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Uncle and aunt

Wall Street

By Brian Wong Published 4 months ago 8 min read

Aunt beautiful, willow eyebrows apricot eyes, body also looks good, look at her young photos, like the "woman is not the moon" in the buckle.

Uncle is not good-looking, long face small eyes, to say the only hand, that is, he grew a 1.9m tall.

Uncle is grandma phase, she said the man looks useless, as long as you can live, will hurt a woman on the line.

The reason why she chose her uncle as her son-in-law was because he had a good temper.

Although aunt is beautiful, but bad temper, grandma often said that her temper is like a cannon, not ignition can be.

And the mouth is particularly poisonous, a little upset will spit out evil words, wish that the ancestors have to turn over:

"Erni's temper, if you find another temper, a day to be beaten three times will not be a dark day..."

At that time, the parents' order was arranged by matchmakers, and even if the aunt did not want to, she married her uncle who was five years older than her.

Listen to grandma said, wedding night, uncle was aunt kicked off the bed.

In the following days, a small quarrel in three days and a big quarrel in five days became a daily routine, and every time a quarrel, my aunt would go back to my grandma's home.

Grandma gave her a hard time, and either asked her uncle to take her back, or waited for her uncle to pick her up.

Grandma often sighed: "If you have half the good temper of your sister, I will be burned high incense..."

Her sister is my mother, my mother and aunt are two extremes, that is to say, my mother is very good temper, is the same to everyone, so that anyone is willing to get close to the kind of good.

Later aunt knew back to grandma's home, grandma will not speak to her, and gradually did not return.

In the noisy, cousin and cousin were born successively, and the object and content of her quarrel were a lot more.

Before the kids, the parents can't afford to hide.

After having a child, her parents-in-law to take the child, she said to take the bad.

Not to take the child, she said her parents did not regard her and the child as their own family.

Anyway, I can't do this, I can't do that, I can't do it at home every day.

Uncle is really able to endure, by her toss, to train themselves into an all-around.

Washing clothes, cooking, taking care of the children, doing housework in the underground lake, so to speak, there's nothing he can do except give birth to children.

Sometimes when my aunt scolded me and I felt oppressed, I would come to my home to drink for my father.

At that time I was young, I told my uncle that there is such a word on TV called down the daughter-in-law kneaded to the surface, that the daughter-in-law is not obedient, hit her two times to be honest:

"If my aunt scolds you again, you hit her and see if it hurts from her scolding or from you..."

Before I could finish, my mom slapped me out.

Uncle and dad laughed.

Uncle said, with the ability of men can not hit a woman, especially to hit his daughter-in-law.

Daughter-in-law is a relative, not an enemy, she is to live with you for a lifetime.

But then my uncle beat my aunt.

The cause is very simple, do not know because of what, aunt pushed down nearly seventy years old mother-in-law, resulting in mother-in-law leg fracture, aunt also did not let uncle send mother-in-law to the hospital.

Uncle with her theory, she said her mother-in-law deserved to stop in front of uncle not to let him go out.

Uncle's slap round, in the end not willing to shake to aunt's face, a slap fell on her ass.

Aunt cried back to grandma's home, let grandma to give her reason, she said she grew so big, this is the first time to be slapped, this breath she can not swallow.

Grandma is a sensible person, never listen to one side of the word, she knows her little daughter is not worrying, it will not indiscriminately to support her daughter.

Until uncle came, explained to her the ins and outs of the matter, grandma gas had to pick up the stick, say uncle played well, also asked uncle solution did not solve gas, did not solve gas, she hit aunt again:

"I know you can be noisy, but I think you will not be too much, at least human ethics you should know."

For whatever reason, you can't go after an old man. Who are you pushing down? It's your mother-in-law, it's your husband's mother, it's your children's grandmother!

Even if you have a point, if you put your hands on an old man, you lose.

I don't have a daughter like you, and I have no face to be your mother, you go away..."

Aunt droop head away, she did not reflect on their own mistakes, but in mind to remember the uncle's revenge.

Just because he hit himself, my aunt said she would remember the slap for the rest of her life:

"If he walks in my head that day, I must buy several way firecrackers, and let off a sound at the end of the village."

I want him to know that I'm not a bully, and I'll never forgive him for the rest of my life..."

That is, since then, the two people have lived the life of separation.

Always good temper uncle also can not bear, every time aunt find fault he will fight back, two people a needle a wheat, that day is really a chicken fly dog jump.

Cousin and cousin, although they do not like to see, but people are small, who do not listen to anyone.

The two siblings went out to work early and rarely came back even during holidays.

The cousin said that he had heard enough of the quarrel between the old couple, hiding outside is to figure out a quiet, out of sight, out of mind:

"I just hope they get old and stop arguing now..."

But before the quarrel was over, my uncle died.

At my uncle's funeral, my aunt smiled: "This stinky old man is gone, I want to enjoy it!"

No one is in charge anymore, and from now on, I can go to whichever house I want..."

When my cousin and my cousin got married, my aunt wanted to alternate between them.

Uncle does not agree, but also said that if aunt insisted on going, he did not mind letting her taste the taste of the mother's leg fracture after lying in bed.

He means what he says.

My aunt got scared and went to my mother to tease her.

My mom told her, "Don't go, don't go, there's nothing good in town."

When my aunt left, my mother said to me, "Your uncle was right not to let your aunt go to your cousin's house."

With your aunt's temper, it's a mess to go to every house..."

It is a pity that my aunt does not know herself, and thinks that she has not been able to enjoy her daughter's son's home, which is the fault of her uncle.

Uncle's gone. That's what she wanted.

As soon as the funeral was over, she got into her cousin's car and could not be persuaded to come down.

Also said that she would not come back later, the daughter's home to stay enough to go to the son's home, the son's home to stay enough to go back to the daughter's home.

As a result, she hit the face, just over two months later, she will come back by herself.

Others asked her why she came back, she only said that she was not used to: "Out of the door in addition to the car is the building, even a person who knows no one, want to find someone to talk to can not find."

It's better to be in the old house and see everything..."

That's what she told my mom when she went to see her after she got back.

When I went back to my mother's home, my mother smiled and learned from me, and my aunt went out, and it was time to give up.

Who knows but a few days later, my mother called me again and asked me to drive her to my aunt's house again.

I asked her what was the matter?

My mother said that day I met a person in my aunt's village, should be my cousin's cousin, who told her that my aunt often secretly went to her uncle's grave to cry:

"Aunt, if you have time, go to see my aunt, I'm afraid she has something to open..."

When my mother and I arrived at my aunt's house, she was sitting in the doorway staring into space.

I do not know that the clothes have been worn for a few days, and the neckline is black, which is something that has never happened to the aunt who has always loved clean.

My mom asked what was wrong with her?

She burst into tears and said, "Sister, I just know that in this world, only your brother-in-law is good to me."

Only ten days after I went to my daughter's house, my son-in-law's face began to turn cloudy.

My daughter also scolded me every day, accusing me of meddling and talking too much, and accusing me of eating and drinking rather than working.

I went to my son's home, less than 20 days, the daughter-in-law took the child back to her mother's home, and said that the child's grandmother wanted the child.

I had the cheek to stay another month, and my daughter-in-law didn't come back.

Sister, no wonder people say that children are not as good as half a couple, when your brother-in-law was alive, although he also fought with me and supported me, he never treated me harshly.

There are delicious food for me to keep, there are good drinks for me to taste first, and now think about the contradictions between us, most of them are my unreasonable.

Sister ah, I regret, if the time can be over again, I will live with him, absolutely not with him......"

Looking at my aunt with tears streaming down her face, I believe she really regretted it.

But where in the world can you buy regret medicine?

Advise friends, or cherish the present person, don't wait to lose will regret...

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