We Live in a Digital Generation. Where Is the Balance?

by Grace KOSTAMO 12 months ago in parents

Parents: No matter what type of generation we encounter in life, learn the code love language it entails.

We Live in a Digital Generation. Where Is the Balance?

When your kids grew up in a culture full of blessings that you can simply get access to something they want with a just a click away in this digital generation we live in, it has some side effects of disconnection from the reality of human interaction and the lack of not knowing how to deal with pain in life. The side effect of that is they have no clue how blessed they are until some huge storm of reality check hits their lives and same goes with us parents.

The part that frustrates me is when there's no gratefulness in the hearts that our younger generation and some adults take things for granted no matter how much you show empathy. Sometimes I feel the only way they will learn to be more grateful is thru pain of self control by not giving them whatever they want when they demand it even if they have to hate you for it. But instead, help them to be more self-aware that life is not just some kind of one sided that "happily ever after" fairy tale with delusional expectations, and then no one is cleaning the shit of their own stupid decisions- they need to learn to clean their own mistakes and own it too. Teaching our kids responsibility may be painful, but they will thank you later on in life... if not, then that kid has a lot of growing up to do.

Raising kids is not easy but it is a mission! Teaching them that there's two kinds of pain they can choose in life: the pain of regret, or the pain of self control with a grateful heart. We learn from our kids and kids learn from us too. Both parents and child have the expression space to express. Both parents and child need to sometimes argue their differences, as this is just a good sign that there's a need to address about in order to sort things out rather than bottling it in. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with it. This actually leads to learning how to deal with the pain in life on how to heal and grow forward together as a family. Sure, one needs a break from such heated up conversation or whatever reason, but that doesn't mean you have to quit on your family. Sure, the reality of having a good family is when they all learn together how to handle argumentative differences well and not just in good times... Sure, they go on their own space to cool down for a while when they feel overwhelmed... Sure, they express their own feelings of frustrations, or they can scream at each other if they needed to, as part of their expression of emotion. But one or two has to stand/step up to manage the situation well and start having a solution to the problem of ungratefulness within the circle.

When we introduce something to our kids to be more thankful how blessed they are, it somehow gives them a new shock of frequency since they didn't grew up in a extreme environment like you or I did back in the days of old school. So the tricky part is how to explain it to them in their love language they understand. But this doesn't guarantee at times that they will understand, because in reality in order for someone to truly understand is they need to walk in your own shoes and experience it themselves. But if he or she's smart enough to have a self awareness or consciousness to realized without going thru some kind of extreme pain, then their experience thru observation might lead them to another path that they will choose another way on how to be thankful in life, and feel how blessed they are growing up in this culture of digital world!

My greatest hope is for them to find the balance in their lives that they will understand the laws of Polarity and learn how to deal with it without losing themselves from experiencing the polarities of this world... same goes with us parents! Life is a stage of good and evil, yin and yang, love and hate, pain of regret and pain of discipline... what you and I do with it becomes our life story, our responsibility, our mission! Don't give up on a mission! Don't give up on love!!

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