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My dad hit my mom, and I beat him up so bad, he jumped off a building

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By Brian Wong Published 5 months ago 6 min read

Blink of an eye will be the New Year, I call wechat to my mother through a video, intend to say in advance, the company holiday later than before, I am afraid to go back a little later.

I want my parents to work hard, spare some time to clean up, prepare for the New Year shopping.

As soon as I got on the phone, I heard my mother sobbing on the other side of the phone. When I saw that her face was black and blue and her hair was messy and white, I was furious.

The camera pans over to my dad, who is lying on the couch, his face flushed, he looks like he's been drinking a lot, and he's probably mad at my mom.

After hanging up the phone, I immediately asked for leave with the leader and booked a high-speed train ticket home.

Sitting on the high-speed train, all I could think about was my mother being beaten when I was a child.


My name is Ji Yuqian. I am 23 years old. I just graduated from college and started working now.

When it comes to my mother, I have a terrible heart ache.

She and my father used to work in the silk factory, but the factory closed down, they only have a little seniority money, can only find their own way out.

My parents' education level is not high, can only find some hard work dirty work, my mother is more able to endure hardships, as a waiter, a cleaner, and even help others to look after children.

But my father is not the same, afraid of suffering afraid of fatigue, low pay will not willing to work, each kind of work a few days to go.

This kind of man is always looked down upon when he's out there, and when he's out there, he goes home and takes it out on my mom, or he scolds her, or he gets drunk and gets angry and hits my mom.

When my grandparents were still here, I told my mom to get a divorce, but my mom didn't want to let me go, worried that my dad would take it out on me, worried that he would beat me.

When I was young, I begged my mother not to leave, not to leave me, and my mother had not completely given up on my father, so she finally chose to stay.

After that, my grandparents were gone, and my dad calmed down a little bit, but I still had a little problem sometimes, but I was weak, and every time I tried to help my mom, my dad had to beat me.

Also reported to the police, the police station came to a mediation family matters, also can not cure him.

That's when the hate started.

Before college, I warned dad that if he messed with my mom again, I'd make him regret it.

I thought, get a job after college, get my mom away from this old man.

And before that happened, my mom got beat up again.

I hurried home, my father saw me and froze, and quickly asked my mother to cook me something to eat.

I had to stop my mom and tell her not to move.

When he saw my mom didn't move, he got angry, started swearing, and tried to pull my mom's hair.

I quickly stood between them and asked him loudly, "Are you sober?" Wake up and leave my mother alone!"

When he saw my hard tone, he turned to scold me, saying that my mind had become iron, clearly never cared about him before, and now he ran back to manage the house.

I was so angry that my blood welled up, and I punched him in the nose, and the nosebleed came out immediately.

My mom freaked out and grabbed me.

My dad woke up, shocked and angry, and kicked me, and my mom tried to protect me, pushed me away, and he kicked my mom right in the stomach.

I knew something was wrong when I heard my mom scream in pain.

I lost control, and in a desperate move, I started beating my dad, punching and kicking him until he was on the floor crying, and I wanted every penny of what he owed my mom for all those years.

I didn't stop until my dad was crying for mercy and my mom was yelling at me to help her up.


At that time, a neighbor downstairs knocked on the door, and I politely apologized through the door, and the man left.

As I helped my mom onto the couch, I looked at my dad angrily and asked, "Dad, do you remember what we were talking about?"

He said nothing.

Perhaps he never imagined that one day my son would dare to lay a hand on him.

But, if he wasn't always bullying my mom, I wouldn't have the guts to do something like that.

Without waiting for him to answer, I picked up my mother and prepared to take her to the hospital.

My father said angrily: "Boy, well, you have the balls, not afraid of me to Sue you to beat me?"

My mother looked at me blankly.

I smiled faintly: "Go with you, if you cause me to lose my job, I am afraid that I am more famous than faster, when the time to see the joke is more you or I?" It's a good time for everyone to weigh in.

Yes, I am your son, you think about all these years, this home has been relying on my mother to support, how many times you picked me up from school? How many times have you helped your homework? Who paid for my education? Thanks to my mom!

What about you? What did you do to her? My eyes are clear, I see your every move, if it wasn't for my mother, this family would have broken up.

How did my mom survive all these years? You don't know. I know! Even the neighbors know!"

I made dad feel ashamed, getting beaten up by a kid and getting caught. It was embarrassing.

He stood at the window as if he were going to jump.

My mother screamed, but I said without fear, "Go ahead, jump if you want, you jump, my mother and I will be completely free." If you don't, you will take care of yourself, treat my mother well, and find something serious to do, and I will do the same for you in the future."

With that, I helped my mother out of the house.

Worried, my mother tried to look back, but I stopped her.

This kind of bullying is afraid of hard men, never want to have a bright day in his life, he is psychological problems, will be so afraid of death.

You're kidding. I didn't study psychology in college for nothing.

Fortunately, my mother did not have anything serious, the doctor said that a good rest for a while, you can recover, I was really relieved.

On the way back, I took my mom out to dinner. When I left, I thought I'd pack one for my dad.

After returning home, I handed him the box lunch, he looked at the box lunch in my hand with an unhappy face, directly ignored me, turned his head into his room, and slammed the door.

I ignored him, and I told my mom to ignore him, and a guy like that, he needs some time for self-reflection.

If he doesn't clean up, I'm gonna take my mom and leave him at home.

Unexpectedly, three days later, someone told me that my father had gone to work as a security guard in the community.

Because many people go home for the New Year, the community is just short of people, and our home is not far from there, it is the right time and place.

Watching him progress, my mother and I finally relieved.

After what happened, I was hoping my dad would change.

Some people think that my father is a big unfilial, in fact, I hit him, because no matter how others try to persuade him, he did not listen, I can only use violence to protect my mother.

Even if it makes it difficult for me to get a girlfriend in the future, I don't regret it.

And I promise you, I will never use my fists to bully the weak.

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