will make your simple life full of sunshine!

   Simple happiness can only be possessed by simple people. Only by enjoying happiness as boiled water can we truly feel happiness and obtain happiness. All the happiness that comes from adding sugar, vinegar, salt, and other decorations can easily change its taste, and it is often just a flash in the pan.

   If you want to get "free boiled water" happiness, you must learn to simplify complex problems and make profound problems simple. When you look away, calm down, calm down, relax, happiness will naturally come to you quietly.

Simple happiness does not make you give up luxury houses and luxury cars, nor does it make you give up wealth and money, nor does it make you give up passion and motivation, nor does it make you want to be poor, but let you be free in an ordinary and simple life. Survive and spend every day carefree.

   The mountains are speechless, the deep waters have no waves, and the splendor always returns to the ordinary. The flatness we pursue is neither the mediocre flatness nor the insipid indifference, but the inner calmness, the peace of life, the satisfaction of pursuit, and the profound state of mind.

   The happiness we pursue is the happiness of "boiled water"!

   "Boiled water" type of happiness is a kind of "indifferent". It requires us to deal with life with a calm and calm mind. To taste lightly and practice lightly.

   "Boiled water" type of happiness is a kind of "beauty". It requires us to learn to discover and enjoy the beauty of nature, the beauty of harmony, and the beauty of life, and to let these beautiful things stay in our hearts forever.

   "Boiled water" happiness is a kind of "contentment." It requires us to adjust our mentality to truly be content and happy. Lao Tzu once believed that the consequences of being insatisfied: "No misfortune is greater than being insatiable, and blame is no greater than wanting to gain." Li Bai said: "If a person is insatiable, he will grow and look at Shu." Tagore said: "When the bird's wings are tied with gold , I can’t fly.” It seems that in order to enjoy ordinary happiness, you must first understand how to get enough. Contentment is the source of happiness!

   Please don’t get too long to look at Shu, please don’t change your mind. The greed of the human heart is endless. The real happiness is a glass of "boiled water". It is not easy to deteriorate, but it will make you drink sweeter and sweeter!


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